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The Majora's Mask 3D Anju and Kafei quest is known as Anju's Anguish in the Bomber's Notebook. It is one of the longest quests found in any of the Zelda games. There are severals masks and other rewards given throughout the journey to complete this quest.

Anju's Anguish Quest Guide

Day 1

At 10AM – go to the Mayor’s Official Residence in East Clock Town at the north side of the map. Enter the eastern door and speak with Madame Aroma. Agree to look for her son to get the Kafei’s Mask. Exit this building and head south to the Stock Pot Inn.

At 2:10PM – the Postman will deliver a letter to Anju at the Stock Pot Inn and will leave at 2:18PM. Put on the Goron Mask and speak with Anju. Agree to stay the night at the inn to be given the Room Key. Now put on Kafei’s Mask and speak with Anju.

At 11:45PM – travel to the kitchen of Stock Pot Inn and speak with Anju. Agree to her request to be given the letter to Kafei. Now exit the Stock Pot Inn and put the letter to Kafei in the nearest post box. This must be done before around 9AM or whenever the Postman picks up at the post box.

Day 2

At 3:00PM – travel to the Laundry Pool area to the southwest of South Clock Town. The Postman will ring the bell for Kafei at 3:05PM. Wait for Kafei to come out and then run inside the door.

At 4:10PM – speak with Kafei after he returns. Agree to keep a secret and after some dialog with Kafei – you will be given the Pendant of Memories. Now head back to the Stock Pot Inn and give Anju the Pendant of Memories. This must be done before 7PM on the final day.

Day 3

At 6AM – travel back to the room we met Kafei earlier. Speak with the owner to get the Keaton Mask and the Special Delivery to Mama. Exit the Curiosity Shop and head to Ikana Canyon. Go to Sakon’s Hideout in the southeast corner of the map and wait with Kafei behind the boulders.

At 6PM – Make sure that Sakon does not see you or you will have start the whole process over from the first day. Sakon will take his time traveling up to Sakon’s Hideout. Make sure to stay behind the boulders to keep him from seeing you.

At 7:00PM – Sakon will reach the hideout and Kafei will follow him inside. Head inside of Sakon’s Hideout and continue into the first door for a brief cutscene and dialog with Kafei. Push the blue switch with Link to begin the puzzle. As Kafei – push one of the blocks onto the blue switch in the first room.

Now use Link to kill the Deku Baba in the first room he can reach. Travel ahead with Kafei now and press the yellow switches along the way to pressing the blue switch. Be sure to avoid the red switches. Switch back to Link and kill the 2 Deku Babas.

Now as Kafei – push the top left block to right and head down and press the yellow switch. Push the left block near the door all the way south. Now pull the center block left over the yellow switch. Pull the northern block left and finish by pushing the southern block down over the blue switch.

Now as Link – defeat the Wolfos in the next room. As Kafei – head towards the down and push the block south to be able to enter it. Run over and push the blue switch. Run ahead as Link and push the other blue switch as well. Kafei will now get the Sun’s Mask if you accomplished this in time.

You now have two options to pick from of which both yield different rewards. These should be done promptly after getting the Sun’s Mask with Kafei so that enough time is left to finish the quest.

Option 1 – give the Special Delivery to Mama to Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar in East Clock Town while wearing Kafei’s Mask to be given a bottle of Chateau Romani.

Option 2 – give the Special Delivery to Mama to the Postman in West Clock Town. Follow the Postman to the Milk Bar. Wait for him to come out and stop running. Speak with him to get the Postman’s Hat.

After doing either of the options above – head back to the Stock Pot Inn and travel to Anju’s room. Now wait until Kafei shows up and they reunite their masks. Afterwards – they give Link the Couple’s Mask. Now play the Song of Time so that you do not get game over when time runs out.

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