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After entering Dragon Roost Cavern you need to grab the block on the left and pull it towards you. Now run around and pull the center block behind the one you just moved. Link can now enter the next room. Kill the enemies in this room and grab one of the sticks they have dropped. Use it to light the two torches near the locked door – making a chest appear containing a small key.

Now go through the locked door and use your sword to cut a passage way through the wooden planks blocking the path. Follow the trail to the left and jump across the broken areas. You will come to a spot that is too far to jump - simply grab the block inside the wall and pull it out. Now jump on the block and across to the other side.

Getting the Dungeon Map

Continue down the trail and run across the draw bridges. Pick up one of the bomb flowers and use it to blow up the giant rock - unlocking a door behind it. Enter the door to find a room filled with lava in the center. Pick up one of the Water Jugs and throw it in the lava in front of the chest on the left side of the room. Now jump across the newly formed platform to reach the chest - containing the Dungeon Map.

Now use one of the water jugs to make it to the ladder across the room from where you entered. Go into the door and you will find an area full of blocked passage ways. Go near the one in front of the door and an enemy will jump out. Defeat him and then pick up his sword. Use it to cut through the wood planks blocking the passage forward.

Go through the passage and take the route left - there will be some torches near a chest hidden behind some wooden planks. Simply use the sword from before to break through the wooden planks. The chest contains a small key. Now jump back down from the chest and take the other route. This will lead you back to the open area full of lava. You will notice a giant rock blocking your path along with 2 bomb flowers growing on the wall near it.

Throw one of the pots and hit the bomb flower - this will cause it to explode and break the giant rock. Continue down the path to find the entrance to the dungeon with a locked door near it. Use the key to go through the locked door. Continue down the path - ignoring the route right - and take out the red Chuchus. Defeat the enemy hiding behind the wood planks to the left.

Pick up his stick and light it on fire using on the torches near the door. Now use the fire from the stick to burn the remaining wooden planks revealing a switch. Jump on the switch to unlock the door and continue through the newly unlocked door. Once outside - travel across the draw bridge and climb up the ladder making sure to not get hit by the lava that spews from the mountain.

Kill the bird and then Sidle along the edge of the mountain to make it pass the lava spewing from the mountain. Run around the giant rock and climb up the ledge - making sure that Link does not stand on it but remains hanging. Travel left and then climb onto the ledge and up the remaining ledges to find a bomb flower. Pick it up and throw it at the giant rock to blow it up revealing a door.

Getting the Compass

Once inside the door you will find a lot of block stacked on top of one another. You need to pull the left and center ones out and then climb up the blocks. In this room you need to pull the block out from the wall and climb up. Open the chest near the torch for the Compass. Now smash the pot holding the sticks. Use the torch to light the stick and then throw it across the room igniting the wooden planks.

Jump down and climb up the ladder to find a chest containing a Small Key. Use the key to unlock and go through the door on the opposite side of the room. After going through the door you need to travel up the path and there will be another locked door. Look around to find the bird and get the key from the nest. Go inside the door and smash the pot containing the sticks. Light the stick with the torch and run down the path.

Light the unlit torch and then open the small chest - containing a Joy Pendant. Now use the torch to light the stick and burn the wooden planks. Run down the new passage and light the two unlit torches to unlock the door. In the next room use the bomb flower to blow up the small rock on top of the cauldron. Now run across the draw bridge and enter the next room.

Link has to defeat all of the enemies in this room before he will be allowed to exit. If you are unable to find all of the enemies be sure to smash all of the pots as several enemies will be hiding inside them. Once finished the doors will unlocked again but do not exit the room just yet. Use one of the stick from the pots to ignite the unlit torch in the room. Open the chest that appears to get a Treasure Chart.

Now climb up the ladder and exit through the door. In this room you need to use one of the water jugs and throw it at the creature in the middle. Once it balls up you need to jump across and use the sword to kill it. Pick up another water jug - jump across to the platform where the creature was and throw the water jug into the lava where the lava spout is located.

Getting the Grappling Hook

Jump on the newly formed platform and wait for the lava to lift Link to the next floor. Jump across to side of the room and make your way through the door. Now use the bomb flower to blow up all the giant rocks. Exit through the newly unhidden door and travel right up the path making sure to roll as the stairs will collapse behind you. Once at the top Link will see Medli locked inside a cell. Defeat all of the enemies to free Medli.

After speaking with Medli you will acquire the Grappling Hook. Use the Grappling Hook to swing across the small gap and continue down the path by swinging across the gaps. Use the sword to break the wooden planks and jump down. Look around to find more small gaps you can swing across on your left. After swinging across all the gaps you need to enter the door.

Defeat all of the enemies in this room - one will be hiding inside a pot - to make a chest appear. Now cut all the ropes holding up the draw bridge and run across it to make it fall. Open the chest containing a Joy Pendant and exit through the door. Turn right to find a cage with a hanging platform inside it. Use a Spin Attack to make the platform fall down into the lava below.

Jump from the platform to get to the next room. Now jump across the hanging platforms to get to the ladder. Upon climbing up the ladder you will find a locked door along with a spot where you can use the Grappling Hook. Swing using the Grappling Hook to pull a switch that will unlock the door. Go inside and get ready to use the Grappling Hook some more.

Now swing across to the ledge in the middle of the room where you can see more hanging platforms. Jump across the three platforms and swing across the small gap to the door. Once in the next room you will find a chest surrounded by flames along with a switch. Use your sword to make one of the creatures ball up and then pick them up and place them on the switch - making the flames disappear from the chest that contains the Big Key.

Getting to the Boss

Exit the room and swing across to the platforms. Jump across them and then swing across to the door. Once here you need to turn left and go down the ladder and jump across the platforms. Now get onto the platform that is floating in the lava and wait to be shot back up. Jump off the platform and enter the door. Kill the fire bats and use one of the water jugs to create a platform on the lava pillar.

Wait until the lava shoots you up and then jump off the platform. Enter the closest door and get ready to swing across the gaps. After swinging across the gaps you will come to a door that you need to enter. Swing across the gap and you will find two chests - the one on the left containing a Yellow Rupee with the one of the right containing a Knight's Crest. Now enter the boss door using the big key.

Boss of Dragon Roost Cavern: Gohma

In order to defeat Gohma you need to use the Grappling Hook to swing from Valoo's tail hanging from the center of the room to make a chunk of rock fall onto Gohma. After doing such 3 times Gohma's shell will break. Now use the Grappling Hook on Gohma’s eye to pull it near Link. Attack the eye with the sword and repeat several times to defeat Gohma - boss of Dragon Roost Cavern. Grab the Heart Container and enter the portal in the center of the room.

Once you have defeated Gohma, Link will be transported back to the bottom of Dragon Roost Island. After the cutscene Prince Komali will give you Din's Pearl. Now look around to find King of Red Lions - speak with him and learn that you need to make the wind blow south. Play the Wind's Requiem and change the wind direction to south.

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