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Note: This walkthrough takes the player through the missions in single player mode. Multiplayer mode is similar enough for this walkthrough to be useful, but the levels may vary from the single player design in some ways.

Level 7-1: Illusory Mansion

Illusory Mansion - Stage 1

In this stage, there are colored platforms that can only be walked on by the respective colored hero. Start out by getting each hero over via their color and picking up all three boomerangs. To get across the next gap, you'll want to create a full totem with red on top, blue in the middle, and green on bottom. You can then cross and throw the stack one at a time until red is on the other side. Blue can then use the boomerang to get green and toss him over. Red can then retrieve blue with the boomerang.

There is a stone platform to the southeast that contains a chest with a key. Have blue pick up red and use the colored platforms to reach it. Afterward you can toss the key to safety from the top and then retrieve red with blue's boomerang. You can then unlock the door to the north and reach the Triforce Gateway.

Illusory Mansion - Stage 2

If you walk forward into this stage, you'll see colored ghini enemies that can only be defeated by the respective color of hero. Go ahead and defeat all three and they will drop a small key. Use it on the gate ahead and continue forward.

In the next area, you can step on a floor switch to the right to open a path to the nearby chest, which contains a silver rupee. Once all three heroes are in the middle area, six more colored ghini will appear. There will be one of each color at a two-stack height and a three-stack height. So you'll need to cycle through each height with each color on top to defeat them all. After doing so, the Triforce Gateway will appear in the middle of the area.

Illusory Mansion - Stage 3

In this stage, you can straight away head north and pick up a bomb with your boomerang to blow up the nearby block. It's easiest to get the angle with the blue hero. Afterward, step on the switch and the rest of the colored platforms will appear.

There will be some keese flying around, so it's best to take them out so they can't knock you down while navigating the platforms. Have blue pick up red and toss him to the red platforms, and walk red to the end. Then have blue pick up green and toss him to his color, and then have green boomerang blue and toss him over to the lone blue platform. Blue can then boomerang green and toss him to safety. Have red now grab a bomb and toss it to the platform, then switch to green to have him blow up the blocks. Green can then use his boomerang to retrieve both the others.

Through the gate, be careful of the like-like that is hiding in the bushes. You'll then want to create a stack with red on top, blue in the middle, and green on bottom. You'll then want to toss each hero onto the respective moving platform. From here, have blue boomerang the green hero to create a two-stack. Then move red and the stack close enough to the edge so that red can pick up the stack and create a full totem. You can then toss green from the top to the platform above.

Hit the floor switch on this platform a bridge will drop down, allowing the stack to reach the Triforce Gateway as well.

Illusory Mansion - Stage 4

In this stage, create a full totem with blue on top, green in the middle, and red on bottom. You can then toss each hero onto the respective moving platforms. You can then use blue to retrieve the other two with the boomerang and toss them to safety. A few more aggressive ghini will appear here. If you defeat them a chest with some recovery hearts will appear.

Head up and hop down to the left onto the circular stone platform. Stand on each of the floor switches and three Prankster Poes will appear. These guys will chase whoever they first see and pick them up to try to throw them into a pit. Lure them to a nearby hero with whoever they are chasing, and then quickly switch once they pick you up. You can then attack them while they are holding the other hero. They take five hits each to defeat so don't let them throw you into pits too many times! After defeating them all a Triforce Gateway will appear to the north.

Level 7-2: Palace Noir

Palace Noir - Stage 1

You'll find yourself in a very darkly lit room. Run around this first floor and pick up all three weapons. There are a couple torches you can light with the fire gloves on the first floor, then take the staircase to the second floor to the right. The puzzle up here is rather tricky. You'll need to line the bow hero up against the wall across from the gap to the unlit torch. You'll then need to throw a fireball at him and quickly switch to him so he can shoot a fire arrow at the torch to light it.

Now use the gust bellows hero to blow the other two across the gap. Then throw the fire golves hero across the smaller gap and light the torches up here. Have the fire golves hero drop down and then head back up the stairs. Blow him across again, and this time throw the bow hero across the smaller gap. The bow hero can use the lit torch here to shoot a fire arrow and light the final torch to the right. This will open the gate and you can head for the Triforce Gateway.

Palace Noir - Stage 2

Walk forward onto the large floor switch here. A small key will appear, but it is covered in flames on the center. Create a two stack with the gust jar hero on top and head to the moving platform on the right. Then have the remaining hero stand on the moving platform to the left. You'll need to use the gust jar to blow the key out of the flames into the hands of the other hero. You'll just have to time it well, but the key rewspawns so you can keep trying.

After getting the key, get all three heroes to safety in the center area. Have one hero pick up the key hero, leaving the gust jar by himself. Move the two stack to the red platform and have the gust jar stand on the raised area behind them. You can then blow the hero holding the key over to the other side.

Step on the floor switch here to cause the red platform to move and use the key on the gate. You can then access the Triforce Gateway. Before you do, head to the left to find a chest with a silver rupee.

Palace Noir - Stage 3

In this dark room, there are many bandit poes, three of which are holding keys. Your goal is to get each key from them to unlock the door with three locks at the north side of the room. When you get a key, the other bandits will chase after you to take it back. You'll just have to run away to escape them, as the bandits will continue to respawn. To unlock the final lock, you'll need a two stack totem to reach it. Through this door is the Triforce Gateway.

Palace Noir - Stage 4

Start out by heading into the arena. In this first phase, three colored poes will appear that can of course only be attacked by the respective color hero. However, they will always run away before you can slash them. So you'll need to chase them towards the correct colored hero with a different one, and then quickly switch to get some hits in.

In the second phase, a Grim Repoe will appear. He will be invisible until you light up the torches in the room with the fire gloves. After that, you can use the gust jar to stun him, then slash him with your sword. He will try to put out the torches, so you'll need to quickly relight them to deal damage. He will repeat this process a second time, but will float hire up. Simply use the same strategy but create a two stack totem with the gust jar on top to stun him.

After he's been defeated a Triforce Gateway will appear and the level will be complete.

Level 7-3: Lone Labyrinth

Lone Labyrinth - Stage 1

Start this stage off by hitting the orb switch. Quickly totem up and run across the path that appears. Pick up all the weapons here.

You'll need to complete this next puzzle fairly quickly after hitting the next orb. Have the gripshot hero pick up the fire gloves hero and toss him to the right side of the platforms that appear. Run to the left and use the gripshot to grab a bomb and toss it at the orb switch. While waiting for that to explode, run to the rigth and hit the orb here. Quickly switch to the fire gloves and light the torch to finish the puzzle. You can then safely walk to the Triforce Gateway.

Lone Labyrinth - Stage 2

Create a two stack totem to light the nearby torch. This will cause some platforms to appear to the right that appear on a cycle. Create a full totem and run across them to the north. On the upper ledge here you can grab some rupees from the chest and light the torch, cuasing another chest to appear. You can use the gust jar to blow a hero across the gap to get to this chest, which has more rupees. When you open it some more platforms appear that allow you to get safely back.

Create a full totem and drop down onto the platforms to reach a floor switch. Kill the poes that appear afterward. Head to the right with one hero at a time, as a bunch of enemies will appear that will knock down your totem as the platforms dissapear below you. Kill the colored poes and keese with each hero one at a time while moving along the series of platforms. Once they are all defeated, a bridge will appear taking you to the Triforce Gateway.

Lone Labyrinth - Stage 3

Drop down to the platforms with just the fire gloves hero. Head to the right and light the torch, defeating the keese along the way. This will cause more dissapearing platforms to appear to your right, which you can take to reach a solid platform further on. Now drop down with the other heroes to regroup. Once on the small platform, use the gripshot hero to throw the other two across the gap to the left. You can then gripshot over to join them. Then create a full totem with the fire gloves on top to light the torch.

More dissapearing platforms will appear on the right side of the area. Carefully move over to the safe platform, then drop down with just the gripshot hero. Use him to carefully clear the nearby enemies while avoiding falling with the dissapearing platforms. Then head back to the other two heroes and have them two stack and drop on top, creating a full totem. Then quickly toss them over the gap to the north and gripshot over to them to reunite.

On this north platform, use the gust jar to blow the other two heroes to the platform in the corner to the right. Create a two stack with the fire gloves on top and light the nearby torch. This will create some more dissapearing platforms and three colored poes. Drop down one at a time to defeat the respective poes.

Once the poes are cleared, a final set of dissapearing platforms will appear leading south. You can toss a hero to the right to open a chest containing a purple rupee. Afterward, carefully take the platforms to the end to find the Triforce Gateway.

Lone Labyrinth - Stage 4

In this room you'll run into some ReDeads, a staple enemy in the Zelda franchise. To defeat them, you'll need to first stun them with any special weapon, and then slash at them with your sword. They will also do the same to you, since they can stun you by screaming and then latch on to attack. When this happens, simply switch to another hero and use a special weapon to break things up.

You'll start out fighting one ReDead, but four more will appear after the first one. They are quite tanky, but just use the process of stunning and slashing and you'll get them taken care of. Afterward, a Triforce Gateway will appear and the level will be complete.

Level 7-4: Grim Temple

Grim Temple - Stage 1

After you grab all three weapons in this room, several enemies will appear. The room is very dark and there are several pits you can fall into, so be careful around the left and right sides. There is a torch in the center you can light that will give you some lighting. Otherwise this room is very simple, just defeat all the enemies to move on. There are both stalfos and rats in the room. The boomerang is probably the easiest option, but any will work. After they are all defeated, a Triforce Gateway will appear.

Grim Temple - Stage 2

You will start this stage with each hero seperated on different platforms. There are dissapearing platforms that connect them all, and you'll have to use them to defeat the three colored poes. Afterward a couple more poes will appear that need a two stack totem to reach. After defeating them, head north and smack the orb switch. Continue north onto the next platform.

On this center platform, you'll have to defeat several Gibdos. Use the fire gloves to burn off the mummy wrap and then slash at them near the ledge and they will either get hit or fall off. Be careful as the platforms in the center of the stage dissapear periodically. When they are all defeated you can head to the Triforce Gate to the north.

Grim Temple - Stage 3

To get all three heroes to the center arena in this stage, start by tossing the boomerang hero and the remaining hero across the gap onto their respective colored platforms. You can then use the boomerang to get the third hero across. There are prankster poes here, so be careful to keep all the heros pretty close together so that you can switch between them to defend whoever the poes latch onto and grab. It can be pretty tricky since they have a lot of areas that run towards to throw you off the stage. Once they are defeated, some more colored platforms will appear to the right.

The trick to the next series of colored platforms is to stand at the edge of the respective colored platforms so that you can pick up a hero from another color. You can then toss them to whichever platform they belong on next. Use this method and you can make your way to the platform with two ReDeads. Use your boomerang hero to take them out by stunning and slashing. If you're lucky you can actually push them off the edge to make quick work. Afterward use the correct color platforms to cross to the Triforce Gateway to the north.

Grim Temple - Stage 4

In this stage, walk to the center of the arena for a fight with the boss of The Ruins called Prismantus. In the first phase, Prismantus will spin around horizontally and attack by moving quickly towards you while spinning. After the initial lunge, he will slow down allowing you to get some hits in at the obvious weak spots that you need to hit with the respective colored hero. After hitting each color twice, he will be stunned. You can then toss a hero on top of him and slash away at the eye.

In the second phase, Prismantus will act very similarly, but he will be rotated and spin vertically instead. You can hit the colored bulbs whenever they are on the ground, and he'll stop briefly after doing three rotations. Once all have been hit twice once again, you can toss a hero up and slash away at his eye.

The third phase is like the second, but when Prismantus pauses he pivots on a singular bulb and shoot a lazer out of his eye. You can hit the bulbs as he rotates vertically, but you can also totem up to reach them when he does his lazer attack. Once you've hit them all twice again, he'll fall over. Throw a hero onto him and slash away at his eye to defeat him.

With the boss defeated, you can head for the Triforce Gateway to finish off this level and The Ruins.

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