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Getting through Deepwood Shrine

Time for the grand entrance

Once inside the dungeon, there's only one way you can start to go. Go forward, and push the statue in the middle to the left. Then go through the little doorway. In this room, you have to step on the four floor buttons to light the dungeons fire. Enemies will drop from the ceiling, so watch out for their shadows! Once you light the four fire pit things, get the small key from the treasure chest, and go on to the next area. Go and pull the lever in the top right all the way until it won't pull anymore. Then, walk across the bridge it triggered, grab the little mushroom, pull it back, and let go of the directional buttons to be flung across the water, then go into the next room.


What's more fun than a barrel full of Links?

You can't currently kill the enemies in this room, so head to the right side of this room, and step on the fire switch to burn the vines. They might need some ice for that burn. Enter the barrel, and go across to the left side. Once there, push a statue on a button, and then stand on the other button to burn the other half of the vines. Go back into the barrel and rotate it until there's an exit at the bottom left part of the barrel. Go through that, and then continue going left.


Map time

Go to the left side of the room, and use the mushroom to fling yourself as far as you possibly can. Go up some steps, open a chest, and voila! A map. Jump off the ledge, and use the mushroom a second time only with a lesser pull back distance to fling yourself less far this time. Then, go through the door and left. Defeat the enemies, and use the pot in the left to hold down the button. The only way to do this, is to get behind the pot and push. Go across the newly created bridge, and down. In this next room, there are two statues on two buttons. Move one out two squares, then go around and pull it back so it's over the switch, and you're in the space with the treasure chest. Collect your small key and leave the room. Go all the way back to the room with the barrel.


Miniboss Madness

Go into the barrel and then exit the top right part. There's a locked door that wants to eat your small key, so go ahead and feed it for entry. In this room, pull back the mushroom to land on the little island in the middle of the room. Walk over to the button, step on it making the bridge permanently appear, and giving you more room to pull the mushroom back. Go to the bottom portion of the room, and then go right. In this next room, there are two statues, but only one switch. What you need to do, is get the right-most statue off of the button, so you can push the left-most statue onto the button, and then you'll have access to the door. Once you've done this, proceed through the door. Defeat the enemies in this room for a small left, then go left, climb the stairs that you see, go north a screen, and then jump off the right side of the ledge, and left a screen.

The best idea is to step on some switch to open a door for access to previous parts, don't go through that door at the bottom though. Instead, use the small key on the locked door and meet the miniboss named Madderpillar. He's fairly simple, all you have to do is bop him on the nose with your sword, then when he's turning red, go around and bop his butt heart thing with your sword. When he's running around, try to avoid him as to not die. Once you've defeated him (it takes 16 bops on the heart butt,) collect your Gust Jar prize, and use It on the right side cobweb, and head back through there. You can also now defeat those enemies you couldn't even touch before by sucking their colour away with the Gust Jar. You can also clear the pollen looking thing on the floor to reveal two switches that will let you open a blue portal, and give you a treasure chest. Head south to get back to the barrel room. Once here, use the Gust Jar on the cobweb inside the barrel, and rotate it until it's at the bottom middle, and fall through.

Lilly-pad Logic

Use the Gust Jar to pull the Lilly-pad towards you, then hop onto it. Use the poofs of air from the gust jar to direct yourself down the waterfall, then over to the right. When you see a staircase, go up it, and push a pot onto the switch. The switch makes the little pillar wall thing go down, which gives you a way to go. Get back on your Lilly-pad and get going. When you get to the end point, there's a doorway,  but before you enter it, go to the blocks on the right side, and push them to get to the chest. Inside is a compass. Then go to the top left of the room, push a pot onto the switch. Get the small key from the treasure chest, then get back on the Lilly-pad, and go south then left. In the top left corner there's a locked door, so go through it with your newly acquired small key. You should wind up in a room with some mushrooms and a treasure chest.

If not, then you did something wrong. Anyhow, you can use the gust jar to pull the mushroom towards you, to get you to where you need to go. (Hint: you're trying to get to that large treasure chest in the room.) Once you do make it across to the chest, you'll open it, get a big key, and then go through the red portal that opened up. It'll take you back to the start of the dungeon, where you can now use the Gust Jar to pull the cobwebs off of the entrance ways. The way to go is on the right side. When you get up the stairs, there's a mushroom in the middle of the room. Use the Gust Jar on it to get across to the left side of the room, and then head to the bottom of it, and do the same thing to get to the north of the room. Oh look! A large locked door. Maybe you should enter it.


Boss Time!

Oh my goodness, it's a giant Chu-chu!!! Oh no's regular size, but you're Minish sized, remember? Anyhow, what you have to do to defeat him is use the Gust Jar on his feet base thing that's touching the ground, and eventually he'll topple over. Once he does topple over, you have to just hit him with your sword. Simple enough, right? Possibly, as long as you can dodge his jumping attacks and his moving around. Once you defeat him...well if you defeat him, then you'll get the first pure element! The Earth Element. Get it, and grab the heart container to extend your health, and then go through the green portal. Guess what? You're done with Deepwood Shrine!

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