Part 1: Sanctuary

After Link wakes up – follow Gulley to a fork in the road. Take the left route to find him at his papa's house. Go inside the house and speak with the Blacksmith – Gulley's papa. Now pick up the captain's sword from the table and exit the house in search of him.

Delivering the Captain's Forgotten Sword

Travel east to Hyrule Castle – it will be marked on the center of your map. Speak to the guard out front to learn that the captain probably is at the Sanctuary instead. Now head through the shortcut the guard mentioned and travel around the castle. Take the path to the west and then continue north. Head back east when able to find the Sanctuary – it should be marked on your map.

Saving Seres

After getting to the Sanctuary – Seres will become trapped inside and Dampe will make you use the captain's sword. You must now head east to the Graveyard and push the headstone in the middle that is surrounded with stones and stuff. This will open a passage to the Sanctuary Sewers that Link must navigate in order to get inside the Sanctuary.

Getting through the Sanctuary Sewers

Once inside head directly north to find a chest that contains the lamp. Equip the lamp and use it to light the two torches near the door to the north. Go through the door and head to the west to find a small chest that contains a Red Rupee. Continue west and you will find stairs that go to a locked door. Simply travel back east across the wired walkway. Continue until you come to a small chest that contains the small key needed to open the locked door.

Use the small key to open the door and continue through it to find a mini-boss – a set of three ghost. Kill all three ghost to unlock the door to the north and then head through it. In the next room will be two levers Link can pull – one on the right side of the stairs and one of the left side. Pull the lever on the left side to unlock the door atop the stairs and travel through it to reach the inside of the Sanctuary.

Inside the Sanctuary

Once inside the Sanctuary head toward the center for a cutscene with Yuga. Yuga will capture Seres as a painting. Link will try to save her but be defeated by Yuga. Upon waking up – Link will meet Ravio. Ravio will insist on staying at Link's House so just let him. He will give you Ravio's bracelet as a gift for not being able to pay rent.

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