Part 3: Windfall Island

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Finding the Sail

From the King of Red Lions you need to go into the town through the entrance near the red Postbox. Follow the trail until you find the guy in the large coat - similar to an Eskimo. Now head back out of the town taking the same path you came; however, hug the wall to the right and you will see a guy in front of a tombstone. There will be a door behind him that you need to enter.

After entering the door you will find that it is the jail of the town. Speak with Tingle - the guy in the green clothing - and he will ask for your help. Simply jump on the switch that is behind the pots near the torch to unlock the cell door. Tingle will give you the Tingle Bottle and Tingle's Chart.

Acquiring the Picto Box

One Tingle leaves the cell you should enter and push the crate over revealing a small entrance into the wall. Simply crouch and enter the tunnel. Follow the tunnel in these directions: left, right, right, right, straight, straight, straight, right, straight, straight, straight, right, and then you should exit the tunnel and find a chest containing the Picto Box.

Now you need to go back to the guy in the large coat and talk with him. Agree to buy the item - it costs 80 rupees so be sure to save up – and you will receive the boat's sail that the King of Red Lions asked you to fetch. Travel back to the boat - King of Red Lions - and he will offer to teach you the art of sailing.

Traveling to Dragon Roost Island

Set sail and be sure to go directly east - the direction the arrow behind the boat is facing. If you look on the map - the Sea Chart - you will see that you need to traverse across a couple squares to the next location. After reaching the location - Dragon Roost Island - King of Red Lions will give you the Wind Waker.

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