Part 3: Eastern Palace

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Eastern Palace

Once inside the Eastern Palace travel down the path to the east and be sure to step on the switch in the corner near the statue. Now go through the newly opened door to find some rupees. Go back to the entrance and then use the Bow to shoot an arrow across the abyss at the switch. Go through the door and then shoot and arrow to the west across to the switch near the small chest.

Travel back through the door and take the route to the west to find the small chest, which contains a Red Rupee.  Go back through the door and continue through the center door once more. Keep going north through the door to find an area with rolling balls. Navigate through the balls and then take the path to the west and then south before entering the door.

Go up the stairs and across the wire walkways to the east. Once you cross east of the rolling balls there will be a blocked door. Simply hit the switch down the small passage to the north to unlock the door. Go through the door to find a moving platform along with a couple switches. Stand on the platform and wait until it goes up.

Once it does – use the Bow to shoot an arrow at the switch to the east and then wait until the platform lowers all the way and shoot the switch to the west. Now quickly run north and open the small chest for a small key. Exit through the door to the west and continue west through the next door.

Getting the Compass

Fight two rounds of enemies that will appear in order to spawn a chest. Now exit to the southwest of this room and go up the stairs. Go through the door to the north to find the chest that contains the compass. Now drop down and go from the north down through the center of the platform you just fell off from in order to reach another switch.

Press the switch to spawn a chest that contains a Red Rupee. Now make your way back to the center room with the rolling balls and enter the locked door to the north atop of the stairs. In this room will be 4 Armos that will have to be activated by press the switch in the center of the room.

Kill all of the Armos and then go through the door to the west. Dodge the balls and press the switch on the northwest side of the room. Stand on it until the stairs fully extend to the south and then quickly run up them. Dodge the next ball and go down the stairs to the south. Press the switch near the bottom of the stairs and wait for them to fully detract.

Run to the corner of the room that was previously under the stairs and press the switch. This will spawn a chest that contains Monster Guts. Now press the switch on the southwest corner of the room to unlock the door south. Head through the door and continue towards the center of the next room to find the Boss Door. Now turn west once standing in front of the door and shoot the switch to activate a moving platform.

Now go down the stairs but go to the east of the room to find another switch on the opposite side of the Boss Door then the switch you just shot. Shoot this switch as well to activate another moving platform. Stand on this platform and wait for it to move up. Now shoot the switch to the north in order to unlock the door to the east.

Go through the door to find 4 switches in the center of the room surrounded by moving platforms. Stand on one of the platforms and shoot all of the switches to spawn a chest that contains a small key. Grab the key and exit the room. Travel across to the west side of the room and up the moving platform to the locked door.

Getting the Big Key

Use the key to unlock the door and go through it. Inside this room will be 3 skeletons. Use the Bow to kill all of them in order to make the platform holding the big chest drop down to floor level. Open the big chest to obtain the Big Key. Now travel up the stairs to the south of the room and across the wire walkway.

Inside the next door will be a switch. Hit the switch in order to unblock yet another switch. Travel back to the room with the boss door and stand on the moving platform. Shoot the switch to the north. This will cause the floor to shift allowing Link to reach the boss door. Go through the door for the boss fight.

Eastern Palace Boss: Yuga

Yuga will actually be in a state that Link can fight him this time around. Simply shoot arrows across the center of the room in order to stun him. Now you can either use the sword to attack him or keep shooting arrows. After a few rounds – Yuga will be defeated. Link will be a painting after the cutscene with Yuga. Simply press A to exit and Link will emerge from the wall with the newly acquired Merge ability.

Exiting the Eastern Palace

Now grab the Heart Container and merge with the wall to the north. Travel through the crack in the wall and around until you come to an area where Link can pop off and not fall off the dungeon. If you went to the east then grab the Gauge Refill in the Purple Pot and travel back to the west. If you went west then go back east, grab the Purple Pot, and go back west. Now get on the moving platform even farther west and travel down.

Get off at the bottom and continue south making sure to merge if the platform becomes too small. Keep going south and travel down with the next moving platform. Now merge with the wall to the east and travel across once it connects with the wall from the other side. Pop off and continue down the path. Merge with the wall once more and go through the crack. Pop off and then exit the dungeon.

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