Part 6: Forest Haven

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Heading to the Forest Haven

Climb on the King of Red Lions and set sail south towards the next pearl. Once you get to F5 on the Sea Chart there should be a wooden submarine. Go inside the submarine and defeat all of the enemies to make a chest appear containing an empty bottle. Exit the submarine and set sail south again towards Forest Haven. Once you get close enough King of Red Lions will automatically finish the rest of the trip.

Once on the island you should see Beedle's Ship - go inside of it and purchase the Bait Bag for 20 rupees as it will be needed later in the game. Another thing to purchase will be several Hyoi Pear as they will also be needed later in the game. Afterwards simply exit the ship and jump back onto the island.

Follow the trail up to the top of the waterfall. Swing across to the small patch of land at the top of the waterfall and then jump across the platforms until you get to another gap to swing across. Simply swing across and then enter the Forest Haven. Walk around until you find a giant lily pad in front of the Deku Tree - the giant tree in the center of the room.

Getting the Deku Leaf

Once climbing onto the lily pad several Chuchus will spawn on the Deku Tree. Simply roll into the tree to knock them off and then use the sword to defeat all of them. Upon doing so the Deku Tree will speak to Link and spawn a Leaf on one of the branches. Travel to the left of the Deku Tree and find the Baba bud - the flower that will shoot Link into the air.

Use the Baba bud to shoot into the next one in front of you - now repeat until you land on the patch of leaves. Link must now use the Grappling Hook to swing across and land inside the next Baba bud. Once in the next Baba bud simply continue going from one to the other until you reach the patch of leaves at the top. Now run over and grab the left - the Deku Leaf - and equip it.

Onward to the Forbidden Woods

Now use the Deku Leaf to float over to the ledge with the arrow made out of grass. Speak with the Korok and exit through the passage way after refilling your magic meter by cutting the grass. Once in the next area go to the farthest point near the Korok and play the Wind's Requiem to change the wind direction to southwest.

Now use the Deku Leaf to float to the landmass with the whirlwind circling it. Once you land change the wind direction to northwest and use the whirlwind to propel Link high into the sky so you can float across to the next landmass - the Forbidden Woods.

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