Part 1: First Three Days

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After the initial cutscene - head through the opening in front of you. Climb up the logs and continue down the path inside the tree. Another cutscene will ensue. Once it is over - head forward towards the fairy and open the door. Continue down the path for yet another cutscene.

After the cutscene - Tatl will join you on your quest to find Skull Kid. Now stand on top of the Deku Flower and hold down A. Aim with the joystick and fly to the other side of the room. Go through the door and use the Deku Flowers to reach a small chest containing a Deku Nut.

Continue around the room to the door and talk with Deku Scrub lookalike to learn how to target. Go through the passage and head up the winding path. Go to open the door and a dialog happens with the Mask Salesman. After the dialog, go through the doors to South Clock Town.

South Clock Town

After a brief cutscene - head off to find the Great Fairy. Travel around Clock Town until you reach North Clock Town. Purchase a map of Clock Town for 5 rupees from Tingle. Continue to the west of North Clock Town to find the Fairy's Fountain. After talking with the shattered Great Fairy - exit the fountain and head out to find the Stray Fairy.

The Stray Fairy is located in different spots depending on the time of day. It is located in the Laundry Pool during the day and in East Clock Town during the night. Touch it to retrieve the Stray Fairy and head back to the Fairy's Fountain. The Great Fairy of Magic will be returned to normal and grant you Magic Power.

Exit the Fairy's Fountain and take a peek at the kid trying to pop the balloon. Use the newly acquired bubble attack to help him out. After popping the balloon - the kid will give you a code to gain entrance to the Bomber's Hideout once you pass the test in the form of Hide-N-Seek. The Bomber's will spread out and hide across Clock Town.

Bomber Kids Locations

There are 5 Bombers Kids that you must find by the end of the current day cycle. There is 1 located in each part of Clock Town.

  • North Clock Town: in the northeast corner will be the Bomber Kid
  • East Clock Town: use the Deku Flower on the west side to fly to the Bell, which the Bomber Kid will be located
  • South Clock Town: brake the crate in the center of the area to find the Bomber Kid
  • Laundry Pool: brake the crate near the tree to find this Bomber Kid
  • West Clock Town: the Bomber Kid is wondering around in the northern part of the area

After finding all of the Bomber Kids - they will teach you a code. It is randomized every time. You will need to remember this code so write it down.

Head to East Clock Town and talk with the kid blocking the small alley. Tell him the secret code you just learned and enter the passage. Continue forward - skipping across the water - until you reach the far side. Continue down the path and pass the Skulltula. Continue and pop the balloon like before so you can climb up the ladder.

Go inside the passage and up the winding stairs to find the Professor. Speak with him and agree to use the telescope. Zoom in on the Clock Tower to find Skull Kid. After a short cutscene - exit the telescope and talk with the Professor once more. Exit through the nearby door and pick up the blue object, which is a Moon's Tear.

Finding Skull Kid

Now go back inside and down the stairs. Continue backtracking to reach Clock Town again. Head to South Clock Town and find the Business Scrub in the center of the west side of the map. Trade him the Moon's Tear for a Town Title Deed. Now use the Deku Flower to fly to the ledge of Clock Tower and pick up the Piece of Heart.

Head towards the door to be told that you need to wait longer. So now hop back down and head around to the north of Clock Tower to find a merchant and an Owl Statue. You can save at the Owl Statue and be sure to talk to the merchant to open a bank account. This will come in handy later.

Wait until the night of the Final Day and head back to the ledge of the Clock Tower. At 12:00 on the Final Day - the Clock Tower will flip and the side will open. Run up the stairs after the brief dialog with Tatl. A cutscene with Skull Kid will happen and a battle will ensue.

Target Skull Kid and shoot him with bubbles until he drops the ocarina. Pick it up to get the Ocarina of Time. A dialog will happen where Link learns the Song of Time. After yet another cutscene - pull out the Ocarina and play the Song of Time you just learned. After the following cutscene - head back to the Mask Salesman.

Speak with him to learn the Song of Healing, which returns Link back to normal. Link also acquires the Deku Mask. After a brief dialog and story - the Mask Salesman will now give Link the Bomber's Notebook. The Bomber's Notebook will save all of the events that happen in the game so you will not have to remember every little thing.

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