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The Twilight Princess Golden Bugs guide below was written for the GameCube version of the game. To follow the Twilight Princess Golden Bugs guide for the Wii version you will have to flip the directions - meaning that east is west or right is left. The Twilight Princess Golden Bugs guide covers every location for all 24 Golden Bugs.

Twilight Princess Golden Bugs Guide

1. Kakariko village - Go to the house south of Barneys bomb shop and enter. Walk slightly to the left to see a shining. Female ant.

2. Graveyard - Walk on forward and up the staircase. Look to the left. Male ant.

3. Hyrule Field (west of Castle Town) - Warp to outside Castle Town and starting walking west following the path. When you can see a growth hanging down from a cliff walk up to it and hookshoot to it. Climb up and turn right and catch the bug. Female butterfly.

4. From this position, walk south and you will see a shining in a bundle of high grass. Male butterfly.

5. Hyrule Field (north of Kakariko village)Note: This bug, including the next one, are the hardest to find so the description will be as precise as possible - Go to the bridge you have built east of Castle town. Walk northeast from the from the opening of the bridge. Stay close to the edge of the field but not too close (about 30 meters/ yards). the bug will be hoping around by a bundle of grass. Use your hookshot to catch it. Female grasshopper.

6. Hyrule Field (north of Kakariko village) - Walk directly north from the road to Kakariko village. The bug is found a bit from the rocks. Turn slightly to the right after passing the stone bridge. The bug will be hoping around in front of you. The ground is brown. Male grasshopper.

7. Bridge of Eldin (in the same part of Hyrule Field) - North of the bridge in the portal there is a shining. Male phasmid.

8. Cross the bridge and hookshoot to the ledge in front of you. Walk along it and you should see a shining on the wall to the left of you. Female phasmid.

9. Sacred Grove - Stand on the Triforce mark on the ground and look south. Walk forward and turn left into the small cave, through the portal and turn around. Take out your hookshot and look up. Male snail.

10. Go through the gateway to the past and walk down the stairs. Turn around and go to the left side of the staircase. The bug is sitting on the side of the staircase (right wall). Almost the same place as the bug in the future. Female snail.

11. Hyrule Field (Eldin province (west of Kakariko village)) - Walk to the wooden bridge you and Midna placed there (south direction). Turn right as soon as the bridge ends. Male pill bug.

12. Go back on the bridge to the north side of it. turn right and follow the edge. There should be three trees at the end of the field. At the south tree in a bundle grass. Female pill bug.

13. Gerudo Desert - In the middle of the mayor desert west of the point where you enter. This may take some time to find and also it is hard to catch but do not give up. Use your boomerang to catch it easier. Male dayfly.

14. West of the last bug close to where Eldin bridge is before you send it back, in a wadi (a walley, like a river but without water). Also hard to catch but probably easier then the last one. Female dayfly.

15. Zora River - Located below the bridge in front of canoe renting house. Use your hookshot. Female dragonfly.

16. Zora Domain - Go upp on the ledge close to the mother and child rocks and follow the path. Male dragonfly.

17. Great Bridge of Hylia (the bridge located above Lake Hylia) - Go to the north side of the bridge and turn around. Walk left to the portal of the bridge. Get close to the fence and use your hookshot to look around the bridge portal pillar. Male mantis.

18. Cross the bridge and follow the path for a while until you get to the wooden bridge. Turn around and look up-left with your hookshot and there should be a shining somewhere around there. If you have trouble finding it, try throwing your boomerang for a couple of times. Female mantis.

19.Hyrule Field (Faron province) - Walk on from the south entrance of this part of the Hyrule Field. Turn northeast after passing the entrance to Eldin province. There should be a tree on a ledge where the bug hides (on the trees center parts). This is a quick bug so pay attention or it will escape. Female beetle.

20. Go to the small wooden bridge in the field. there is a couple of trees around there (on the souths side of the bridge). Look around all the trees and you should find the bug. Female beetle.

21. Hyrule Field (south of Castle Town) - Enter from Castle Town and walk down the stairs. Walk up to the three trees placed to the right from there. The bug should be found on the center tree. Female ladybug.

22. Go to the east side of the staircase and keep close to the rocky wall. In a bundle of grass he should be hiding. Male ladybug.

23. Hyrule Castle (north of Castle Town where the Zora River ends) - West side of the river, continue walking west along the path until you see a tree surrounded by grass near some rocks. Look around it to find the bug. Male stag beetle.

24. Walk as north possible on the field still keeping to the west of the river. On the wall there be a shining. Female stag beetle.


1. If you have a hard time finding the bugs look for a small shining and listen for a "glittering" sound.

2. If you can here this sound but cannot seem to find the bug, come back at night or dusk and it will be easier to see the bug.

3. The male is always somewhere close to the female.

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