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Finding Link's Lost Sword

Once you are able to control Link go up the stairs. Grab one of the barrels and continue up the stairs - making sure to stop when the spot lights shine on you - until you come to the area where you can either go inside the door or continue towards a ladder near the spotlight. Take the ladder and now you will be face against a foe even though you are unarmed. Break the pot contained sticks and pick one up in order to defeat the enemy. After winning - the spotlight becomes disabled from spying on you.

Go back down the ladder and make your way to the small hallway at the top of the stairs. Take the door to the right of you. You should see a chest on a ledge opposite of you. Use the rope to get to it. The chest contains the Dungeon Map. Now fall down to the floor and break a few of the barrels that are bunched together - there will be a switch behind them. Press the switch to open the cell. The chest contains a Heart Piece.


Exit the cell and grab the barrel at the start of the hallway containing several guards. Sneak pass the guards and go through the door. In this room will be a ladder you can climb up to some ledges. Once you make it to the top you will find a rope in the middle with a chest on one of the sides. The chest contains the Compass - get it or not as it is not required. Go through the door that is located on the opposite ledge as the chest.

Follow the small hallway-like path until you can exit to the right - if you went through the other door you went too far. Take the path leading up and climb the first ladder you come to as the other cannot be reached at this moment. Defeat the enemy controlling the spotlight the same way as before and then go back down the path. Now go through the door on the right - the opposite of which you came out.

Last Spotlight Guard

In this room you must jump across the rope and then exit through the door. Continue down the path and through the door. In this room will be a rope - do not jump across it - and a door on the same ledge as you. Go through the door and take the first left to find a ladder. Climb up the ladder and defeat the last guard controlling a spotlight.

Jump down to the center of the area where the spotlights used to shine. Go through the big wooden doors. Turn left and pick up a barrel so you can sneak pass the guards. Continue down this path and go through the door. This room contains a large ship hanging in the middle - make your way around it and grab another barrel. Sneak pass the guard and go through the door.

This room contains a guardian sentinel that will shoot lasers at you if you get close enough. A chest on one of the beds contains 10 rupees; however, you should climb up the ladder to the left of the chest. Now climb up the short ladder to reach the top ledge. Jump across the rope and go through the door.

After exiting the door you should see a crate - this is how you know you are in the right spot. Travel pass the crate and enter the next door. You should now be on the second floor of the room with the wooden boat hanging in the middle. Grab the barrel in front of you and sneak pass the guards towards the door that is atop a small set of stairs.

Link's Lost Sword Final Stretch

Once you go through the door you will find another set of stairs. Follow them to the top and grab the barrel. Sneak pass the guard and take the path to the left. After making it to the broken part of the path you must Sidle against the wall to make it to the other side. Once you have made it to the other side you will have to Sidle across a longer path.

Go up the stairs and you will find an enemy along with the Hero's Sword. Defeat the enemy to unlock the big wooden door. Inside this room will be a cell holding various girls - one being Link's sister Aryll. After the cutscene that ensues Link will awaken on King of Red Lions located at Windfall Island.

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