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The following Twilight Princess Bottles guide covers each of the bottle locations in the game. Bottles can hold various items such as Lon-Lon Milk, Fairies, and Chu-Chu's. The Twilight Princess Bottles are not a required item to complete the game. Each Twilight Princess Bottle is optional but the first one which will be acquired during the storyline's events.

Twilight Princess Bottle Locations

Twilight Princess Bottle #1

This bottle is acquired at the start of the game. You will first need to get the fishing rod so you can catch a fish. Then find Sera's cat near the riverbank and begin fishing. Once you have caught a fish the cat will take it from you. Now return to Sera's house and she will give you a bottle.

Twilight Princess Bottle #2

Go to Faron Woods before entering the Forest Temple. Talk to Coro, the man who gave you the lantern earlier in the game. He will now offer you a bottle full of lantern oil for 100 rupees. Take this deal to get the bottle.

Twilight Princess Bottle #3

Go to Hena's Fishing Hole. Find the spot where the small bridge is and a sign that says something about a bottle. Fish on the west side of the bridge by using the bobber fishing rod. You will eventually catch a bottle.

Twilight Princess Bottle #4

Just collect 20 Poe Souls and return to Jonavi's house in Kakariko Village. He will reward you with a bottle filled with Fairy Tears.

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