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The Perilous Palace of Winds

Don't look down!

Welcome to the floating palace! First, head up a screen and hit the switch to make the bridge extend keep doing this across three bridges and then you'll need to use your bow and arrow to shoot the crystal to activate the next bridge. Once you cross that bridge, on the left there's a block. Push it off the edge so it can fall down and hopefully hit someone like Vaati on the way down. Then, use your arrows to hit the switch there. You'll need to multiply yourself so you can push the large block to the left there. Once you do, head up a screen. Wait for a platform to come to you, and then ride it north. Avoid the blocks, and the underwater-mine like enemies. Once on the other side, follow the path and go left. You'll need to quickly walk across the cracked floor. Keep going left. Use your arrows to hit the switch just to the south of you to activate the bridge. Avoid the roller and make it to the other side. Before you  cross the bridge, place a bomb next to the switch. Race across the bridge before the bomb explodes, so that way you can make it to the other platform and have the bridge activate. Once it does, head north. This is Wizzrobe central. There will be three tidal waves of them, so be sure to be on your toes and ready to fight. All you have to do to defeat them is avoid their energy balls, and hit them with your sword. It may seem simple enough, but it is a bit tricky. Once you've defeated the total of 12 Wizzrobes, open the chest to obtain your very own Roc's Cape! (Why does Roc get to have such a nice cape when all you have is a talking magical hat?)

Leaping to new heights

Your new cape allows you to jump. First, jump to the right. See those clouds? Stand in the shadow of the first one, and jump. Keep jumping. Don't move. They're all one above the other. Once up here, use the cap to jump over a series of platforms on the right side, and then push the blocks out of your way to reach the magical colour tiles. Use the bottom three to duplicate yourself and then go down to hit the four switches. Use the Cane of Pacci to defeat the Spiked Beetles that will appear, then head through the door on the right. In this room are some wind turbines. Try to stay out of them as your work your way to the top of the platform. Jump to the right, and then work your way down. Try not to get blown off as you make it to the little hole in the ground. Use the Cane of Pacci on that to make it up to the higher platform. After that, continue left until there's a little grate with a two way door. When the moving platform is under that part of the grate, use your Roc's Cape to jump up a little and fall through. Then, once over to the next grate, jump up through the little door thing there. Once again, jump up the clouds. Jump to the right and use the colour-pads to create three of you. Once all the way around, push the large block out of the way. Walk down the stairs and push the small blocks out of the way. Hop on this moving platform, and to fully traverse the entire thing, you'll need to jump from platform to platform using the Roc's Cape as necessary. Follow the grating and platforms to work your way to a small area with a locked door. The entire path is linear, so don't worry about getting lost.

A Big job for a little person

Use the Cane of Pacci on the hole further right to get up on the ledge. Use the Colour-Pads to hit the three switches. Use the Minish Stone that appears to shrink down to Minish Size, and then go through the small hole just below it. You'll have to push pots out of the way to get to the hole at the left side. Once through, go north and through the hole there. Continue north a screen to the Minish Stone there. Head back down, and use your bow to hit the small switch to make a small key drop, and the door on your right open. Grab the key and head through the door. Use the Roc's Cape to jump over the gap here and then head down a screen. Work your way back to the left and use the small key on the locked door that was here. Go through it, and then use the clouds to continue up to the next floor. Once here, head left a screen, and be wary of the fans here. Use your Cape to cross the gaps you'll come across. Once across, push the blocks to their respectable sides to head south. Jump over the spikes and then you'll find some floating torches and a fan. Use the Roc's Cape combined with the fan to fly like Superman across the gap. Just remember, if you fall, you'll di—respawn with just a little damage back where you started from. Once the eagle has landed, walk up a screen. Jump over the gaps keeping the enemies in mind. Soon you'll come across some clouds, but you'll notice you can't go up to a new level with them, and there's also a large gap. Jump up the clouds and then leap across the gap. It's just like some action movie scene, except you make it cleanly across instead of barely grabbing onto the ledge there. Continue doing this to make it to some clouds that actually will bring you up to a higher level of the dungeon.

Just go with the flow of the wind

Head down a screen to encounter two tough enemies. You'll have to slash at them with your sword. You can try to jump over them or such, but either way you have to kill them. Once both are gone, you'll get a small key. There also happens to be a locked door on your left, so go ahead and go through it. Continue on, and you'll find a  room with four floor switches, and four colour-pads. You can only make two copies, so use a pot to cover up one  floor switch. Then, use your duplicates to step on the remaining three tiles. Continue to the left side of the room, and step on a switch to start up a fan. Use the cap and jump into the wind-stream to fly south to some enemies. Was it a trap? Nah. Defeat the enemies to continue onto the room on the right. Step on the switch to activate a fan, and then use it to travel back North to get a small key from a chest by pushing the blocks on the left. Then, on the right, push the blocks to get out and use the key on the door above. Once here, you'll get the big key! Walk down and right a screen, and use the big key on the door there. On the ground are some tiles arranged to form an arrow. Take a leap of faith off of the side to land down on a platform. Down here is a red Darknut. Defeat him, and use the bridge at the north that'll appear. Head inside the doorway.

It's Almost like a Part 2

In here, pull out your flame lantern to have a better view of the dark. Climb the steps on the right side of the room to get the compass. After, go to the staircase on the left side of the room. Go up and then right a screen. There's a hole in the middle of the room here. Fall down it to get access to a small key. After you have the key, go to the stairs on the left side of the room again. Now, go down a screen. Clear the skulls on the colour-pads just to your left to create copies of yourself. Stagger each copy with a pad in-between each one of you. Then, head down the room to the switches near the bottom, hit them, and go through the now opened door on the left. Use your Cape to make it over the spiked rollers Get the small key that's just past here, and then go right off the ledge, and through the first locked door right on the right there. Use your Cape to jump over to the first whirlwind. Use them to fly your way north-east. Watch out for the mines as your fly along. Head up the staircase, and head left a screen to a room where there are some Wizzrobes. Defeat them to get the Dungeon Map. Continue left, and then pull the lever here to get through the door below you. Continue up the staircase, then head to the right side of the room. Use an arrow to hit the floating mine to crack the blocks. Jump over the gap, and then at then up at the top corner, there are two unlit torches. Light them to make the red warp tile appear, and then go back to where the gap you just jumped across was, to go through the locked door.

Devious little Secrets

Once up here, use a bomb on the wall just to your right. Then, go through and go to the end of the platform. If you go to the part of the wall near the top left where there's no cracked floor parts, and place a bomb in the middle, it'll explode the wall and you'll be able to go on through to continue the dungeon. Then, blow up the cracked blocks into the room which would be any ships worst nightmare. There's the regular way you could do this is by staying near the wall and never touching the mines, because if you do they'll activate the switch and close the door. The other way, is to use the Roc's Cape to actually jump over them to the block between the two of them that you can push up, and then push the one on the left over. Then, go collect your small key in the next room. Then, go back down into the room of the mines, and back down to the room with the cracked floor. Stand on any one of the floor parts and fall through. Then, go through the locked door just in front of you there. Here's a little maze. I'll tell you where the exit is, the bottom right corner. Getting there is up to you, because I don't want to spoil the fun. Once in the bottom right corner, push the blocks off the edge, use the Roc's Cap to jump over and then walk up and to the left to the clouds there. Jump on up there to the big door. Use your key on the door, and break some skulls in case you need some hearts. Then, jump into the vortex and get ready to fight.

Flying Stingrays

This boss is fairly straight-forward but also tedious and difficult if you're not paying attention. What you need to do on the Red Gyorg, is use the Colour-Pads to make duplicates of yourself to attack the eyes that are showing. When the time has come, you'll have to use the Roc's Cape to jump on up to the Blue Gyorg when it flies on by. To harm him, you have to just slash at the eyes that appear. You also have to jump over his tail when it swings around. Just repeat the process while dodging everything and soon some little baby Green Gyorgs will appear. They can either be plainly avoided, or just hit with your sword. Once you've defeated the boss, you can get your fourth and final element to restore your sword. The Wind Element. Congratulations on making it through that dungeon, but now it's time to collect your heart container and work your way to your showdown with Vaati. That's right. You're now ready to go take down the final boss of the game.

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