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Gotta go Sonic fast to the Fortress of Winds

How did the elements get out of the sanctuary in the first place?

Once outside of the cave of flames, shrink down to Minish size, and then enter the mines. Go to Melari, and he'll tell you your sword is reforged, but you have to go to the Elemental Sanctuary inside Hyrule Castle to fuse your elements into the sword. Exit the mine back to the left towards the direction of the Cave of Flames, and grow back to full size. At the bottom left part of the screen is a ledge you can hop off of. Go right a bit, and then down the wall. Continue heading down and to the right to get back to the Trilby Highlands. Once here, work your way to the top right part of the Trilby Highlands, and then go right a screen to get to North Hyrule Field. There's a broken bridge and a hole here. Use the Cane of Pacci on the hole to launch up to hit the switch and extend the bridge. Cross it, and go to Hyrule Castle, which is just nearby.

In Hyrule Castle, go to the left side and climb up the steps to go down the staircase. Go around to the back of the room, and exit through the door. Straight ahead is the entrance to the Elemental Sanctuary. Go on in, and go around to where the pedestal is. Press 'R' to drop your sword in the pedestal, and then watch as the elements give their power to the sword. Once they do, a stone tablet pops up, and tell you that you can basically hold the sword button to charge the power, and once the power is fully charged, you can step on the colour-changing tiles. What this does, is reveal the true power of the Piccori blade. It creates copies of yourself than can attack, but if anything obstructs them, they will vanish.. To do this properly, you have to have stepped on all the possible number of tiles that you can, including one for yourself. By this time, you should have guessed that since you have seen 4 tiles, you can have up to 3 copies of yourself. Now though, you can only have one copy of yourself. Anyhow, back on topic, go to where you came in, and you'll see that the door is locked. There are two little switches, but you can only step on one by yourself. Use the little colour pads to create a copy of yourself, and then step on the switches to open the door. Proceed to exit the Elemental Sanctuary, but don't worry, you'll be back.

It's time for some Swamp Music

Exit Hyrule Casle, and continue south to Hyrule Field. You'll encounter Vaati, who will tell you some stuff, and unleash some Moblins. Kill them, and Ezlo will tell you some stuff too. After you learn a lot more about the plot of the game, go left back into the Trilby Highlands. Remember that one ladder you went down and got the bottle? Go back down it, and then use the colour-pads to make a copy of yourself to push the big square rock out of the way. Once it's out of the way, go up the ladder, and to make future travel easier, go up and to the right side and push a rock into a hole. Once that's done, head down to enter the Western Wood. After Ezlo says some stuff and the Castle is taken over (it's really no big deal,) you'll be able to go south, and when you do, you'll see a little rock on the right. Push it into the hole, and then head left and then north a bit and finally left to reach Castor Wilds. Go ahead, try walking across the swamp, see how far you can get. Sooner or later, Ezlo will let you know that you need a better way to get across the swamp. Make your way back to Hyrule Town, where you can get a nice new pair of boots. The shoe makers shop is just to the left of the main square. When you enter, he'll fall asleep on his desk. No worries, just use the jar in the corner to become a Minish and talk to the Minish shoe makers you find on his desk. They'll tell you how they've just finished a pair of Pegasus Boots, but only the human maker, Rem, can finish them. You need a special mushroom from Syrup the Witch to wake Rem, probably because he's not yet in R.E.M. Sleep. This is where Lon Lon Ranch now comes in handy.

Home, Home on the Lon Lon Ranch

Return to normal size, and go to the North-right part of Hyrule Town, and then continue going right to Lon Lon Ranch. You may have to use bombs to clear a path, but once you do make it to the house, Talon will tell you that he lost the key, and the only spare is inside the house. You have to use the tree-stump just to the north of the house to shrink down to Minish size, go inside, use the jar to grow, get the spare key that's hidden under a pot, then go back down to Minish, exit, and then return to normal size. Go talk to Talon, and he's just happy you have the spare key. Personally, I would wonder how you got it, but that's just me. Go back into the house the regular way, and through the door on the right that's now open. If you go north a bit, you'll see a sign, and realize you can't get to the witch's hut because of some water. Keep going north until you see a small rock and two little holes in the ground. Push the rock into the one hole to make travel easier, and then use the Cane of Pacci on the other one. Once up on the platform, there should be a whirlwind. Just fly straight to the other platform, and use a second whirlwind to go south over the pond, the head right to enter Lake Hylia.

The not so Wicked Witch of the East

Go south to get into Minish Woods, then go to the north-east portion of these woods. Here is Syrup's hut. It's pretty straight-forward from here. Just go inside, and purchase the mushroom for 60 rupees. Once that's all done, leave, backtrack to Lon Lon Ranch, and from here, go left and push a boulder into the hole. Head back to the shoe maker's shop in Hyrule Town, and once in front of Rem, press 'R' to use the mushroom to wake him up. He'll be so glad that you woke him up that he'll finish of the Pegasus Boots and give them to you for free. Hooray! Now we can get across that swamp, right? Well, actually yes, I just wanted to try to make you think there was more you needed. Optionally while you're here, you should go to Swiftblade who taught you the spin technique earlier. Now, you'll learn how to break pots and rocks with your sword, and also that you can use your sword while running with the Pegasus boots. Neither of those attacks are really necessary, they're just helpful. Go back to where Castor Wilds is. If you need help getting there, just refer back to the previous part in this walkthrough where we went there the first time.

Those are some shiny kinstones!

Once at Castor Wilds, there are three things we need to get. Three gold kinstones. To get the first one, use the Pegasus Boots to reach the platform just to the left, and then south. From there, go to the north-left part to find a little cave with some grass around it. Go in the cave, and down the stairs, and through the door. A chest is there, but it's soon replaced with a Darknut. You can use bombs to stun him, but I recommend either slashing wildly, or charging at him with the Pegasus Boots sword attack. Once he's down, you'll get a special golden kinstone. Make your way out, and then to the North-right part of Castor Wilds. Dash across the swamp water  avoiding the spiked roots, and once on the other side, use the stump to become Minish Sized. Go to the left of where the stump is, through the log, and then onto another lily-pad. Use to to cross the water, and then drop down the hole on the other side. Five blue Mulldozers will be there, but once you kill them all, you'll be rewarded with the Bow and 30 arrows. Go back to where the stump was, and grow back to normal size. Run back across the swamp from whence you came, and Ezlo will make it fairly obvious that you should shoot those things in the eye with your arrows. You can only defeat if by shooting arrows at it, so be careful.

Once you've defeated it, climb the vine behind it. Jump into the whirlwind, and float downwards and to the left, landing just across the little patch of water. Here, go south, and then go right across the swamp. Press 'A' at the little relic here, and then use some arrows on the little statue guy. Climb the vine behind him, and cross the bridge to a whirlwind. Use it to pretty well head back from whence you came, to gain access to the little cave there. Inside is gold kinstone number 2. Exit the cave, and push the rock on the left, then go up and push the rock there. Now, you should be near the center of Castor Wilds, and if you go a bit more north, there should be a vine. Walk across bridges to make your way to the north-east part of Castor Wilds. There's another statue that you'll come across, but you can defeat it. Use your Pegasus Boots to get across the swamp area, and then go inside the cave at the north for the third and final gold kinstone. Then, exit the cave, and just to the south is a little rock that you can push for easier navigation. Now, just work your way to the south-west corner of Castor Wilds to where there are three statues. Using the kinstones, fuse them with the statues gold kinstones to gain access to the Wind Ruins.

It's not actually that windy...

Welcome to the final place before the dungeon. This place, The Wind Ruins, is actually very linear and straight-forward. Just follow the path, and you'll come across a little statue guy. If you bump into him, he'll come to life. You can slash him with your sword to defeat him. Soon, you'll come across one Armos who won't move when you bump into him. Use the stump to become Minish sized, and climb up his shield into his head, where you can then flip the switch and activate him. Then, exit, and defeat him. Continue along the path. You can push the rock there for easier access, or just keep following the path. You'll come across more Armos statues, and some may be deactivated, so just keep turning into a Minish to defeat them. Eventually, you'll come across one who quickly moves to block the path of where you're trying to get to. The way to keep him from doing this is to use the stump to become Minish sized, go into the Armos statue's head, and then deactivate him. Once that's done, proceed to follow the path until finally, you come across the Fortress of Winds!

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