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The following Twilight Princess Boss Guide covers strategies to defeat every boss and mini-boss from the game.

Twilight Princess Bosses Guide

The most likely way to defeat a boss is to use the weapon you got previously in the dungeon. But sometimes you have to do something else first. Sometimes this could be to simply wait for the right moment. Sometimes you have to kill some enemy spawned by the boss. Also sometimes you have to use weapons achieved in other dungeons. Many times you can also use a lot of different weapons to defeat a boss. Like for instance, sometimes you can use your bow instead of your sword. Sometimes you do not have to use any other weapon than just one but it might be easier or faster if you do.

If you keep on dying at one boss you probably are not using survival strategies. Remember, Link's life is most important, then comes killing the bosses. Because if Link is not alive he cannot kill any bosses. For instance if you have a really hard time at one specific boss try to avoid all attacks before you do something stupid and try to attack it. After a while you might see better where you are meant to attack.

If you just cannot figure out how to defeat a boss you can always turn to this guide and if you feel that it does not help you enough you can email me with your questions.

Remember, the future of Hyrule is in your hands. You better do something good with it!

Twilight Princess Mini Bosses

Ook - In the Forest temple

This little monkey-fella' has a bug in the wrong place (literally). What you got to do is to get rid of it. To do this, attack his bottom.

When the battle starts Ook throws his boomerang to cut down some Baba serpents from the ceiling to attack you. Kill these easily. The go forward up to the pillars, on which Ook is jumping between. When he stops on one of them to throw his boomerang again to cut down some Baba serpents, roll onto that one and he will fall down. Attack his rear. Simply repeat this over and over again and soon he will be defeated. Then he becomes a kind monkey- fella' since it was the bug who made him bad. You will also achieve his boomerang - the Gale Boomerang.

Dangoro - In the Goron mines

This is a very strong (and heavy) Goron. Since he does not know you were sent into the mines by one of the Goron elders he is prepared to fight you.

When this battle starts you will be standing on a magnetic platform which Dangoro sinks down into the lava pit. As mentioned Dangoro is very heavy so he will lean the entire platform standing on the edge of it. Wear you iron boots to prevent falling down. When Dangoro comes close to you he will drag his arm back to punch you. Remove the Iron boots and do a jumpstrike against his belly. He will curl and start burning out in order to roll you over. Once again wear the Iron boots, grab him and throw him into the lava pit. Repeat three times. After the battle you will be presented to the gorons treasure - The Hero's bow.

Deku Toad - In the Lakebed temple

This lad is a kind of a huge frog. She is carrying eggs on her back. She will be hanging in the roof when you enter the battle room.

When you enter, look up to see the deku toad. It will drop down from the ceiling and shake of some eggs. Attack them with your sword. One hit = one kill (but there is a lot of eggs though, about fifty of them). After killing them all, the deku toad will jump up and try to land on you. To prevent this from happening just keep moving. When it lands the tongue will hang out. Attack the tongue. Repeat a couple of times to defeat the monster. When the battle is over, you will achieve the Grapplehook.

Death Sword - In the Arbiter's grounds

In the center of the room there is a black sword tied down with some ropes: The Death sword, handled by a ghost.

Walk up to the sword and maybe cut off a rope. The sword will lift and start levitating. Turn into wolf-form and use your senses see the ghost. Wait until he swings the sword at you. Avoid the swing and the sword will get stuck in the ground. Jump at him and start attacking him. Doing this will make him visible for Link in human form. The ghost will start circulating the room. Hit him with some arrows. When he stops beside you hit him with one arrow and he will fall down. Start attacking him with your sword. Repeat until Death sword is defeated. This battle will give you the Spinner.

Darkhammer - In Snowpeak temple

You enter a narrow room with two statues of knights. They seem pretty innocent but one of them is more then that.

You enter the battle room and walk across it. When you are just about to exit on the other side the steel bars seal the door. Behind you the statue closest to you shatters into a hundred pieces by a mighty weapon. On the other side of the room you see the statue you passed first standing swinging his ball and chain. Let him come closer to you and then hookshoot in the ceiling behind him but not close, as you might think but as far away as possible.

At this point Darkhammer should throw his ball and chain at you. It is hard to avoid but do your best. While the ball is lying on the ground Darkhammer is defenceless so walk around him and attack his tail. Repeat until defeated, it should be pretty soon. Afterwards you can pick up Darkhammers weapon the Ball and chain.

Darknut - In the Temple of Time

This miniboss is originally an ironknuckle from the original Legend of Zelda and Zelda II. He is seen as the coolest miniboss and also as the one funniest to fight by a lot of people. Hes also the most “famous” miniboss since he also appears in Link's crossbow training.

Enter the room to see the ironknuckle turned away from you. When he can hear you have entered he will turn around. No ranged weapons are helpful against this guy. Helm splitters and back slices will help you here in the first state of the battle. Executing many of these will make him drop his armour. Without his armour basically fight him as any general enemy, just try to hit him with your sword regularly that is. Look for openings such as when he is attacking you and strike. Keep this work up and he should be easily defeated. The combat will grant you the Dominion rod.

Aeralfos - In City in the sky

This flying lizard is equipped with a shield which you can hookshoot to. The lizard will be flying around in the room.

To begin with hookshoot at his shield to bring him down on the ground. But before you can just hookshoot his shield you have to wait until he is getting prepared to dive down and attack. At this point his should be holding the shield in front of himself. To get him into this state (preparing to attack) fire an arrow at him. Then hookshoot. Attack him repeatedly. Do not use jump strikes against him because he will counter these easily.

After some slices with you sword he will once again lift and fly out of the room through the big holes in the upper walls. Now pay attention because he will appear in one of these openings and fly at you as soon as he is inside the room. Use the same technique as the first time attacking him, hookshoot at his shield to bring him down and attack repeatedly. This fight will present you the second grapplehook, so now you have two of them.

Note: This miniboss will appear twice in the dungeon, second time there is two of them, but first time is a lot harder and second time it is not counted as a boss but just a general enemy.

Phantom Zant - In Palace of Twilight

This is a phantom copy of Zant, the "so called” king of twilight. But of course he is not even close to as hard as the real Zant. There is two Phantom Zant in the Palace of Twilight. One for protection of each sol.

Walking towards the sol, fences will appear blocking the sol and the exit. Phantom Zant emerges before you. He summons something looking like a ball of shadows. The ball turns into a portal and out comes bats. Kill these and then move on too finding Zant. He will appear in different sides of the room. Find him and run towards him. He will teleport from place to place in the room for a while. Then he will summons yet another portal unless you hit him before.

If he summons the portal random enemies will be summoned through it. You can hit him during the summoning and slightly before as well. Repeat this until defeated. If you are having trouble with this battle, try fighting him in wolf form. This will make it easier to execute strikes that actually hit him. You will not achieve any item from this battle, only the sol. When you have brought back both sols to the entrance of Palace of twilight you will get the Light-infused Master Sword with twice the power of the normal Master Sword.

Twilight Princess Bosses

Twilit Parasite Diababa

This guy is causing the poison in the forest. So there is basically only one thing to do. Get rid of him. But he does not like to be awakened in his sleep. That is probably why he is attacking you.

This first boss is rather easy to fight, especially if done before. To start up he will have two friends guarding him that will be seen first before the main boss appears. These are easily killed. There should also be some Bomblings around. Target one with your boomerang and then one of the guardians to take him out. Do this to both of them. After that they will sink down under the water surface and the big parasite will splash up from the small water pond.

The friends of his will now be back again. The Bomblings will be gone though. In a few seconds Ook will appear on a battlement in the top right of the room. With a rope he will slide over to the other side to pick up a Bombling and then slide back and forth with it. Target the Bombling with the boomerang and then the centre parasite. This will cause it to fall down in front of you. You might hit one of the side parasites instead but then just redo it.

When he falls down in front of you repeatedly attack his eye hanging out of his mouth. Repeat this twice. Make sure to avoid his attacks. After the first attack to his eye he will spray acid/ poison at you. Stay moving to avoid this attack. The two side parasites will also try to attack you by reaching for you with there heads. Stay back in the room and they will not reach you.

Twilit Igniter Fyrus

This Goron patriarch is, as well as all three of the first bosses, under the influence of a fused shadow. He is sealed with chains in a chamber deep into the Goron mines, where he can make no harm. Unless a human like Link would disturb him, of course. This Goron patriarch is, as well as all three of the first bosses, under the influence of a fused shadow. He is sealed with chains in a chamber deep into the Goron mines, where he can make no harm. Unless a human like Link would disturb him, of course.

This boss is the only boss in Twilight Princess to have only one phase of battle. His weak spot is in his jewel on his head. At the beginning of the battle Link will enter the room to see Fyrus standing chained. Link awakens him and he breaks the chains like Deku sticks on fire. He starts walking like mad at Link. Here you have to make sure you pierce his jewel with an arrow. This will confuse him totally and now he will walk around the room like even madder than before. Now put on your iron boots and grab the chains attached to his ankles and pull to make him fall over. Now walk up to his face and talk some sense into him. No of course not! Attack his jewel. Repeat.

Twilit Aquatic Morpheel

Buried under the sand Morpheel is hanging out letting his lone eye slide out in one of his tentacles to observe the world around him. Pretty freaky!

Link dives into a hole in the small room and lands soon in water. Swim down to the bottom and then put on your iron boots and stand on the sand. Walk closer to the centre of the room. Morpheel's eye will slide out through his tentacle and see you making him come up from under the sand with a massive explosion. Make sure to have your subwoofer turned on during this moment. Now hookshoot the eye and hit it repeatedly. After a while it will swim back to Morpheel and dive into his mouth. Then he releases some bombfishes. Stay some distance away from Morpheel to avoid them spotting you.

Once again hookshoot the eye and slice it with your sword. More bombfishes will be released. Repeating this will soon bring you into the next phase of the battle. Morpheel will bring his entire body up over the sand swimming away. Follow him and try to hookshoot his eye to bring yourself to it. The easiest way to get close enough to his eye is to swim towards him facing him. Once sitting at the eye keep on slicing it.Repeat until you get the ending blow causing Morpheel to lose his mind and swim into the wall cracking it up allowing the water to run out of the room.

Twilit Fossil Stallord

This boss is a Stalfo, the biggest one ever presented in the Legend of Zelda series. Greatly larger than the ones from Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: Adventure of Link which is about the same size as Link himself. Walking up to the fossil Zant shows up telling you he is surprised you are still alive and that it is a truly bittersweet reunion for he fears this will be the last time he sees you alive. After that Zant summons a sword and places it into the skull of the fossil giving it life. It will rise in the middle of the room.

The centre part of the room is sand. Simply use the spinner track on the small ledge to get in behind him. Then jump off the track and spin attack his spine. This will break it down piece by piece. Watch out for other spiky spinners that will travel faster than you and attacks you. Repeat hitting his spine until it is completely broken down. Watch out for skeleton warriors to block you from reaching the spine. They will appear from the sand everywhere just to block you.

After breaking his spine he will drop dead. You wish. All the sand will go away and all for you to do is to go to the middle of the room and use your spinner to spin there. This will raise a pillar platform. Behind you Stallords head will rise and float in mid-air. It will push Link down from the platform. Use your spinner to climb the tracks in the pillar. After a while Stallord will appear in front of you shooting balls of fire at you. Jump to the inner walls of the room to avoid them. Jump back when he fires again. Keep on jumping until Stallord places himself right beside you. Jump out to hit him. You will both fall down. Attack the sword in his head. Repeat this until defeated. Also here watch out for other spinners. They will only be on the inside tracks but you can only climb up on the inside tracks as well so jump to the outer tracks to avoid them and then jump back.

Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta

Yeta looks into the mirror piece and starts seeing monsters. So Yeto locks it away in their bedroom. Once Link finds the key to the bedroom, which takes a while to find, Yeta meets up with him outside the bedroom door. They both enter and when Yeta is about to hand over the mirror piece to Link she looks into it and gets lost in a different world, a world of shadows. She turns around and yells at Link: NOT TAKE MIRROR!

Cold winds break the bedroom windows and surround Yeta freezing her into a giant ice sculpture. Once she hit the floor everything around, the walls and the floor, freezes. Now watch your steps because you are going to slide around like an ice cube on a bowling lane. Now take out your ball and chain and throw it at Blizzeta continually to break her down. Every time the ball hits the ice mass it will decrease in size.

After a while the sculpture will change design and let out some small pieces of ice. Watch out for them. Also make sure not to get hit by Blizzeta herself because it will damage you a whole heart. Soon the ice mass will slide into the wall and break revealing Yeta. She will start levitating to stop in the centre of the room and scream. This summons other small peaked ice masses and a sort of a small stronghold around herself for protection. The camera view will change to let you see the reflection in the ice floor. The small ice masses will be lined up and try to hit you, one after one, by falling into the floor. Keep running to avoid getting hit.

Once the last one has fallen it is good idea to try to destroy it with your ball and chain. In just a matter of seconds all the ice masses will rise into the air again to create a circle. Then they will fall again surrounding you. That is why you should destroy the last ice mass that lands behind you, to make an opening, for Blizzeta will fall in the middle of this circle. If you did not destroy the last ice mass you have always got the chance to destroy one while inside the circle. But time is short so hurry up. When you are outside the circle, throw the ball at Blizzeta to destroy the stronghold piece by piece. But of course you can only throw the ball at her once then it will all start over. The minor ice masses will line up and try to fall into you again. Then the circle and then attack her again. Three times you should have to attack her.

Twilit Arachnid Armogohma

A different version of Gohma, the first boss in Ocarina of Time, with its weak point as the eye. Unlike most arachnids this one only has one eye. That means fewer eyes to hit with your arrows.

When the intro movie is finished aim up into the ceiling with your bow and wait for the spider to open its eye. As soon as it does shoot it with an arrow. It will fall down. Then walk close to it and use the Dominion Rod to take control over the statue in the corner of the room. Attack the spider by waving the Rod once. Then the spider will climb the wall to get to the ceiling. It will place itself in the centre of the ceiling and spawn smaller spiders which are really, really annoying.

Now kill these small spiders first and then quickly aim your bow at the ceiling and fire at her eye if open. If you don not fire at her eye in time she will shoot a laser beam at you. But do not fear you can still pierce her eye with an arrow once she has started firing at you. This laser beam can kill the small spiders that Armogohma spawns as well. Once you hit her eye, again use the statues to attack her. After repeating this enough times the “The boss is defeated” music should start playing and Link deposits his sword on his back when he sees that the eye of Armogohma is still alive. It runs around together with other small spiders.

This is just a bothering fight. There is basically two ways to defeat it. Either you run after it slicing it with your sword. This way will probably hurt you a lot. Or shoot it with your bow. This will cost many arrows because it runs fast. You can try bombarrows to increase the area of damage and to kill both the eye and the other spiders around it. There is probably other ways of killing it but these are the easiest. You can also use the Dominion Rod and the corner statues. This is most likely the oddest battle in Twilight Princess. Even the music is totally odd.

Twilit Dragon Argorok

The dragon has been seen before in this dungeon but never fought. It was this dragon who destroyed the bridge leaving Link with only one way to cross the gap. Using the double Grapplehooks…

Link climbs up to the grassy platform where the battle records. Argorok, the twilit dragon, will come flying in. Use your Grapplehook to hookshoot up the pillars in the four corners. Use them to climb up all the way until standing on the top of them. Then put on your iron boots and hookshoot to Argoroks tail. Your weight will drag him down to the ground and repeating this will remove the armour of his.

Once all the armour is gone Peahats will pop up from the ground flying up to the same height as the top of the pillars. Hookshoot up to the top of on pillar and then continue hookshooting between the Peahats. Argorok will start breathing fire at you. Be quick and hookshoot between the Peahats. Once you get in behind him hookshoot to his back and attack the jewel placed there. The second time you do this Argorok will be breathing fire in the other direction. Three times is required to attack his jewel to bring him down.

Usurper King Zant

The simple man who wanted to be the ruler of twilight. But the people did not accept him. So he was not granted the magic that the ruler was supposed to be granted. So he turned to the gods and he found his own god. This god told him that he would rest his powers in Zant. This god was Ganondorf, the dark lord. Zant puts his mask back on. And rise in the air. He turns it all black and makes then the environment change into the boss battle room of Diababa.

He is floating around in mid-air. He will fire some sort of balls at you. Now think logically. What defeated Diababa in the very same room? Use the boomerang. Throw it at Zant and he will fall down and bounce on the water. When he comes into land slice him with your sword. Continue this until he once again changes the environment.

He changes it into the room where you battle Dangoro. Here it's harder to think just as logical. Here you just equip the iron boots and wait for him to stop jumping in the edges and start firing at you again. Use your shield to protect yourself, then walk up to him and slice him again. After repeating he will change the environment again to the Morpheel boss battle room.

Wear the Zora armor and take out the double grapplehook and iron boots. Wear the iron boots. In the middle of the room a huge statue picturing Zant's mask. The tongue disappears and inside stand Zant. Grab him with your hook and slice him. He will swim back into the statue and it will sink down under the sand. Then up comes four new of the same statue, one in every corner. On one of them the tongue will disappear and inside Zant will stand. Use the same technique as before. Then Zant will change the environment again to the room where you first fought Ook.

He will be jumping around on top of the pillars and after every third jump he will disappear and appear on another pillar and fire at you. Throw your boomerang at him while he is shooting and protect yourself with your shield. This will confuse him for a couple of seconds. Then roll into the pillar his on. When he falls down then slice him. If you are not quick enough when you have threw your boomerang he will start jumping around on the pillars again. After that he will change the environment for the last time to outside Hyrule castle town.

Here will be the hardest part. He will use two knifes to repeatedly slice at you. Get around him and attack his back. Or wait for him to tire. After attacking some times he will start spinning with his knives at you. There is no way to attack him during this but protect yourself with your shield. Do not let him spin into the walls. Now wait for him to tire and then attack him. And he is finished.

Ganon's Puppet Zelda

Zelda gave all her powers to help Midna. So she vanished. But now she is back but under the power of Ganondorf. So surprisingly she is trying to kill Link.

Puppet Zelda is levitating in front of you.

After a while she starts to charge her powers in the sword she is holding in one of her dull hands. Very similar to the battle against Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time she will fire her magic at you and you have to return it to her with the slash of your sword. She will as well return it to you again so continue returning it until she gets hit. Dissimilar to the battle in Ocarina of Time you do not have hit her after she is hit. Every time she fires the magic at you return it. Sometimes she will try to attack you by igniting a yellow/golden-shining triangle on the floor. Jump out of this as quickly as possible doing back flips and side jumps. Sometimes she will also try to stab you with her sword by diving down to ground level and flying right towards you. Do a side jump to avoid her.

Dark Beast Ganon

After a heavy battle against Puppet Zelda you think it would be time to fight Ganondorf. But no it is actually time to fight Ganon, the monster resting in Ganondorf.

Ganon, the dark beast will come out through portals around the room. Turn into wolf form and face him as he comes out of one. When he comes close grab him with A and tip him over. Jump at the soar on his stomach and attack it. Then he will run away and vanish. Once again there will be portals and he will come out of one of them. After attacking him a couple of times he will sometimes fall down from above you so if there is no portals summoning run away from where you are standing and then face Ganon again and wait for him run at you and grab him and tip him over. Attack his stomach. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Horseback Ganondorf

Midna used the fused shadows to defeat the remains of Ganon. But did she succeed. No. Ganondorf is sitting on his horse holding Midna's crown. He mashed it in his hand and then rides away. This battle is fairly easy, greatly easier than the similar horseback battle against King Bulblin.

Basically the only attack Ganondorf can perform is to summon riding ghost warriors which are rather easy to avoid. If they do ride into you will fall of Epona. You have to go in between them in the open gap. Keep on clicking A with even intervals. Once you get close to Ganondorf Zelda will fire a light at him slowing him down. Then take your chance and ride up to beside him and slice him repeatedly with your sword. With a good speed and good space between you and Ganondorf this battle will be done pretty fast. Just keep on giving Zelda the good chances to hit him.

Dark Lord Ganondorf

Ganondorf is defeated. No. but there is not much left of him. He rises from his position on the ground and walks up towards Link. A circle is sealed on the deserted field. It is time for Ganondorf to finally defeat the hero chosen by the gods. Or possibly the other way around.

This final battle will take some patience.

The secret is to execute a lot of back slices. Try some jump attacks and shield attacks followed by helm splitters as well but there is a very big risk that Ganondorf counters it and that you end up suffering instead. What you have got to do is to wait for Him to run towards you and click A to chance and then repeatedly click A as fast as you can to win the duel. If you do just clash Ganondorf over and over again till he is defeated. Then the final battle is over. The game is over.

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