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The A Link Between Worlds bosses are very interesting and this A Link Between Worlds boss guide will help you overcome each and every one of them. The bosses from A Link Between Worlds share some similarities to the A Link to the Past bosses; however, many of them have unique differences.

A Link Between Worlds Boss Guide

Eastern Palace Boss: Yuga

Yuga will actually be in a state that Link can fight him this time around deep inside the Eastern Palace. Simply shoot arrows across the center of the room in order to stun him once he emerges from painting form. Now you can either use the sword to attack him or keep shooting arrows. The faster way will probably be using the sword.

Tower of Hera Boss: Moldorm

In order to defeat the defeat the Tower of Hera Boss - Moldorm - you need to attack its tail. After each successful attack the Moldorm will speed up. Simply stay out of the way and keep attacking the tail. After several successful attacks without falling off – the Moldorm will be defeated.

House of Gales Mini-boss

The House of Gales Mini-boss is rather simple. Use the Tornado Rod to stun the creatures as well as put out their flames. Once stunned – Link can use the sword to damage them. Repeat that process several times to defeat them and be sure not to touch the flames they leave on the ground.

House of Gales Boss: Margomill

To defeat the House of Gales boss – simply use the Tornado Rod when it gets near to stun it. Now use the sword to attack the eye at the center of the creature. The boss will now grow taller and Link must use the sword on the new growth to break them off. Once knocked back to original size, use the Tornado Rod once more. Repeat this several times to defeat the House of Gales boss.

Inside Hyrule Castle Boss: Yuga

The battle with Yuga will be similar to the last time – he will merge with the wall except this time there will be three of him. Run around attacking the Yuga's until you find the correct one. This will be the one who does not turn into a guard. Once you find him – be sure to follow his painting around and continue slashing away with the sword. Repeat until Inside Hyrule Castle is defeated.

Thieves' Hideout Mini-boss

The easy way to beat the Thieves' Hideout mini-boss is to stand near the door. Now simply continue attacking using the sword towards the creatures. This will protect Link and damage the foes. Repeat this several times and the mini-boss will be defeated.

Thieves' Hideout Boss: Stalbind

In order to defeat the Thieves' Hideout Boss, first merge with his shield – this will cause him to open his arms. Pop off and attack his back with the sword. He will now spew some foul substance towards Link – dodge it and then go towards him. The boss will swing his sword – dodge it – and then the boss will be wide open. Attack him and then merge with the bosses shield, pop off, and attack his back. Repeat this several times and the boss will eventually start using new attacks.

The boss will toss his shield and come after Link with only a sword. Doge the attacks of the foe and keep attacking him the sword. Repeat a few times and then the boss will detach its head. The head will move around the room spewing forth a foul substance while the body continues attacking with the sword. Simply dodge the attacks and continue attacking with the sword. Repeat until Link wins the fight with the Thieves' Hideout boss.

Dark Palace Boss: Gemesaur King

To start the fight – light the torches in the corners of the room. The Dark Palace Boss will appear. You need to throw bombs at it to damage the armor. After several hits – the armor will break off. Now attack the weak point on its head. After several attacks the creature will become enraged and blow out the torches. Light the torches to make it vulnerable once more and attack the weak point. Repeat this process a couple times until the creature within the Dark Palace is defeated.

Turtle Rock Boss: Grinexx

Start the Turtle Rock Boss fight off by using the Ice Rod to damage the boss when it goes near the corners or center of the room. Keep doing this – being sure to dodge it when it gets angry – and eventually it will jump onto the floor with you. Now simply dodge its attacks and keep attacking the creatures head with the sword. Repeat until the Turtle Rock boss is defeated.

Skull Woods Boss: Knucklemaster

In order to defeat the Skull Woods Boss, attack the palm of the hand that is actually an eye. To do this Link must merge with the wall when the hand goes to punch him. This will stun the hand and allow Link to attack it with his sword. After several times the hand will turn purple. Link must now dodge it when it tries to squash him by merging with the walls or running around the room. Now once the hand tries punching Link – merge and it will hit the wall, stunning it. Attack it with the sword and repeat this several times until the Skull Woods boss is defeated.

Desert Palace Boss: Zaganaga

The Desert Palace boss is an interesting battle. In order to defeat it, raise the sand to get to the platform where the boss appears. Now attack it with the sword or you can alternatively shoot it with arrows. After a few rounds – the boss will begin spawning little creatures that will fly around the area. Just keep attacking it like usual and it will eventually start spewing sand around the room. Simply keep raising the sand to get to it and attacking it with the sword until the Desert Palace boss is defeated.

Ice Ruins Mini-Boss

The Ice Ruins mini-boss is a group of penguins. Simply travel around the room killing the smaller ones first before concentrating on the large one. Once the smaller ones are dead – go after the large one.

Ice Ruins Boss: Dharkstare

The Ice Ruins boss is rather tricky due to the icy environment. To defeat this boss – simply use the Fire Rod in order to melt the ice from it. This will allow Link to damage it. It has a couple attacks that are very beneficial if dodged. Be sure not to stand inside any triangles the boss makes and stay away from the orbs when they glow white; otherwise, just keep melting the ice off and attacking. Repeat this several times to defeat the boss of the Ice Ruins.

Swamp Palace Mini-Boss

The Swamp Palace mini-boss is rather simple to defeat. Simply attack it with the sword while it is not emitting electric shocks or throw the skulls at it. After a few rounds the mini-boss will split into a lot of smaller ones. Just kill them with the sword to defeat the mini-boss.

Swamp Palace Boss: Arrghus

The Swamp Palace boss is rather simple. Use the hookshot to pull the eyes off of it and then attack the eyes with the sword to kill them. Continue doing so until all of the eyes are gone. Now just dodge the bosses attacks and continue hitting it with the sword – an easy way to dodge the lasers is to run around the wall of the room. Repeat until the Swamp Palace boss is defeated.

Lorule Castle Boss: Yuga

Yuga Stage 1

The Lorule Castle boss is Yuga except this time he has merged with Ganon. To defeat Yuga - dodge the attacks and then attack him with the sword. Continue doing such until Yuga is defeated; however, as the fight drags on - Yuga will perform more and more powerful attacks. Near the end - the boss will rapidly appear and then vanish as well as toss its weapon towards Link. Simply attack it once after each of its attacks and continue until defeating the foul beast; however, there will be one final battle afterwards with a more powerful version so try not to take much damage.

Yuga Stage 2

At the start of stage 2 of the Yuga battle simply play tennis with the boss. Once it is hit once - Princess Zelda will give Link the Bow of Light in order to hit Yuga in painting form. Simply merge with the wall behind Yuga and shoot him with the Bow of Light to force him out of painting form. Quickly run over to him and attack Yuga with the Master Sword. Yuga will now start sending lots of attacks from the walls towards Link as well as small flying obstacles. Dodge all of them and shoot him with the Bow of Light once you are able. Now run over and attack him with the Master Sword. Repeat this process several times to defeat Yuga - the Lorule Castle boss.

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