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The Twilight Princess Fishing guide below covers everything you need to know about fishing in Twilight Princess.


Bobber Rod

How to Get:
After bringing Rusl's wife the cradle near the beginning of the game she will give Link this rod.

How to Use:
In order to use the bobber rod just equip it to the B button. Press B to take the rod and and now tilt the Wiimote back to move the rod into a vertical position. Just snap your wrist forward to cast the line. Wait for the bobber to align vertically and just sit back and wait. When you see the bobber get tugged under, snap the Wiimote to a nearly vertical position and keep it there. If you catch the fish - Link will practice catch and release, while recording the fish caugh and the biggest of the species in your Fish Journal. If you want to increase your chances of catching a fish, then use some bait.

Lure Rod

How to Get:
To fish with the lure rod, you must rent one from Hena's Fishing Hole on the Upper Zora River. You have a variety of lures to choose from, all best suited for different situations and different fish.

How to Use:
To use the lure rod, press the B button to equip it. Hold the A button and raise the wiimote vertically to lift the rod. Snap your wrist forward to cast, releasing the A button at the top of the motion. You can control how far you cast your lure by varying your release. To attract fish wiggle your lure by moving the wiimote side to side for a few seconds and then pause.

Once a fish strikes your lure set the hook by lifting the wiimote vertically. A cranking motion with the nunchuk reels the fish in. If the fish jumps, point the wiimote down to keep the hook properly set. Once the fish is close enough to the boat, land it by pressing A + B.

Fish caught when lure fishing are not recorded in your Fish Journal, but rather put into the fish tank in Hena's shop. 


Bait can only be used with the Bobber Rod.

Bee Larva

Bee Larva are found within beehives located in various places.

Ordon Village - use the hawk to attack the beehive and make it fall.

Kakariko Village - use a long range weapon to pull it down from a tree in the Graveyard.

Upper Zora River - this one is located in Hena's Fishing Hole behind Hena's House hanging from the back porch.


Locations: Fishing Hole, Upper Zora River. Dig(as a wolf) just behind the sign near the fishing hole entrance. Hurry and change back to human and swipe one up in an empty bottle. Ordon Village, Use Wolf Link and sense in either or both of the Gardens(pumpkin patches). Dig(as a wolf) in the sparkling areas and a worm should appear sometimes they don't. Slay bomb-dropping birds in Hyrule Field. They do drop a worm once the remains explode. 


Frog Fishing Lure

Unlock the Frog Fishing Lure by playing Roll Goal and beating level 1-8. This game is found in the fishing hole, in Hena's shop. The game cost 5 rupees a play and you win 10 ruppes for each round. 

Sinker Lure

To receive the Sinker Lure you must first catch a Ordon Catfish, Hylian Pike, and a Hyrule Bass in the fishing hole with the lure rod, and also get all the fish that can go in your journal with your bobber rod. After you have caught one of each you go to the south east corner of the water closest to the house and take out your Fishing Rod (bobber). After that you will catch the Sinker Lure. Don't let Hena see the lure, it will be taken!!! 


There are two you receive in game storyline Bone Hook and Coral Earring. 

Bone Hook

This is the default hook you obtain when you get the rod.

Coral Earring

A great hook given to you from the Zora prince. It will let you catch Reekfish, and increases the bite ratio.

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