Part 6: Zora's Domain

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Getting to Zora's Domain

Use the Bell to fly to the Sanctuary. Now head east and continue until you cross the small wooden bridge to the southeast. Head north and then east again to find the Witch's House. Talk to the Zora Underling that is near the sign to the east of the Witch's House. Merge with the wall and travel across the small gap towards Zora's Domain. After doing so – the Zora Underling will speak with you once more.

Now continue to the east and make your way north when able in order to find Zora's Domain, which lays across a small path covered in shallow water. Before entering – a Shady Guy will run into Link and the Zora Queen will now be in trouble. Continue inside Zora's Domain in order to find out why. Link will find out that Shady Guy stole the Queen's smooth gem. Be sure you get the cutscene after heading up the stairs to see the Queen.

Getting the Zora's Flippers

Exit Zora's Domain and head back to the Witch's House. The Witch will mention that she will never touch the thing but that it will probably end up on sale in Kakariko Village. Use the Bell to fly to Kakariko Village and talk with the Street Merchant on the carpet. He will mention having the stone in stock and will sell it to Link for only 200 rupees. Buy the smooth gem and head back to Zora's Domain.

Speak with the Zora's and then throw the smooth gem into the pool with the Queen. After shrinking back down to size – Oren (the Queen) will reward Link with the Zora's Flippers. It is now finally time to visit the House of Gales in the southeast part of the map.

Getting to the House of Gales

Travel back to Link's house and rent the Tornado Rod. Now head southeast towards the X on the map. As you get close there will be an Item Shop. Enter it and you can purchase the Shield for 50 rupees. Exit the Item Shop and head south until you find the patch of bushes that form a downward pointing arrow.

Merge with the wall at the tip of the arrow and travel left until you come to a ledge above a cave entrance. Pop off the wall and jump down off the ledge. Enter the cave and light both of the torches. A chest will spawn containing a Purple Rupee

Exit the cave and swim across the water towards the X marked on the map to find the House of Gales. Use the Tornado Rod near the entrance to reveal a switch that will open the door to the dungeon. Now go inside and prepare for the next challenge of the game.

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