Part 1: Hytopia

Note: This walkthrough takes the player through the missions in single player mode. Multiplayer mode is similar enough for this walkthrough to be useful, but the levels may vary from the single player design in some ways.


After the initial cutscene – head north up the stair and enter the big purple building to find Madame Couture. Head towards her for a brief dialog. Now exit the building and go north to Hytopia Castle. Upon nearing the castle – you will get a brief dialog. Now enter to find Sir Combsly and a brief dialog will ensue.

After the dialog – Sir Combsly gives you some Hytopian Silk. Exit the castle and head back to Madame Couture to the south. Speak with her and create a custom order for the Hero’s Tunic. It requires the Hytopian Silk and 0 rupees. After getting the Hero’s Tunic – exit back to Hytopia for a brief dialog.

Now press A against the statue to save the game. Head back north into Hytopia Castle and speak with Sir Combsly. Now go northeast and enter the single player door. Continue north for a brief dialog with the Doppel Master. After the dialog – speak with the Doppel Master again and select, “Let’s do this!”

Head north through the Triforce Gateway to enter the Drablands. Be sure to use the bottom screen to switch to each Doppel and position them on a part of the Triforce Gateway. Upon doing so – you will be transported to the Drablands, which is the area the different levels and stages of the game are located.

Continue to Woodlands

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