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Our A Link Between Worlds Bottle guide covers the locations of all 5 bottles in the game. The A Link Between Worlds Bottles can hold various items such as bees, fairies, and potions. Each A Link Between Worlds bottle location can be found below.

A Link Between Worlds Bottle Locations

  1. Vacant House - Bomb the back of the Vacant House in Lorule and enter the house. Inside will be a chest that contains the bottle.
  2. Kakariko Village – This empty bottle can be purchased from the Street Merchant for 100 Rupees.
  3. East of Link's House - Travel east of Link's house and jump into the water. Travel back west until you get underneath the small bridge. Talk to the Bird Lover and say you came to chat. The Bird Lover will now give Link the bottle.
  4. Bomb Shop (Lorule) - Use the Big Bomb Flower to blow up the giant boulder northwest of the Bomb Shop. Enter the cave and give the fairy 3,000 rupees.
  5. Death Mountain (Hyrule) - Deliver the Premium Milk to the Climber on Death Mountain after speaking with the Milk-Bar Owner once you have the Letter in the Bottle.

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