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Dropping into the Temple of Droplets

Making a Grand Entrance

In the start of the dungeon, you'll notice a few things. There's a set of stairs, and not much else. Two is a few, right? Head down the stairs into a room of ice. Push the ice blocks on any side of the room, and head up through the door. Go to the right, and then down a staircase. There's a lever here. Push it to open up a bit on sunlight. Go back up the stairs, and fall down through the hole you just created. Push the ice block with the key in it towards the sunlight, collect it, then make your way back up the stairs. Go left, and use the key on the door. You'll see another hole. Fall through it, and in this little ice puzzle there are three blocks. Push the top block to the left. Then, push the bottom block to the left, down and to the left once more. After, push the block with the key to the left, then up, then to the left, then down, then left, then up, and finally right. Get the big key, and push the lever so the sun no longer shines here. Go up the stairs, and across the gap to go right a screen. Walk down one more screen, and you'll be at the starting area of the dungeon. Go to the bottom of the room to the large locked door, and open it with your key. In front of you is your element. It's all yours if you can unfreeze it.

If only if were over that quickly

Now that you know you have to basically let the sunlight unfreeze the element, go to the south-west area of this room, and go through the door on the left. If you head downwards, you'll encounter the chest with the dungeon map. Go back up, and then wait for the spiked roller to be at the top part of the water before you jump in. You'll have to press 'B' while swimming to dive under the roller, and 'A' to swim faster. Climb the steps, and head right a screen. Go down a bit, and then use the Gust Jar on the mushroom to make it over the gap. Stepping on the switch will cause the barriers blocking a waterfall to drop. Swim down the waterfall. Across the water, and under the spiked roller. At the left side of the room, there's a button you can step on to make more barriers fall. The stone tablet reads that at the bottom of the pot there's a secret. Swim right, and you'll see a pot in the water. If you swim into it and dive, you'll get a small key. Then, go back left a screen. Go back to where the waterfall is, and climb up the side of it. Push the block out of the way, and head up a screen. Use the small key on the door to the left of you, then down a screen where you'll find a switch and a lily-pad. Step on the switch, then step on the lily-pad. This should be fairly straightforward for you at this point in the game.

The Ghost of Shrines past

While on the lily-pad, go up, right, and then down. Basically, follow the path. Go down the waterfall, and to avoid the spike roller while you travel, just hop off the lily-pad into the water to dive underneath. Continue going downward, then go right a screen. Soon, you'll reach some barriers and a small little island with a switch. Step on the switch, and continue on your way. Shortly thereafter, you'll encounter a Madderpillar! Remember the one you encountered in Deepwood Shrine? Well, this one is exactly the same...except now, on ice. Just like some cliché Hollywood thing. Once you defeat it, head up through the door that opens, and get the compass. Once you've collected your spoils of war, get back on the lily-pad, and go left a bit, and then north. Step on the switch here that's on the ice, allowing you to move along the waterway to reach another barrier near a block puzzle. You only need to push one block to hold the button down. It's the topmost block. Push it down, to the right, down, to the left, and then up. Get back onto your lily-pad and take it to the northeast corner of the room you're in. Get off of your lily-pad, and go into the door.

If only you had a lantern...

In this room, it's absolutely dark, and there's no real way to light it up. Just work your way to the top of the room, and up some stairs. In here are scissor beetles! You should know what to do to them. Just hit them on the back or the sides with your sword to defeat them. Once you defeat them, a blue warp tile will appear in case you die at some point in the dungeon. Anywho, head if you head down and left, you'll see a large lever. To push it, you'll have to go down to the colour-pads and make a copy of yourself. Once you do push it, sun will shine on half of the element. You still need the other half, so go down to the south-east part of the room now and through that door. Travel along the path to navigate the little maze. Make your way past the moving spike things in the south portion of the room is the door to allow you to travel left. Head up a screen, and then down the staircase that you'll find. Keep traveling down the staircases to get to the absolute lowest floor you can. Push the lever that you see here, then go back up one flight of stairs and in the bottom of the room is another lever. Push that one to allow sun to shine from above. Go back down the stairs, and push the lever there again opening the roof up to melt the ice around the chest. Open it to receive your small key, then climb up two flights of stairs. Head down a screen, and use the small key on the locked door here. Walk to the south wall, and push the lever there. I hope you missed one of your old pals! This blue Chu-Chu is exactly like the green one you fought before, except this one is quite literally more shocking. Just use the Gust Jar to take away his base. All his base are belong to you. Then, slash at him with your sword. When he's done, open the chest that appears to collect the Flame Lantern! You're able to melt some ice blocks with this lantern, and light up dark areas.

The Dark Maze

Exit this room through the way you came in, and then to the left you can melt those blocks of ice with your lantern. Do so, and head down the stairs. Then, melt the blocks here and head right a screen. This dark room has three scissor beetles, but it also has little areas for you to light up the room. The light is only temporary, so don't worry about it so much as defeating the beetles. Once they're defeated, head into the next room. In this maze here, you'll need to use the torch to make blocks disappear to give you access to where you need to go. First, go to the south-east most corner of the room and use the lantern on that fire holder. The second torch thing is near the center of the maze, so work your way there to make another block disappear. Then, go to the right end of the room where you'll find a crumbling wall. Use a bomb on it and enter the room. You'll have to defeat all the Mulldozers in here, and then grab the small key that falls. Exit the room back into the maze, and work your way then to the torch fire holder thing near the north-east corner of the room. That will cause a nearby block to disappear. Work your way to the final torch not to far away to remove the block to gain access to the locked door. Once you do have access, use the key on the door and enter. In this room, you'll want to basically race through it to avoid the enemy fire chain. Walk to the left a screen, up the ice and then through that door there. Next, go under the platform, and then to the door on the left.

Just the Two of You

In here are three large blocks. You'll want to start with the block on the top. Push it to the left two spaces. Then, push the block that was below it down two spaces. After, go around and push the middle block down a space, then push the top most block to the right to gain access to the door. Then, head up a screen. Push the nearby ice block to the left. On the left side, push the other ice block down and to the left so it stops on one of the three switches. Them, on the right side of the room, use the colour-pads to make a duplicate of you to stand on the other two switches. Once you've done that, head through the door that opens. In this room, push the one square that's not in its proper place (the top right one) up a space to open the door on the left. Enter through it. In this next room, melt the ice block and use the tiles to vertically duplicate yourself. Push the large block in the center to the right to clear a path for you. Then, climb the stairs and head left a screen. In this next area, you'll have to light all nine torches very quickly, for they go out after a while. Once you manage that, head through the door on the left. Swim under the rollers to go south. Head right a screen, and step on the floor switch in the corner. It causes a red warp tile to appear for you in case you die. Now, the tiles on the floor represent that of an arrow. It's probably indicating for you to place a bomb on the top most tile near the wall there. Blow up the wall and walk through. Defeat the two Madderpillars in this room, then head right a screen. Continue going north to the adjacent room, then run across the ice and up the staircase. After that, head down a screen and right one last time to reach the room with the element. Duplicate yourself and push the lever!

Octoroks suck

The Octorok just stole your element. Head southward to face the Octorok and get your element back! What you need to do for the first stage of the battle is use your sword to send its boulders back at it. After three boulders have been reflected, the Octorok will freeze, and a dead flower will appear on its back. Run around and light the flower on fire with your flame torch. Keep doing that and avoiding his attacks to defeat him. Soon, he will die, and the Water Element will become all yours! Collect the heart container, and walk into the green portal to warp yourself to the start of the dungeon. Step into the sunlight to return to the surface world and out of the Temple of Droplets.

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