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Welcome to the Cave of Flames

Where are the flames in this cave?

Once here in the cave, head right a room. Then, get the north-most wall to explode either with bombs, or with the enemies in the room. You can use the enemies as bombs by hitting them twice with your sword. The problem is, if you hit them once, they'll start running around, so it's a bit more difficult to hit them a second time. Whether you use the enemies or not, proceed through the hole in the wall. In this room, use your shield to flip the enemies over, and then you can hit them with your sword. Get the compass that appears, and then proceed through the door on the left. You can pickup the rupees if you want, but don't be greedy! Head down the stairs. Down here, follow the path left, and defeat the little bombs before you climb the stairs. From here, go to the south-right part of the room, and head through a passage. Make your way to the mine-cart and then hop on for a ride. After that, go left and use a bomb to blow up the little doorway on the left side. In this room, you have to defeat the enemies in order for a Make-You-Minish entrance to appear. Once you are Minish, make your way right through the little entrance. Keep going right until you can't go right anymore, and then go down.

There are the flames!

Jump off the ledge here, and then use the stone to become regular sized. As you can clearly see, there are now flames in this room. You can get rid of them simply by slashing at them with your sword, because sword beats fire. In the higher floor of the room, there's a chest with the map in it. Open it, then go back to where the Minish Portal is. What you have to do, is walk across those platforms quickly. Step on the switch that you see, and then make your way to the door that opened. You'll have to use the gust jar to clear the pots on the little platform, or you can fall and learn your lesson the first time. Go through the door to a moving lava platform. Wait until it comes over to you to get on it, because you can't just swim in lava. There's also some little slug creatures and when you hit them, they roll into a ball. It's convenient because there are little holes in the ground. See where this is heading? Anyhow, make your way up the steps, and use the whirlwinds to get to the top right part of the room. Step on a switch to open a door, but before you go in, move one of the little blocks out of the way, then push the chest over into the hole to gain access to it, and also receive a small key. After that, enter through the door. Once here, go to the right to backtrack to the mine-cart that you came from. Hop in it to get into a room with a locked door. Use the key on the door to enter.

Playing with train-tracks is in your blood

In this room, walk left across some tracks to a lever. Slash the lever with your sword, which will allow you to access a different area with your mine-cart. Go back to the mine-cart, hop in, and once at your destination, get out, and go left and up. Walk across the tracks on the right side of the room you've entered, and continue north two screens. There's a ledge you can jump off, so go ahead and jump. Welcome to the mini-boss. Bet you didn't see that one coming because this section wasn't titled “Mini-boss here!” or something like that, huh? Anyhow, just hit the grey chuchus with your sword. (Their name is pretty ironic being in a place with mine-carts that are pretty close to trains...just sayin'.) Once you have defeated them, open the chest to get the Cane of Pacci. Use the door on the left to exit this room. In the room, there are two platforms, but one platform is the wrong side. While on the first platform, use the Cane of Pacci to flip the other one over. Once on the other side, you'll notice a locked door and a hole. Use a small key---oh wait, you don't have one yet. Well, you could just try the Cane of Pacci on that hole there?

Afterwards, hop in the hole and watch as you're launched up a floor. Up here, you'll be able to step on a switch to activate the blue portal in case you die, and then also go in a door. You've been here before, but now with your Cane, you can flip the mine-cart over. Once you do, take it to where there's a treasure chest that you have to push into a hole to get a small key. Once you get the key, work your way back to where the locked door was, and then open it and go through it and down the stairs. In the room, there will be a Minish Portal stone. Use it and make your way left past the little traps, and into the small hole. Get through the maze here, and grow back to normal at the Minish Portal. Then, go to the mine-cart, use the cane to flip it over, and then take it to a previous room. Once here, hit the switch to change the direction of the tracks and then ride the cart again. In this room, there are four little holes, and four little roly poly things. Put them in their places, and then drag the switch out and into the hole at the top of the room. Hit it and the bars will fall. Use the staircase to go up a floor, and then go north more. Jump off of the ledge here, and you can open the chests, but they're not important to the dungeon. Whatever you choose, go right a screen once you're done.

Time to get the key of flames

Use the Cane of Pacci to flip over any stones as you see fit. First thing you need to do, is work your way to the spot just to the right of the treasure chest, and then go to the top right portion of the screen. Go north through the door and up some stairs. Jump into one hole, and then use the cane on the hole just above this one. Jump into the little pit, and use the cane on the hole below the whirlwind. Jump into the whirlwind, and go north. Once on land, go right, and use the whirlwind here to get across the gap. Continue heading left and then down. Now you're back in the lava room. Use the whirlwinds to first reach the south-right part of the room, and then continue to get to the left end of the room, and then eventually getting to the big chest. Once there, open it, take the key, jump to the space behind the key, step on the switch to activate the red portal, and then use the little lava platform to get to the boss door.


If you need some hearts, use the pots. After than fall down the little hole in the middle of the room. Welcome to the boss fight. The bosses name is Gleerok. As you can see, he has a rock on his back. That, and he spits fire. You basically have to keep moving to avoid the fire. The way to do some damage is to use the Cane of Pacci to flip the spiky rock on his back into him. Upon doing this, he will be stunned, and his head will fall. When it does, you have to run up it, and slash the little gem on his back. Boulders will fall from the ceiling, so just avoid the shadows. Overall, move and attack. If the room starts filling with lava, just move to the edge. Sooner or later, he will shoot full waves of fire. It's best not to be caught in that, but if you are, then try slashing with your sword, or just roll away. Keep flipping his shell and keep attacking his gem. Sooner or later he has to die. Once he has passed on, he leaves you two gifts in his will. A heart container and the Fire Element. Once you collect them, go into the portal and out of the dungeon.

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