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Just a quick note before we continue - playing the Song of Time backwards lets you slow down time. This is called the Inverted Song of Time and there is nothing special to learn it other than by playing it. This will come in handy when short on time.

Getting the Dungeon Map

After entering Woodfall Temple - put on the Deku Mask if you have not already done so and use the Deku Flower to fly across to the one west. Now use this one to fly across to the east - getting the Stray Fairy - and land on the platform with the chest, which contains another Stray Fairy.

Use the Deku Flower to head south towards the next Deku Flower. Use this one and head to the southern door, being sure to dodge the Skulltulas. Go through the door to the next area. Tatl will offer a brief dialog with Link. Take the path to the west - kill the Deku Baba - and travel down to the lower level.

Kill this Deku Baba to get the next Stray Fairy. Now hop across to the lily pad towards the center of the room. Be sure to use the Deku Mask or it will damage you. Continue until you reach the other side of the room. Do not enter the door - head across the water to the south and break the pots for a Stray Fairy.

Head back and go through the door this time. Hop across to the lily pad and head to the Deku Flower. Use it to fly to the platform on the eastside of the room. Enter the door and get ready for a battle. Use the Deku Flowers, but wait until the enemies travel on top of you. Jump out and this will kill them. Defeat them to spawn a big chest, which contains the Dungeon Map.

Getting the Compass

Exit the room and hop back across to reach the Deku Flower. Use it to fly over to the big chest, which contains a Small Key. Head back to the door to the west and go through it. Continue going west until you reach the locked door. Unlock it and continue through the door. Head towards the block for a dialog with Tatl.

Head north and around to find a torch and Skulltula. Kill the Skulltula to find another Stray Fairy. Continue along the path and push the block towards the door you used to enter the room. Now go light a Deku Stick with the torch and head to the opposite side of the room to light the torch.

Do this as normal Link because you cannot use the Deku Stick as Deku Link. This will unlock a door. Enter through it and kill the enemies as Deku Link by shooting them with bubbles. This will spawn a big chest, which contains the Compass. Exit the door and shoot down the beehives in this room for a Stray Fairy.

Getting the Hero's Bow

Now head back towards the door you just came through and light a Deku Stick. Run up the stairs to the east and light the next torch. The moths will follow you to this torch. Light another Deku Stick and make them follow you to the torch in the corner of the room. Run back to the top of the stairs and light another Deku Stick.

Quickly jump across to the platforms and burn the spider web before the moths reach you. Continue down the path and head up the stairs. A brief warning will come from Tatl. Put on the Deku Mask if you do not have it equip and continue down the path, being sure to kill all of the enemies.

Once all of the enemies are defeated - a chest will appear containing another Stray Fairy. Now light a Deku Stick with the torch and light the 3 unlit torches to unlock the door forward. Go through it and be sure to put on the Deku Mask. Travel to the lower level and nab the Stray Fairy in the far corner.

Head back up the stairs and use the Deku Flower to travel across to the next Deku Flower. Repeat this to get to the next platform and be sure to dodge the enemies. Continue do so until you reach the ledge with the stairs. Travel down the stairs and into the next room. Head west to get the Stray Fairy.

Head back east and go south to find a switch. Jump on it as normal Link to spawn a couple ladders, but do not climb down them. Now head through the door next to the switch. Knock down the beehive as soon as you enter for another Stray Fairy. Now travel south and enter the door. It will lock behind you.

A mini-boss will appear so get ready for a fight. The fight is fairly simple. Just shoot the enemy a couple times with a bubble and it will be defeated. If you are unable to use this method - simply dodge the enemies attack while hitting it with the sword. A big chest appears that contains the Hero's Bow.

Getting the Boss Key

Exit the room and look across the next to find an eye inside a golden triangle. Shoot it with the Hero's Bow to make the Deku Flower in the center of the room starting raising and falling. Make sure to have the Deku Mask equipped and hop over to the Deku Flower. Wait for it to raise all the way and fly over to the ledge where you shot the eye.

Enter the door for another mini-boss battle. This one is rather easy as well. Shoot the enemy a few times with the Hero's Bow. It will eventually hop onto another creature. Simply use the Deku Mask and dive into a Deku Flower. Wait for it to travel on top of you and shoot up. This will knock the mini-boss off of the creature.

Shoot it with the Hero's Bow now to damage it. Repeat this several times to defeat the mini-boss. This will unlock the door and a small room with a fancy big chest in it, which contains the Boss Key. Now exit the room and hop down to the door heading to the center room of the dungeon.

Getting to the Woodfall Temple Boss

Climb up the ladder to the upper level. Target the green area in the center and shoot an arrow through the torch. This will activate a platform that will float up in the air. Run around to the northern side of the room and use the Deku Flower to fly over to the platform. Pull out the bow and target the unlit torch in the corner of the room.

Wait for the flame to get between you and the unlit torch to shoot, causing the door forward to unlock. Hope back across to the Deku Flower. Use it to fly across to the torch you just lit and land on the switch. Use the normal Link to press the switch. Travel to the chest and open it for another Stray Fairy.

Hop onto the spinning platform and travel back across towards the Deku Flower except this time go through the newly unlocked door. Equip the Deku Mask and climb down the ladder and use the Deku Flower to fly up to the ledge to the east for another Stray Fairy.

Continue flying up to the ledges on this side of the room for another Stray Fairy. Hop back down to the lowest Deku Flower and use it to fly up to the western ledge. Continue using the Deku Flowers to fly up this side of the room for another Stray Fairy. Now shoot an arrow at the last Stray Fairy in the center of the room.

Use a Deku Flower to fly over and get it. Now travel back near the entrance to this room. Shoot the crystal on the eastern side to lower the flames in the center. Use a Deku Flower to fly over to the eastern center Deku Flower. Use this one to reach the higher eastern Deku Flower. Use this last Deku Flower to fly over to the boss door. Unlock the boss door and enter it.

Woodfall Temple Boss: Odolwa

Odolwa is the Woodfall Temple boss. He has a large sword and can summon things for aid. An easy way to defeat Odolwa is by using Deku Link and Deku Flowers. Simply use the Deku Flowers to fly over Odolwa and drop a Deku Nut onto his head. This will open him up to attacks from normal Link.

Repeat this until Odolwa is defeated. Grab the Heart Container and now head into the blue portal to get Odolwa's Remains. Link will be teleported to an area where you will learn the Oath to Order.

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