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Climbing Mt. Crenel

Leaving the Minish Woods

The first thing you have to do once you leave Deepwood shrine, is to go back to the Minish Village, then go back to the house of the Village Elder and speak to him. He'll tell you that next you have to go to a mountain. Mt. Crenel. Apparently there's a smith there (not Matt Smith), who can help you to fix your sword. The Village Id—Elder open the curtain on the left side of his house or you to exit. There's a stump nearby, but before you go to use it, go into the little redish house. Inside is a Minish who will give you a bomb bag. The, you can use the stump. Once over the little puddle of water, there's this grave-stone looking thing. Walk up to it and press A. It explodes! What's more fun than an exploding grave-stone? Anyhow, then use the bridge on your left to progress. You'll have to head south, and there are some rocks in the way. If only you had some...wait, you do have some bombs! Let's try them out. Blow up the rocks, and then go exit the Minish Woods.

Back to the Fut--town of Hyrule

The easiest way to get to where you need to go, is just head north a few screens, and up some stairs. From there, just keep making your way north to the town of Hyrule. Once here, you'll see this guy with a musical box leading his tribe of children along with him. He'll give you a bag made for holding Kinstones. Kinstones are these little half-circle coin things that can give you access to little goodies, and at some points, they're necessary to advance. You can fuse them, which means you can join your half-circle with other peoples half-circles. The most important thing you need to do here, is go to the little wooden place just to the left. Inside is Swiftblade who will teach you the spin attack. Once you learn the spin attack, go back to the center of town, north up the steps, then to the left where there will be a guard. Talk to him and he'll say you can't pass unless you know the spin attack. Well, you just learned how to do one, so perform it for him to advance.

Big Trilby Highlands

In the south-west pat of the map, between some trees, is a ladder. If you climb down it, there are some neat colour changing pads that you can't use yet. Instead, bomb that wall on the right side between the two torches there that you might've missed. I'll admit, it took me forever to find that wall once, and I was replaying the game. Inside is a business scrub, who will sell you a bottle for 20 rupees. You absolutely need this bottle, so if you don't have 20 rupees, go attack some grass or something. Once you've bought the bottle, go back up the ladder, and then travel through to the left to reach the Mt. Crenel Base.

The Basement of Mr. Crenel

The first thing you'll notice is a bombable wall. Ignore it. Go to the little watery area at the bottom part of this screen, fill up your bottle with water, then pour it on the little seedling. Instantly it will start to grow. Once it has grown, climb up it. Go around the place all the way to the south left part of the screen, where then you have to head right. You'll see a little sign, and a little gap between some wooden sticks. Place a bomb in the gap, and then poof! You'll have a way to go. Go inside, and climb up the ladder. Up on the top of this little platform, you'll need to use a bomb on a rock to make a path for the soon to be Minish you. Then, hop on the little stone with the crack in the middle, and become minish sized. Then, travel through the path you had opened up before, go between the little canyon of rocks all the way to a little base of green pool.

Get some of the green Mt. Crenel Mineral water in your bottle, and return to being normal sized. I don't know about you, but the last bottled mineral water I had didn't look like that. Anyhow, jump off the ledge to the left, and keep going left. There will be a little crumbled wall that you'll need to explode to proceed. Inside is a mushroom to get you over a pit. Climb up the stairs, and then exit on the right. You'll see a little tornado. Hop in it. Now that you're in aerial attack mode, use the D-Pad to fly over to the ledge with the whirlwind on the left. You can use the shadow on the ground coupled with the almost paved path to aid you in your flight. Once you land, go left and climb the ladder that you'll find. Up here, you'll find some dust. Clear it with your gust jar, and then use the minish pad you found to turn into a minish. In the north-eft area, you'll find a green bean seedling. Go into the little canyon, and then pick up the bean. Walk out, and walk over to the little area just to the right to place it. Once you've place it, grow back to full size, and then water the bean. Climb on up.

Getting to the Wall

If you go right, just to your north, there will be a bridge leading to what appears to be a dead end wall. If you try a bomb, then it won't appear to be a dead end. Enter the exploded entrance you just made, and go up the stairs. Up here, you have to place a bomb or two to explode the two cracked bricks. (If you place a bomb dead center, it should explode both bricks.) Then, push the first brick either to the right or the left, and then push the other brick forward. Exit the cave. Use the little tornado whirlwinds to get across this gap, and once across, climb the ladder that's just in front of you. Go to the right, and there will be a little crumbled wall that you can blow up. Need I saw more? Once you've entered the cave, use your shield to “defeat” the business scrub who will sell you a grip ring for 40 rupees. Trust me, you need that grip ring. Once you have that grip ring, go back down the ladder you came up before, then jump off the ledge on the left. Before you stands the Mt. Crenel wall.

Time to Climb to Melari's Mines

Climbing is fairly straight-forwards...or straight upwards. All you have to do, is climb up and avoid the falling boulders. Seems easy enough, right? Once you reach the top, to the right is a mushroom. Just grab onto it, pull back, and fly over the gap. Be sure not to look down! Once across it starts raining. Just hop on the little stone, and become Minish sized. Take the path that'll be near the bottom of the screen, and make your way out to the other end. While walking, you'll encounter a whole different type of boulder. Anyhow, once through, turn back into full size. Walk over to the little circular stone, and push it into the hole. There's another little stone at the far right side of the map, so that way you'll be able to access the ladder. Go to the far right on the area you had to be Minish to access before, and push the stone all the way around, across where the first stone now lays, and then into the hole in front of the third boulder. Push the third one out of the way, and climb down the ladder.

The first thing you'll encounter besides the enemies, is a series a blocks. Just start pushing them as you please, because they're programmed so that you shouldn't mess up no matter what, but if you do find a way to mess up, then either climb back up then down the ladder, or, just give up. Once you make it to the exit of the cave, there will be another entrance just to the right. Go in, and before you jump the gun and grab the mushroom, use the Gust Jar to pull the pots out of the way, otherwise you'll hit them and fall into the gap. Go down the set of stairs, and in the next room, there's a ledge followed by a switch on the other side of the gap. Throw a bomb to the switch, and then walk across the bridge, and exit the cave.

Once outside of this cave, go to the left and in that cave. In here, is a slightly more complicated pushing puzzle. The way to get the stone in the hole is to push it down one space, left two spaces, down two more spaces, left three spaces, up a space, left a space, up a space, and finally left into the hole. Push the statue just up and out of your way, then walk down the steps. Down here, there are some blocks, so just move them aside to get out of the cave. Once out, use the stone to become Minish sized. Walk towards the left top side, and soon, you'll be able to enter Melari's Mines

The Final Push to the Cave of Flames

Once inside Melari's Mines, just work your way to the bottom floor to go speak to Melari. Once you reach him, he'll take the broken Picori Blade, and then tell you that you have access to go get the next element. He gets to work on reforging the blade, and that just leaves you to go get the Fire Element. Go to the left side of the mine, and speak with the minish in front of the doorway. He'll let you pass, giving you access to leave. Once outside, use the stone to return to full size. You should have noticed another one of those grave-stone looking things. Go up to it and again press 'A'. After that, go up the little ladder and finally into the Cave of Flames.

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