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Starting The Minish Cap

Choosing a File

Obviously you would want to pick the fourth file, because who picks the first through third files?


The Backstory

Once you start a new game, you will be given a cool little story on how the Picori gave the hero a blade, and that with Wisdom and Courage, the hero drove out the darkness. After, the people sealed the blade in a chest.


Cutscene Time

Princess Zelda just walks into your house without knocking 'claiming' to want to take you to the festival today. There's also some brilliantly familiar music to those who have played Ocarina of Time before. Anyhow, I think sleep is a bit more important that going with a Princess to some little festival.


Wakey Wakey!

Time to get up, walk or roll downstairs, talk to Smith; your grandfather. You can call him Mr. Smith. Get the sword from him to give to the sword fighting champion, and Follow Zelda…but not before smashing the pots, and opening the chest!


It's Time to follow!

First, just take the path up to Zelda, and then she'll talk to you, and go up again. Just keep following her. Soon, you will get to the town of Hyrule. No matter how fast or slow you are, it's all the same.

The Festival

First, Zelda, goes around to a lot of different places at the festival, just follow her to all of them. First, she goes to the old guy telling a Story to the children. It's right in the middle where the little red carpet shops are. She is at the bottom left one. Walk up and talk to her. Then, she races off to another person mid-sentence up to the top left corner. She is talking to another old man. Run up and talk to her again. The old man tells her that the Picori ARE real! Next, she heads directly right to talk to a guy mentioning the sword fighting tournament…wait, didn't you have to bring the winner a sword? Anyhow, she runs off to the bottom right corner of the red carpet shops. Go and talk to her, and Ding! She wins a prize! What does she choose? A teeny little shield that she gives to you...well, it's the thought that counts.


To the Castle

Right after winning the shield, Zelda remembers about your sword. All you have to do, is head North, while Princess Zelda follows you. Then, you come across a scrub, a Business Scrub to be more exact. He is simple to defeat, all you have to do is use your shield to send one of his projectiles back at him. What a scrub. Then, just go North, and slightly to the left, and you will arrive at the Castle!


It's not Delivery, it's a favour

This is simple, all you have to do, is walk up, and almost go through the doors when the guy who is the Minister to the kingdom of Hyrule talks to you. He takes the sword, Zelda goes to get ready, and the ceremony begins!


Ceremony time

This is actually just a cutscene, so Sit back, relax, and enjoy the presentation.



Hopefully, you watched the cutscene and read everything if not…here's a summary: This sorcerer name Vaati won the competition (probably thorugh devious tricks!) And gets to touch the legendary sword. However, he shoots lightning at the sword, and open the chest. A bunch of badies fly out! Then, he goes to attack Zelda, because what he wanted was not in the chest. You go to block, get knocked out, and Zelda is turned to stone.


I have to go WHERE?!

Well, now that you have awaken from being knocked out, you just have to go to the left, and a cutscene will happen. The King sends you to go to the Picori village in the Minish Woods. He gives you the sword your Grandfather made, along with the broken Picori Blade. Your Grandpa gives you a map and tells you to go to the woods. The fate of Hyrule has just been placed in the hands of a child...what could possibly go wrong?


The Journey

Getting to the Minish Woods is rather easy. First, just exit the castle by going South until you get to Hyrule Castle Town, the route is blocked just about everywhere, so go to the right exit where there are some little tree things, and cut the little trees in the way.


Lon Lon Ranch

Nothing here is important right now, but we'll be back later to flir—help Malon. Just head South until you get to the Eastern Hills. Then, go across the east bridge and into the Minish Woods!


Minish Woods

So, just hack and slash your way through enemies and grass to the east side, until you hit a crossroad. Pick the path leading down, then once at the tree stump with the little star imprint, go to the left. Here, there's another crossroad. Take the path that is light blue to the north. Then, just walk a little bit up.


What is that?

Someone calls for your help, just retrace your steps back to the initial crossroad. Then, kill the two little enemy octorocks, and this weird hat looking thing will reveal its name and some other details about him.


It's dangerous to go alone. Take Ezlo

While you and him have a lot in common, he's magical…why? Because he's a talking hat! Oh, and he has some other special abilities…anyhow, just head south, and Ezlo will follow, then jump right onto your head. Right before he does, make sure you're in a silent place and please turn the volume of the game up. It's the most rewarding sound in the game when Ezlo jumps onto your head. After he does, just go back to the stump with the star in it. (Image 10)


You must be this short to enter

Jump onto the stump, press “R” and poof! You're now the size of a Picori! Just head to the Left a screen and go through the hole in the log. Be careful trying to get on the little leaf, once you do make it to the other side, step off of the leaf and walk North into the city.


Minish Village

Once here, the Picori surround you, talk like some pokemon, and then run away…just head north to Festari who lives in a house with a roof that looks like it's diamond. Talk to him, and he'll tell you than you need a Jabber Nut. Head out of his house, and down to the barrel house in the south-east (East=Right)


The Jabber Nut

Once at the barrel, head to the little collection of boxes, and push one to the side. Simple enough, right? Then, walk up to the Jabber Nut, press “A” and voila! You eat it and can now speak the language of the Picori! Head back up to Festari, he will then tell you to seek out the Elder. Leave Festari's house, and just walk to the left until you see a small house on a log with a yellow roof. The Elder tells you that in order to reforge the Picori blade, you must get the Four elements. The first one is located in the place behind the village. Go back to Festari, and he will let his love open the door to allow you to go get the first Element. Go through the curtain door, and keep going north.


The Shrine

Well, Festari warned you that it would be dangerous...Good thing you're not alone! You have Ezlo! Anyhow, after heading north, you will reach the Shrine or the First Dungeon. Deepwood Shrine.

Part 2: Deepwood Shrine

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