Part 5: Snowhead Temple

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Getting the Dungeon Map

After entering Snowhead Temple - break the ice blocking the path forward with Goron Link and push the block forward. Continue into the next area and go through the eastern door. Now use the Goron Roll to jump across the ramp in this room. You must begin on the snow to build up enough charge to make it.

Continue and go up the nearby stairs. Defeat the enemy blocking the chest and open it to get the Dungeon Map. Head back down the stairs - take off the Goron Mask - and hop across to the western ledge. Go through the door and continue across to the gold colored door.

Getting the Compass

Enter it and now use Goron Link to pull out the 2 blocks stacked on each other. Head behind them to find a chest, which contains a Small Key. Exit the room and find the red colored door. Use normal Link to shoot an arrow through the torch to melt the ice. Enter the door and continue through the western locked door.

Open the chest in the next room for the Compass. Use the Bombs to block open the blocked door in this room. Go through it and up the stairs to the second floor. There will be several platforms with ice on them. Shoot the icicles hanging from the roof with 2 arrows to break them down.

Getting the Fire Arrows

This will allow Link to jump across the platforms. Navigate to the giant snowball to the north of the map. Use the Goron Mask to destroy it, which reveals a chest containing a Small Key. Go through the southeastern locked door. Goron pound the nearby gold platform. Hop across to the east with normal Link.

Goron pound the green switch and do the same to the raised yellow one. Take off the Goron Mask and climb up the short green switch and jump across to the door. Enter it and put back on the Goron Mask. Goron roll up the ramp to the other side. Now roll around to the east side of the room, being careful not to fall.

Ramp across to the west side of the room and enter the door for a mini-boss. He will appear in a random corner of the room. Do not go near or he will vanish. Instead - shoot him with an arrow. Repeat this a couple times and the mini-boss will run around.

Just stand in a corner and shoot the standing one with an arrow until it is defeated. This will unlock the door and spawn a chest, which contains the Fire Arrow. Once you have the Fire Arrows - exit to the previous room, put on the Goron Mask, and fall to the bottom of the room.

Getting the Boss Key

Climb up the stairs to the second floor. Shoot one of the green doors with a Fire Arrow to melt the ice. In the next room - light the 3 torches with Fire Arrows and go through the center door. Goron pound the switch in this room. Exit and head back to the entrance of the Shadow Temple.

Head to the eastern room where you had to ramp near the beginning of the temple. Ramp across and travel down the western side of the room, being sure to kill the enemies with Fire Arrows. Open the chest for a Small Key and head up the northern stairs. Stand on the platform and shoot a Fire Arrow at the frozen eye located in the upper level.

This will raise the platform up. Jump across and go through the door. Travel to the northern part of the room and melt the ice. Head up the stairs and now travel around to the western side of the room. There will be a locked door - go through it. Melt the ice blockage on the northern door and go up the stairs.

Continue through the next room and enter the door to the south. Travel across to the eastern side of the room and enter the door. Defeat the mini-boss from earlier and exit through the northernmost door. Open the big chest to get the Boss Key and exit using the door.

Getting to the Snowhead Temple Boss

Travel to the center of the room and fall off to the north onto the path below. Go down the stairs and continue to the center pillar. Use Goron Link to break the ice portions of the pillar. Climb back up the stairs and roll to the western portion of the map. Break out the remaining ice portions of the pillar.

Now roll back around to the north of the room. Travel across to the south and break the giant snowballs blocking the path. Continue and go up the stairs. Ramp across to the other and break the ice to get some last minute aid before the boss fight. Enter the door and get ready to fight the Snowhead Temple boss.

Snowhead Temple Boss: Goht

Goht is the boss of Snowhead Temple. Shoot Goht with a Fire Arrow to thaw him out. The battle is pretty straightforward. Either shoot Goht with Fire Arrows until he falls or use the Goron roll to damage him until he falls - either way, make sure to attack the giant eye while Goht is stunned.

Repeat this until he is defeated. Now grab the Heart Container and enter the portal to get Goht's Remains. Link will be teleported away and a cutscene ensues. Snowhead Mountain will now be thawed out and the Gorons will be comfortable again with the warmer climate.

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