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Once exiting the Eastern Palace – Sahasrahla will take you to Hyrule Castle. Link will now find out the Princesses charm is really the Pendant of Courage. Now travel south back to Link's house and speak with Ravio. Exit the house to find the Blacksmith's Wife looking for Gulley. Follow her west and take the path south.

Getting the Pouch

Continue following the path until you come to the entrance of the woods to the southeast of Kakariko Village. The Blacksmith's Wife will be standing there – so speak with her. After doing so – cut the bushes to the north and enter the small forest. In the center will be a tree stump with the pouch on it. Take the pouch and then the Blacksmith's Wife will ask you once more about Gulley.

Meeting the Witch Irene

Exit the small forest and continue down the path and go to Kakariko Village. On the northwest side of the village will be a Street Merchant. You can purchase a Bottle from him for 100 rupees. Now head north out of town on the northeast corner and continue north above the blue tent. This should trigger the second cutscene with the Witch Irene. Irene will give Link the Bell that when used allows Link to travel with Irene to any weather vane previously visited.

Getting the Power Glove

If you continue northeast there will be a sign saying the miner's house is north – continue until you find the house with the hole in the roof. Go inside and talk with the miner – Rosso. Talk with him once more to receive the Power Glove. Exit the house and go back to the sign from earlier except this time go to the Death Mountain Trail to the east.

Use the Power Glove to pick up the small rock blocking the entrance and then go inside. Continue down the path inside until you reach the exit – Link will now be on Death Mountain. Keep going down the trail until you find a ladder with a cave to the west of it. Enter this cave for a chest with a Blue Rupee.

Heading Up Death Mountain

Exit the cave and climb up the ladder. Go inside the door next to the weather vane. Continue down the path using the Merge ability to pass gaps and boulders until you cannot go any further. Now exit through the door to find a chest containing a Red Rupee.

Hop down from the cliff and continue west until you find the door. Go inside the door and make your way to the northeast. Exit through the door and continue west through the next door. Head to the northeast side of the cave to find a chest containing monster guts.

Now go all the way to the west to find another door – exit through it and then merge on the cliff side. Travel across the small gap and pop off the wall. Continue east a little way to find the entrance to the Tower of Hera. Be sure to activate the weather and if you have not died yet – do so and then rent the Hammer from Ravio. Fly back to the Tower of Hera using the Bell. Use the Hammer to pound the stakes in front of the tower and go inside.

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