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Getting the Dungeon Map

After getting to the Great Bay Temple - head into the first door. Tatl will initiate a brief dialog. Afterwards - head to the northeast corner and dive down with Zora Link. Push the switch on the yellow platform to cause a water spout to activate. Head back to the door and hop onto the platform on the east.

Ride it to the top and jump over to the ledge. There will be a couple of Skulltulas so watch out. Head north and jump across to the water spout. Wait until it raises up and jump across to the northern ledge. Go to the west and cross over the yellow pipes. Climb up and go through the northern hallway for a short dialog with Tatl.

As Zora Link - jump down into the water. Go through the upper Yellow colored pathway underwater and surface when you reach the next room. Climb onto the northern ledge and hookshot the big chest to the southwest. Open the big chest to get the Dungeon Map.

Getting the Compass

Jump down into the water and dive as Zora Link. Use the R electric attack to head through the southern Red path. Continue down the path to the next room. Kill the enemies here and surface. Climb onto the lily pads and continue through the door to the north.

Kill the enemies here and hop across to the big chest to the west on the map to find the Compass. Hop back into the water and sink down as Zora Link. Kill the hand and open the chest for a Small Key. Now swim in to the flowing water in the other part of the room to be taken back to a previous room.

Getting the Ice Arrows

Swim through the lower Red path this time. In the next room - surface and climb up the red pipe and continue around to the locked door. Enter it and break the pots if you need aid. Continue through the northern door for a mini-boss.

This battle can be difficulty for the unprepared. Use bombs to knock the pink things off of the main body of the mini-boss. Pop them with quick spin attacks (rotate the circle pad in circles and press B) or whatever you find effective. Shoot the big eye with arrows when it opens.

It will eventually drop all of the pink things on the floor. Pop them like before and dodge the now advancing eye. Keep shooting it with arrows once the eye opens. Repeat this process several time to defeat the mini-boss. A big chest spawns that contains the Ice Arrow.

Getting the Boss Key

Exit this room and continue south through the next door. There will be an Octorok swimming around in the room near the Red pipe. Shoot it with an Ice Arrow to freeze it. Climb on top of it and jump over to the center platform. Push the switch to cause the water to flow.

Enter the water and swim through the path with the flowing water back to the giant water filled room. The red pipe will now be flowing into the upper yellow path. Follow it back to the room where we got the Dungeon Map. Climb up and hookshot the chest to the south.

Now pull out an Ice Arrow and look towards the water to find it shining at the certain spots. Shoot these spots with an Ice Arrow until platforms appear all the way to the southern door. Now hop across the platforms and enter the door.

There will be a blue enemy in this room. Freeze it with an Ice Arrow and push the frozen creature up to the southern platform. Climb up and jump over. Push the switch and exit back to the north. As Zora Link - hop down into the water. Swim down and follow the red pipe to the east.

Kill the enemies, surface, and climb onto the platform. Enter the northern door and there will be more shiny spots on the water to the north. Create ice platforms to the blue path, hop over, and now use Fire Arrows to melt the next door. Go inside for another mini-boss.

Start by dodge the green things to get close to the mini-boss. Attack it with the sword and it will hop to the ceiling becoming enclosed within the green things. Dodge the first time it falls and pull out an Ice Arrow. When it goes back to the ceiling - shoot it to cause it to freeze.

It will fall down and break open. Now chase down the mini-boss again and attack it with the sword. Continue this process until it is defeated, which unlocked the doors. Go into the eastern door and continue down the path to find a big chest, which contains the Boss Key.

Getting to the Great Bay Temple Boss

Climb over the golden gate and hop down. As Zora Link - use the flowing water to return to a previous room. Surface and climb up to the top. Travel to the southern path and go back towards the Great Bay Temple entrance. Hookshot the target on the western corners ceiling. Drop down onto the water spout.

Wait for it to raise and hop over to the red switch to the south. Press it to cause another water spout. Now hop down and swim over to the yellow switch to the east. Press it to cause the yellow water spout to stop. Now return to the northern room with the giant swirling pool of water.

Head to the ladder on the north side of the map. It will be blocked by a waterfall. Shoot it with an Ice Arrow to stop the flow and climb up the ladder. Enter the door and create ice platforms to the yellow pipe. Jump across and now create ice platforms over to the switch. Jump across and press it.

Exit back to the previous room and jump into the water as Zora Link. Swim through the path with the Green pipe flowing into it and dive down towards the end to dodge the spike mines at the end. Surface and climb onto the ledge in the northwest corner. Jump onto the platform and ride it to the top.

Jump across to the east onto the next platform and ride it across to the next ledge. Hop across and travel along it all the way south. Use an Ice Arrow on the waterfall to the northwest to make a platform to walk across. Head across to the west using the platform and jump across to the northern door.

Enter it and hop down into the next room. Climb onto the middle platform and shoot a fire arrow at the ice above the opposite side of the seesaw to be raised up. Hop over to the platform to the north and repeat the process to be raised up again. Hop over to the green switch and press it.

Jump down to the lower level and get on the westernmost seesaw. Use it to get to the western door and enter it. Use the Zora Mask to swim back to the west to be in the giant swirling room once more. Swim through the lower path with the Green pipe flowing into it.

In the final room - climb up and around using the green pipe to find a switch. Press it to create a water spout to the west. Before jumping over to the boss door - be sure to stock up on health using the pots in the water. Now enter the boss door for a fight with the Great Bay Temple boss.

Great Bay Temple Boss: Gyorg

Gyorg is the Great Bay Temple boss. Drop down the hole to start the battle with the boss. The first phase takes place on a platform. Gyorg will occasionally swim at the surface of the water. Shoot it with an arrow to damage him. Repeat until the eye appears. Shoot it with several arrows.

Repeat until Gyorg breaks down the platform, which begins the second phase of the fight. Gyorg will swim around and use must use Zora Link. He will occasionally start sucking in water. When this happens - break one of the spike mines lose.

Gyorg will suck it into his mouth - stunning the creature. The eye will now be exposed. Attack it to damage the boss. Repeat until Gyorg is defeated. Grab the Heart Container and enter the portal to get the Gyorg's Remains. A cutscene will happen and Link gets transported back to Zora Cape.

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