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The Twilight Princess Howling Stones are located throughout various parts of the Twilight Princess overworld map and have to be found to acquire the Twilight Princess Hidden Skills. The Twilight Princess Howling Stones guide below will help you in located every howling stone, wolf, and how to use every hidden skill.

Howling Stones

Anything mentionend in the game since it does not say where to find the howling stones.

Howling Stone #1

This howling stone does not exist. The wolf will just appear to you as an enemy (or at least that is what you are supposed to think).

Howling Stone #2

This Howling stone is on the way to Death Mountain. It stands perfectly visible in the centre of the little stone field followed by a narrow path. You shall howl by it the first time you see it in the twilight. When twilight is gone there will be ridiculously many arched Bulblins at this place.

Howling Stone #3

Also in twilight at Zora river outside the fishing pond to-be on a small cliff.

Howling Stone #4

The fourth stone is right outside the entrace to the Sacred Grove. Impossible to miss.

Howling Stone #5

At Lake Hylia. This cannot be Howled at while twilight though since you must climb a ladder to reach it. The stone can be spotted as soon as climbing the ladder and it locates in the south parts of the lake region.

Howling Stone #6

In Snowpeak on your way to Snowpek ruins. Hard to miss. Standing on a small ledge. The snowstorm should have passed once your here.

Howling Stone #7

The last and final stone is in the hidden village. It is on the east side of the village, that would be to your left when you enter. You have to break some windows to get to it.

ATTN: Do not howl at it before you have killed all of the Bulblins because then you will have to kill them all again.

I hope this guide have helped in some way.  If the location guide for the stones did not help you scroll down and use the map instead. I will not do a guide to find the wolfs beacause the map below tells you and the map in the game does as well.

Twilight Princess Howling Stones Map

Hidden Skills

This following text is written only for the GameCube version of Twilight Princess. So you can not expect any help for the Wii version refering to this particular guide/ text.

The text is written after the exact word and phrases used in the game. So if you think it is bad formulated don't blame me, blame Nintendo.

The Ending Blow

When you fell a foe, lock on with L  and deliver a final blow with A!  

Shield Attack

Lock on a foe with L and press R to thrust your shield, dazing your enemy! 

Back Slice

Circle around heavily armored enemies to strike their unguarded rears!

Helm Splitter

Stun foes with a shield attack, then press A !

Mortal Draw

Sheathe your blade, await your foe  without L -targeting, and strike!

Jump Strike

While L -targeting, press and hold A to focus, then release!

Great Spin

With full life energy, unleash a spin attack for even more damage.

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