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Our Majora's Mask 3D Gear Guide will tell you the location of each pieces of gear in the game. The Majora's Mask 3D gear is scattered across Termina. Each piece of Majora's Mask 3D gear below is located on the gear screen in-game. For the items screen - see our items guide.

Majora's Mask 3D Gear

Fishing Hole Pass - Win at the Deku Scrub Playground or Honey & Darling's Shop to get this piece of gear.

Large Quiver - Score 40+ points at the Town Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town.

Largest Quiver - Get a perfect score at the Swamp Shooting Gallery on the Road to Southern Swamp.

Bomber's Notebook - The Mask Salesman gives Link the Bomber's Notebook after recovering the Ocarina of Time.

Goht's Remains - Defeat Goht in the Snowhead Temple and walk into the portal to get Goht's Remains.

Gyorg's Remains - Defeat Gyorg in the Great Bay Temple and walk into the portal to get Gyorg's Remains.

Odolwa's Remains - Defeat Odolwa in Woodfall Temple and walk into the portal to get Odolwa's Remains.

Twinmold's Remains - Defeat Twinmold in Stone Tower Temple and walk into the portal to get Twinmold's Remains.

Pictograph Box - Rescue Koume in the Southern Swamp to get the Pictograph Box.

Mirror Shield -The Mirror Shield is acquired from a big chest at the end of the Beneath the Well mini-dungeon.

Bomb Bag - Purchase the Bomb Bag from the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town for 50 rupees.

Zora Guitar - You acquire the Zora Guitar once you get the Zora Mask.

Goron Drums - You acquire the Goron Drums once you get the Goron Mask.

Deku Pipes - You acquire the Deku Pipes once you get the Deku Mask.

Ocarina of Time - Skull Kid drops the Ocarina of Time during the beginning of the game after being hit by a bubble.

Hero's Shield - The Hero's Shield is the shield by default when you first become Link.

Kokiri Sword - The Kokiri Sword is the weapon by default when you first become Link.

Quiver - You get the Quiver once you obtain the Hero's Bow.

Piece of Heart - There are 52 Heart Pieces in the game. See the Piece of Heart guide for locations.

Adult Wallet - Once you reach 200 rupees at the Clock Town Bank, the owner gives Link the Adult Wallet.

Giant Wallet - Complete the Oceanside Spider House mini-dungeon on the first day to get this from a man.

Razor Sword - Take the Kokiri Sword to the Mountain Smithy in Mountain Village. Pay 100 rupees and wait until sunrise to get the Razor Sword. It will revert back after 100 uses and if you play the Song of Time to return to the first day.

Gilded Sword - Defeat Goht and enter the Goron Racetrack. Enter the race and win for a bottle of Gold Dust. Take the Gold Dust and the Razor Sword to the Mountain Smith to forge the Gilded Sword. It takes until the next morning to finish the sword. It is 3 times stronger than the Kokiri Sword and does not revert back - even if the Song of Time is played.

Big Bomb Bag - Help the old lady in North Clock Town at midnight on the first night. You can now buy the Big Bomb Bag from the Bomb Shop the next day for 90 rupees.

Biggest Bomb Bag - Trade the Business Scrub in Goron City the Big Bomb Bag and 200 rupees to get the Biggest Bomb Bag.

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