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Ghosts and Goblins

Returning to the Elemental Sanctuary

Once you exit the Temple, a ghost appears. King Gustaf, the former king of Hyrule. He marks a location on your map, and Ezlo says to head there after you fuse the new element into your sword. Make your way to Hyrule Town, and up into Hyrule Castle Garden. You'll have to sneak your way through to the top left corner, where there's a ladder hiding behind some bushes. Travel through the pathways into the Elemental Sanctuary. Drop your sword into the pedestal, and the Water Element will lend its power to the sword. You can now make another copy of yourself. Exit the way you came in, and start to make your way to the location on your map.

Old Friends in New Places

Go to Hyrule Town, and then go to North Hyrule Field. Walk over to the north-west corner and climb down the ladder. Use the colour-pads to make two duplicates of yourself to push the large block out of the way. Climb up the ladder, and then go to the right to enter the Royal Valley. Go up the steps, and continue onward and northward. You'll reach a maze known as the Haunted Forest. The only way out is to go up, left, left, up, right, and up. The way to know this, is the signs. They point you in the right direction. Once out of the Haunted Forest, go to the north-east corner of the are to the little house here. It's your old friend, Dampe! If you speak to him, he'll give you the graveyard key. Exit his house and then---Oi! A Takkuri just stole your key! He'll be hiding in one of the trees, but instead of walking up to it, use the Pegasus Boots to ram the tree. Don't get too close, or he'll fly away. Once you have grabbed the key again, speak to Dampe again to gain access to the Graveyard. At the north end of the Graveyard is a large tombstone. To gain access, you need to step on three switches. The colour-pads are in the south-east part of the graveyard under some blocks. Create your two duplicates and maneuver yourself around to step on the three switches to gain access to the large tomb. Go on inside of it! What could be in there?

The Royal Crypt...nothing creepy about that

Defeat the enemies and head up a screen. Grab onto the mushroom on the left side to fly across the gap. Go through the middle door, because the other two are traps. Just to the left are some colour-pads. Use them to make duplicates of yourself, and travel across the moving platforms to the three switches on the other side. Collect the small key that appears, then go back across the room on the moving platforms. This time, go to the right side of the room. Use the colour-pads there to make two duplicates of yourself. Then, travel up to step on three more switches avoiding everything in your path. Collect the small key there, and then go to the center of the room and up, where there are two locked blocks. Head up until you get to a large door. Use the Flame Lantern to light the four spots, and two Gibdos will appear. Defeat them, and the door will open. Go through and you'll see a large tablet. Climb the stairs, and King Gustaf will give you a special gold Kinstone with a hint that you need to seek the source of the water flow in Hyrule. Afterward, make your way back to North Hyrule Field, and then to the north-east part to enter Veil Falls. There's a special door here that you can fuse Kinstones with.  Use your special golden Kinstone to fuse with the wall. Welcome to the place before the dungeon, the innards of Veil Falls.

Navigating the Rapids

Once inside, you can use the flame lantern to give you some light in the first room. Go up the stairs on the right side. Exit the cave to the south, and climb up the wall. There's a Wind Crest here that you'll want to activate, even though it's pretty well useless to you after this. Travel north, and enter a cave. Take the staircase at the south end of the room, and then exit the cave through the door on the right. Climb the wall, and you'll be at Veil Springs. Head left, past the giant Goron, and up the ladder. Jump into the whirlwind to fly up to the place with the incredible music. The Cloud Tops.

Kinstones of the Clouds.

Once you arrive here, you can talk to Hailey, who tells you that monsters are all over the clouds, and that you have to find some kinstones. To the right is a gold Kinstone, but you can't collect it. In turn, you're supposed to fuse with it. Use the red whirlwind there, and on the upper portion just to the right is a treasure chest. Use the Mole Mitts to access it to get your first golden Kinstone. Then, fall back down the little hole there. Walk north a bit, and use another red whirlwind. Go northward to the little hole in the clouds that you'll have to use the Mole Mitts to access. Fall down, and fuse kinstones with the little Mysterious Cloud there. After, use the red whirlwind again. Use the regular whirlwind to fly south-west to another whirlwind, and then north-west to the clouds. Drop down the hole, and kill the two Cloud Piranhas. Once they're defeated, grab the gold Kinstone, and use the red whirlwind. Dig through the clouds to the left direction, and jump into the regular whirlwind to fly south-west to a whirlwhind. Use that to travel north-west to the top left corner of the region. Dig south a bit to reach a gold chest. Open it to receive your third golden Kinstone. Go back to the whirlwind, and use it to fly to the south-east. After getting to that whirlwind head west a bit, and then drop down a hole. Make your way north and defeat the Lakitu. Use the Gust Jar to suck in his cloud. Then, fuse Kinstones with the cloud to the north.

Go back to the red whrilwind, and then use the regular whirlwind to fly south-east. Travel that way until you reach a third whirlwind, at which point you'll want to turn south-west. Get to the cloud at the south-west corner, and drop down the little hole. Go north a bit to another Lakitu. Defeat him to get to another cloud to fuse Kinstones with, then use the Red whirlwind to get another golden Kinstone that you'll need. After that, go back down the hole to the whirlwind at the south and take that up. Drop down the hole to the right and defeat some more Cloud Piranhas. Once they're dead, a fifth and final golden Kinstone will appear. Grab it and take the nearby red whirlwind up. Use the one regular whirlwind to fly directly south. Dig through the clouds to find a very small hole. Fall through it, and then head up the red whirlwind. Drop down the hole to the left, and you'll find another Mysterious Cloud to fuse with. Do so, and then use the red whirlwind to get back up. At this point, the only cloud left to fuse with is the one we first saw. Use the regular whirlwind to travel north-west. Keep following the path to another whirlwind. Fly north-east to the next whirlwind, and then south-east. Down down the hole to get back to where we started from. Fuse Kinstones with the final cloud to activate the tornado vortex.

There's life way up here too!

Go ahead and jump in it to be shot up to an even higher place. Activate the wind crest here, and enter the building. Go up to the highest floor you can access to speak to the Elder, Siroc. He gives you access to reach the Palace of Winds. Go out, and speak to Hailey, the person blocking the door. She'll get out of the way and you'll be able to get onto the roof. Walk over to another large tornado whirlwind, and you'll be sent even higher up to the Palace of Winds.

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