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You'll flip for these Flippers

This is why you should never check out books from the Library.

I know the title might sound odd, but just trust me on this one. Use the Ocarina of Wind, and you'll see all of the places you can warp too. There will be a place in Lake Hylia that you can warp to, even though you never quite activated the wind crest there. Don't worry about it, just go there. Once there, use the stump to become Minish sized, and then go into the little house that's there. Inside, you need to talk to the Minish in there. He tell you that you need to go to the Library in Hyrule Town to speak to Elder Librari, because he knows how to get to the Temple of Droplets. Head back to Hyrule Town through whatever means you see fit, and the Library is located in the North-west part of the town. Go up the stairs to the second floor, and go through the door to get to the rooftop. Use the Cane of Pacci that clearly wasn't forgotten to flip the little jar there, then use it as a Minish Portal before re-entering the library through the small hole next to the door you just came out of. Walk over to the top left part of the second floor, and talk to the Minish there. He says that because some books were checked out, the way to the Minish Elder is not accessable. Return to normal size, and go speak to the librarian on the first floor. She decides that you can go collect the books starting with A Hyrulean Bestiary, which was checked out by “a girl with a cat.” GEE. WHAT A DESCRIPTION! That narrows it down to...the blue roofed house at the southeast corner of Hyrule Town. Lucky you have this guide to help.

Book Number One? Consider it done.

When you enter the house, Ezlo will point out that the book is on top of the bookshelf. Well, I would think that's where a book belongs...on a bookshelf. Thank's Ezlo for finding that very elusive book. Anyhow, go next door to the other house on the left, and speak with the girl who originally checked out the book in the first place. She says that you can take it back for her. Well wasn't that the whole idea in the first place? Exit the house for now, and head left. Fill you bottle up with some water from the stream, then go back into the house with the girl in it. Use the bottle on the fire in the fire place, and then use the Minish Portal there to shrink down to Minish size. Go into the fireplace. Crazy, yes, but then it takes you to a small bridge. Go across the bridge and into the blue house. Once there, push the book off of the bookshelf and onto the floor. Go back, return to normal size, collect the book, and return it to the Library. Once you've returned the book, and she lets you know that the second book is called Legend of the Picori, and it was checked out by “an absentminded scholar.” Once again, it's narrowed down to just about anyone, especially the house with the blue roof in the south-west corner of Hyrule Town.

Book number two is long overdue.

To first get to the proper house, you need to speak to the dog at the bottom of the steps in the south-west corner of Hyrule. To do this, go to the Cafe that's in town, shrink down to Minish size using the portal there, cross the bridge, and just press 'A' when you're at the dog. After that, return to normal size, and use the steps to enter the house with the second book as a normal human. Dr. Left will tell you that he knows the book is in his house, he just doesn't quite know where. You'll have to use his fireplace, so you better get some water and put out the fire. Go up the steps to the carpenters house, and then use the Minish Portal there to shrink down to Minish size. Enter Dr. Left's house through his chimney, and go into the Minish hole near the right side of the house. Inside, he'll give you a clue as to how to get the book back. His exact words are, "Cross the bridge that spans the rapid flow...Through the land of the fearsome beast...Until you reach the misty falls...The treasure sleeps on the other side of the secret entrance there..." What this means is that you need to exit Dr. Left's house first. Go back up through the fire place, and a bit north into a yellow roofed house through the Minish hole there.

Then, exit to the back of the house, and walk around to the right side of it. You'll see a little plank spanning the little waterfall. Well, it seems little, but to a Minish it's actually a bridge spanning a rapid flow. Next, you'll have to get through the land of the small fearsome, but cute, cats. Down the little vine, around the water fountain, and into the little hole there. According to the one Minish, the treasure should be just inside. Go right a screen, and use the Cane of Pacci on the little hole to go up a level. Head up and then defeat the four Mulldozers. A chest will appear containing the power bracelets! Now what you need to do, is go back to Dr. Left's house. Once there, on the ground floor, push the cabinet on the left more to the left so it touched the edge of the fireplace. Then, push the other cabinet towards it. Then, climb up, and go into the little hole there. Up at the top, the book is the green one teetering on the edge on the right side. Your weight combined with the one Minish's weight isn't enough to make it fall, you need another you. Go to the dust on the bottom left part of the boards, and use the Gust-Jar to clear away the dust revealing colour-pads. Make a copy of yourself and then stand on the book. Apparently your copy has a weight to it, because now it's enough to make the book fall. Return to normal size, collect the book, and bring it back to the Librarian. The final book is A History of Masks, which was checked out by Mayor Hagen. Finally a specific place as to where the book will be, right? You wish.

Book number three is not as easy.

The Mayor's house is just to the right of the large bell in the center of town. If you speak to Mayor Hagen, he doesn't really know that much about the missing book. Maybe the Minish in that hole up there know? Use the Pegasus Boots to ram into the walls to knock the masks off of the walls. After that, use the Cane of Pacci on the jar to turn it into a Minish Portal. Use it, and enter the Minish hole. He'll tell you that the Mayor had the book in hand when going to his lake house, but not so much returning. He marks the lake house on your map, which is where you need to go to get the book. From here, head to Lon Lon Ranch, and go to the south-east part of it to get to Lake Hylia. From here, go south a little to get to the Minish Woods. If you continue down a little, you should find a little sign, and almost a doorway that's closed. You can use the Mole Mitts to actually dig the door down, allowing you to enter.

Once in, work your way to the ladder which will be closer to the right side. Climb up, and you'll see the Mayor's Lake house just to the right. Instead of entering through the front door, go around to the back of the house, and you'll notice a suspicious looking tree. What is this tree hiding? Ram it with the Pegasus Boots to find out. Use the Minish Portal you find there to enter the house from the secret rear entrance. You'll have to use the Gust Jar to work the lily-pad, but I'm sure you're no stranger to this anymore. Once inside the house, use the moving leaves to get across the little section of water there. Then, you see the shelf with the pots and such in it? I think it would look nicer a tad to the right. Once you have moved it, climb up the little ladder there, and push the book off of the fireplace. Good thing he didn't put the book in the fireplace. Anyhow, backtrack to the Minish Portal, return to your regular size, enter the house, and collect the book. Then, return to the Library in Hyrule Town. When you return the book, Sturgeon will come and transport the books via his head back to their original location. Now we need to go see this Elder Librari and find out how to get into the Temple of Droplets.

Look out below!

You'll have to use the Minish Portal outside to shrink down and go the the library shelf you did before. This time, since all the books are there, you'll be able to follow the very linear path to get to the Elder. Once you do get to him and speak to him, he'll understand what you want, so he decides to send you to the dungeon through his trap door in a book. In here, push the blocks at the bottom left and head down a screen. Use the Gust Jar to grab the mushroom and fly across the water, then head up a door. In here are some neat enemies called Scissors Beetles. Remember how you were told to never run with scissors? This is why. You have to hit them on their side or backside with your sword to defeat them. Once you do, a large chest will appear with a new item, the flippers! These flippers are always ready for action, so you don't need to equip them. Just hop into the water to the left of you, and swim south until you can get outside. Once there, you'll be near the library, so you really should use the portal there to return to your normal size, because it's time to go to the Temple of Droplets. To get there, go to Lake Hylia, and swim out to it. It's the little ice thing with a crack in it. Stand on top, and press 'R' to enter it. Welcome to the Temple of Droplets.

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