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During your play through of Twilight Princess, you will encounter many Poes along your way. These Poes hold Poe Souls which are needed to free Jovani from his curse. There are a total of sixty Poe Souls scattered around Hyrule and you can only gain them at night once you have the ability to change from Link to Wolf Link form at will. Use your wolf senses to be able to attack and find these hidden ghosts.

This guide will help you gain all the Poe Souls you can in order, from the Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru Providences, then Arbiter’s Grounds and Snowpeak.

  1. Jovani's House – The first one is a required in order to progress in the story. It is found in Jovani’s house on the way to see Princess Zelda. When you knock it down, target it and press A to rip its soul out.
  2. Near Northern Faron Woods – In the midst of the purple fog is a Poe Soul. Warp to the warp point near where the Light Spirit, Faron, was and then head towards the pool. As you did in your quest to get the Light Tears, jump until you get to the center stump in the middle of the fog and you’ll find a Poe there.
  3. Faron Hyrule Field – There is a Poe waiting on a ledge near the small pond in the middle of the field.
  4. Kakariko Gorge Cave – Warp to the Karariko Gorge. On the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) part of the map, there is a cave that is blocked by a rock. Blow it up with a bomb, enter, and take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and head up in a northern direction. You should spot the Poe waiting in the cave. Be sure to collect the Piece of Heart here as well.
  5. Kakariko Gorge - A Poe is waiting on the ledge on the western (Gamecube)/eastern(Wii) side of the map right near the Warp Point.
  6. Kakariko Graveyard – Head to Kakariko Village's Graveyard to collect another Poe Soul.
  7. Kakariko Graveyard – Another Poe Soul is found here. Press the southwestern (Gamecube)/southeastern (Wii) most tombstone over to let the Poe out. It'll attack right away, so be careful.
  8. Kakariko Village – At the top of Kakariko Village, where the now destroyed Barne's storage is, there will be a Poe Soul hanging around there.
  9. Kakariko village – Under where Talo and a Goron watchover the city is where a Poe Soul waits. Be careful not to fall down off the ledge!
  10. Death Mountain – On the way to Death Mountain from Kakariko Village and just before the Howling Stone, there will be a misplaced Goron who will give you a boost. Instead of getting a boost northward, turn to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and jump onto the ledge above to find another Poe.
  11. Northern Lanayru Hyrule Field – On the stone bridge just south of Zora's Domain and just north of Hyrule Castle is a Poe Soul in wait. There are also Lizardfols and Kagaroks waiting to fight you.
  12. Northern Lanayru Hyrule Field – Just west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) of the bridge you got the last Poe soul from, you'll find two trees with a circle patch of grass nearby. Use your senses and you'll notice a large dig spot. Dig and fall into a hidden cavern and you'll find another Poe Soul.
  13. Northern Lanayru Hyrule Field – In the same area, you'll find another Poe Soul in wait.
  14. Western (Gamecube)/Eastern (Wii) Lanayru Amphitheature – There is an amphitheater near the Warp Point near Hyrule Castle Town. This is the same amphitheater you, Telma, and Ilia were at making a plan to get to Kakariko. The Poe hides at night and two Bulbins will be waiting there as well.
  15. Southern Lanayru Hyrule Field – Just south of Hyrule Castle Town is a Poe Soul near one of the Golden Bugs. It is found on the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of the steps from Faron Providence to Hyrule Castle Town.
  16. Eastern (Gamecube)/Western (Wii) Hyrule Castle Town Bridge – Take the route towards Eldin Providence from the center of Hyrule Castle Town. Along the way, you'll see a wooden bridge as well as a few Bulbins and find your next Poe.
  17. Southwest (Gamecube)/Southeast (Wii) of Lanayru Bridge – Just past crossing Lanayru Bridge from Hyrule Castle Town to Faron Providence, you will find a bunch of ledges where Bulbin archers used to be. Blow up some of the rocks above with Bomb Arrows to find a Clawshot spot and get on top of the ledge. Fire some more Bomb Arrows to the ledge nearby and a Poe Soul will be waiting there.
  18. Lake Hylia - Falbi and Fyer's Isle of Riches – Play Falbi and Fyer's Game and try to land on the Isle of Riches. Near the first place prize on the island is a Poe Soul waiting on the edge. Try to lure it in away from the edges and knock it down and steal its Poe soul.
  19. Lake Hylia - Below Falbi's Cucco Shack – There's a hidden platform under Falbi's Cucco shack. Spend 20 rupees and fall to the platform behind you and you'll find another Poe Soul.
  20. Lake Hylia - Near Zora's River – There's a Poe Soul found on the northern edges of Lake Hylia near where Zora's River empties itself into the lake.
  21. Lake Hylia – On the southern edge of Lake Hylia near where you found one of the Light Tears, you'll find a Poe Soul in wait. Jump each of the ledges to get to it to gain another Poe Soul.
  22. Lake Hylia - Lookout Tower – Just under the lookout tower where you find Auru, there will be a Poe in wait.
  23. Lake Hylia Cave – Near where you find Auru, there's a cave that's blocked by a boulder. Blast the boulder and you'll find yourself in a cave. Near the entrance to the cave, past a few tunnels, is your first Poe Soul here.
  24. Lake Hylia Cave – Halfway in this same cave is another Poe Soul.
  25. Lake Hylia Cave – In the last room in this cave is another Poe.
  26. Zora's Domain - Behind the Waterfall – Use Midna's help to jump from platform to platform and you'll find a Poe soul hidden behind the waterfall.
  27. Zora's Domain - Waterfall Basin – In the waterfall basin just below the throneroom and near the Mother-and-Child Rocks is a Poe Soul. It's in the same area where you found one of the Light Tears as well as the location where you can find a Golden Bug.
  28. Zora's Domain - South of the Waterfall Basin – South of the Waterfall Basin where you find one of the Howling Stones is another Poe Soul. It's on a steep hill on the southwestern (Gamecube)/southeastern (Wii) edge of this area.
  29. Gerudo Desert – When you get to Gerudo desert, southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) of where you land is a Poe Soul.
  30. Gerudo Mesa – Found where the part of the Bridge of Eldin was located at the Gerudo Mesa (southwestern (Gamecube)/southeastern (Wii) portion of Gerudo Desert) is another Poe soul.
  31. Western (Gamecube)/Eastern (Wii) Gerudo Desert – Found on the western (Gamecube)/eastern (Wii) edges of the Gerudo Desert is another Poe soul. Take the narrow winding paths found there in order to find this Poe Soul.
  32. Eastern (Gamecube)/Western (Wii) Gerudo Desert – Found on the eastern (Gamecube)/western (Wii) edges of the Gerudo Desert is a Poe soul near a dead tree. Clawshot on the dead Peahat stuck in the tree and then get to the Poe and take its Poe soul.
  33. Eastern (Gamecube)/Western (Wii) Gerudo Desert Cave – Under the Poe Soul above is a hidden cavern. Dig between the three skulls and find another Poe Soul. It maybe difficult with all the rocks around, so blow them up with Bomb Arrows.
  34. Eastern (Gamecube)/Western (Wii) Gerudo Desert Cave – Same as above, there's another Poe Soul in wait.
  35. Bulbin Enemy Camp – After defeating King Bulbin and gaining entry to the Arbiter's Grounds, return back and a Poe Soul will be waiting in the former stall.
  36. Arbriter's Ground Entrance – To the left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) of the entrance to Arbiter's Grounds is another Poe soul.
  37. Arbiter's Grounds - Central Torch Room – The first of four Poes in Arbiter's Grounds is found two rooms north of the entrance. Defeat it, gain its Poe Soul, then sniff it to gain the Poe's Scent to find the other three Poe souls.
  38. Arbiter's Grounds - East (Gamecube)/West (Wii) of the Central Torch Room – The next Poe is found in the room to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii). To get to the room, use the Poe Scent first and dig to find a hidden chain you can pull. Open the hidden passage and go down. Push the platform forward and open a secret passage that reveals a Redead. Kill it and open the chest for a key you'll need. Now turn around and look up; there's a passage way you can clawshot to get to the room above. Use it and enter the door behind you above where the key is. Another Poe Soul is there, hiding amongst other similar looking lanterns. Use your senses to find the real Poe.
  39. Arbiter's Grounds - West (Gamecube)/East (Wii) of the Central Torch Room – To the west of the Central Torch Room, you'll find yourself in room full of Stalchildren and two Redeads. Kill off the stalchildren and Bomb Arrow the Redeads and find a hidden dig spot with your senses. Pull the chain and reveal a hidden room where the third Poe lies.
  40. Arbiter's Grounds - Past the third Poe – If you continue to follow the Poe Scent and get past all the dangers of Arbiter's Grounds, you'll find the last Poe. However, this one isn't kidding around and it will split itself into three copies! Stay calm and zoom out the camera. The real Poe will glow bright when attacking so dodge its attack and then attack it back!
  41. Lower Snowpeak – Since all the enemies glow white in this area, it would be pretty hard to see a Poe Soul from an enemy. Around the southcentral part of climb to Snowpeak, you will find a Poe Soul hanging around a tree.
  42. Lower Snowpeak – Below the above Poe is another one which waits around a rather large boulder.
  43. Snowpeak Area – Another Poe Soul is found near the Reekfish scent hanging around a different tree.
  44. Near Snowpeak Ruins – Reach Snowpeak Ruins and then return back south. On the hill of snow nearby, you'll find a Poe Soul waiting at the top. Be careful not to fall over the edge, or you'll warp to the top of the mountain again.
  45. Snowpeak Ruins - Entrance – A Poe Soul is found in the entrance in plain sight.
  46. Snowpeak Ruins - Entrance – After collecting the Ball and Chain and gaining whatever Yeta pointed you out to, return to the entrance and knock the middle suit of armor on the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) side of the entryway to reveal another Poe Soul.
  47. Snowpeak Ruins (Second Floor) - Southeastern (Gamecube)/Southwestern (Wii) Room - You can find another Poe Soul in this room behind a sheet of thick ice. Break the ice with your Ball and Chain in order to gather the Poe soul.
  48. Snowpeak Cave – In the cave just under the Snowpeak Warp Point, you'll find some iced up walls. Break the ice with your Ball and Chain and you'll find this Poe Soul.
  49. Sacred Grove – In the Sacred Grove, a Poe Soul lies in wait behind the waterfall you find the Skull Kid at before.
  50. Sacred Grove - Skull Kid Battle Grounds (Wolf Link) – After you follow the Skull Kid as Link and beat him, return to the forest and find the first area where you fought the Skull Kid as Wolf Link. Bomb the boulder there and you'll find a hidden cave. Dig and get another Poe Soul.
  51. Sacred Grove - Master Sword area – Once you complete the Temple of Time, you can find a Poe Soul waiting near where you got the Master Sword.
  52. Temple of Time - Scale Room – In the scale room on the sixth floor, make it that one set of the scale is twice as heavy as Link in order to push the scale up. Use the Clawshot and point upwards to find a Clawshot point. Clawshot up there, then use the Spinner on the wall all the way to the next Poe Soul.
  53. Temple of Time - Third Floor Elevator – There's an elevator on the third floor that you can use after you kill as the baby Gohma. In that room, there's a Poe Soul can get. You can either move a statue onto the switch nearby the Poe Soul, or you can break the gate with the statue you got after defeating the Darknut.
  54. Temple of Time - Entrance – Near the entrance of the Temple of Time (outside the actual dungeon, near the Door of Time) is a weird bird-like statue. Move it with the Dominion Rod and a Poe will jump out and attack you.
  55. Hidden Village – After talking to Impaz, leave the area and return. A Poe Soul will be waiting near the northwestern (Gamecube)/northeastern (Wii) most house in the village.
  56. City in the Sky – Found in the room where you have to use the Clawshots on Peahats, you'll find a Poe Soul hanging out on the eastern (Gamecube)/western (Wii) edge of the room where you couldn't reach. Use a Peahat to get close to the Peahat near this Poe, then take your prize.
  57. City in the Sky - Near the Boss Key – Near the room where you get the Big Key (Boss Key), you'll find a Poe waiting on a ledge. Use the tightropes to get close to the Poe and be careful when knocking it down to get its Poe Soul.
  58. Cave of Ordeals – The Cave of Ordeals is found under the Gerudo Mesa warp point. Travel into the massive dungeon and fight through horde after horde of enemies to get the next three Poe Souls. The first of which is found on the 17th floor out of the 50 floors along with some stalhounds.
  59. Cave of Ordeals – This Poe Soul is found on the 33rd floor of the Cave of Ordeals.
  60. Cave of Ordeals – The final Poe Soul in the game is found on the 44th floor of the Cave of Ordeals. Be sure to pick this up then also continue on in the Cave of Ordeals in order to get some Great Fairy Tears from the Great Fairy.

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