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Travel using King of Red Lions to the point B4 on the Sea Chart. When you get near - the King of Red Lion will take you into a cutscene at Greatfish Isle. After the cutscene the player must head to Windfall Island before finally traveling to Outset Island in order to meet with Jabun - the sea spirit. Now get back on King of Red Lions and set sail northeast.

Windfall Island

Once reaching Windfall Island you will find the Pirate Ship. Now you need to go to the Bomb Shop in order to find out what the pirates are doing. Link will not be able to go in through the front door so simply sneak around the left side and use the Deku Leaf and float across the small gap. Now climb up the vines on the back of the Bomb Shop and crawl into the small passage way.

As you come out inside the Bomb Shop a custscene will ensue with the pirates. Near the end of the cutscene one of the pirates will tell the other the password for the pirate ship. Remember it and be mindful that it is also case sensitive.

Taking the Pirates Stolen Bombs

Now make your way onto the pirate ship and type in the password for the person guarding the door. Enter the ship and go down the stairs to receive another challenge from Niko that is rather similar to the one you already have done except this time there is both a time limit and no platforms.

You need to step on the switch to start the timer. Now jump from Lantern to Lantern in order to meet Niko before the timer runs out. After speaking with Niko simply open the chest to get the Bombs that the pirates took from the Bomb Shop. Now head back to King of Red Lions and set sail for Outset Island.

Outset Island

After getting to Outset Island go speak with Link's Grandma. Now head back to King of Red Lions and sail around to the other side of the island. You will find a whirlpool that will start pulling in the King of Red Lions. The player must now shoot the newly acquired Bombs with the cannon at the discolored portion of the island in order to break down the seal.

This will open up a passage way. Upon entering, King of Red Lions will speak with Jabun. After the end of the cutscene - Link will receive Nayru's Pearl and learn that he must now place each of them onto three islands marked on the Sea Chart.

Placing the Pearls on the Three Islands

Travel to the small island located at D5 to set Nayru's Pearl in the small statue. Now head to D3 in order to set Din's Pearl and then sail to F4 in order to set Farore's Pearl. After placing all three pearls on the island a cutscene will ensue showing off the next portion of the game - the Tower of the Gods.

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