Part 5: Tower of Hera

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Tower of Hera

Once inside the Tower of Hera the player must use the Hammer to pound the red springs. Hit the switch and then go to the east – hit the switch and now travel to the north. Pound the spring near the northwest corner and stand on the spring to fly onto the ledge. Merge with the north wall and travel outside the window. Pop off the wall and get the chest containing a Purple Rupee.

Travel back inside the window and keep going across until you come to the ledge on the west wall. Pop off and travel south towards the entrance. There will be some moving spikes. Now merge with the south wall and travel across the small gap making sure to dodge both of the moving spikes. Go to the north to find more springs. Use them to get onto the ledge with the single big spring.

Getting the Compass

Use the big spring to jump onto the wire walkway above. Now fall down the center onto the chest, which contains the compass. Use the spring to bounce back up and then bounce using the spring on the west wall to continue upwards. Merge with either blue wall and travel across to the switch. Hit the switch and then stand on the blue floor tile and hit the switch once more.

Travel across the blue wall towards the center of the room to get the small key. Now use the key to enter the locked door to the east. Once going through the door you will need to get aboard one of the moving platforms. Ride it around the tower – being sure to merge will any obstacles and travel around – until you come across a ledge higher up with a platform that is going up and down.

Merge with the ledge and travel around to the platform. Ride it upwards – now travel around and pop off on the ledge. Enter the door and then kill all of the enemies. Hit the switch and bounce up to the next ledge. Hit the switch and then stand on the red tile. Now hit the switch and walk over to the chest, which contains a Blue Rupee.

Now get onto the blue wall using the switch. Merge and go outside through the window. Pop off and get onto one of the platforms. Travel around making sure to dodge all of the obstacles until you come across another platform that goes up and down. Merge onto it and travel upwards. Pop off onto the ledge and go through the door.

Attack of the Skeletons

Kill all of the Skeletons – the Hammer will stun them – and go up using the new moving platform in the room. Once on the next level you need to hit the switch north and then continue north. Use the Hammer on the cracked floor and fall down to find a chest that contains monster guts. Bounce back up and head towards the northwest corner using the switches.

Use the Hammer on the cracked floor and fall down to get a small key. Bounce back up and use the key to go through the door on the west wall. Now get on the platform with the spring. Once it reaches near the corner be sure to pound it. Stand on it and if the timing was correct – Link will be flung onto the next platform up.

Use the platform – the chest you can reach holds a Silver Rupee – just like before to time the spring just right in order to reach the next platform. Go through the door and prepare to dodge flying floor tiles. Once all of the floor is finished flying towards Link a platform will emerge. Underneath the platform are fairies and a chest that holds a Purple Rupee.

Getting the Big Key

Use the platform to go up another level. Now kill off all of the Blue creatures and hit all of the switches that reside against each wall. Use the spring that has lowered to bounce up to the next level. On this level will be two springs that are on a combined platform. Use the one on the east to reach the big chest that contains the Big Key.

Now use the opposite spring to reach the boss door. Use the Big Key to enter the boss door and continue going upward using the springs. Near the top will be some hearts and some moving spikes. Grab some hearts if needed and then bounce up to the next level.

Tower of Hera Boss: Moldorm

In order to defeat Moldorm you need to attack its tail. After each successful attack the Moldorm will speed up. Simply stays out of the way and keep attacking the tail. After several successful attacks without falling off – the Moldorm will be defeated. Now grab the Heart Container and the Pendant of Power.

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