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Note: This walkthrough takes the player through the missions in single player mode. Multiplayer mode is similar enough for this walkthrough to be useful, but the levels may vary from the single player design in some ways.

Level 8-1: Floating Gardens

Floating Gardens - Stage 1

Start off by grabbing all three of the weapons. You can shoot the orb switches across the gap with an arrow. You'll have to aim in front of them since the wind will carry the arrow. Carefully cross the bridge that appears and avoid being blown off the side. There are two soldiers to the north you need to defeat. An easy way to do so is to stand on the ledge and toss bombs down at them.

For this puzzle, create a full totem with the gripshot hero on top and the bomb hero on bottom. Toss up the other two heros onto the ledge here. You can then gripshot across the gap. Now throw a bomb near the edge, then use the gripshot to retrieve it. Toss the bomb at the orb to the north to create a bridge you can cross.

Next you need to hit the orb switch under the grate. Get a bomb out and hold it for one second (count one mississippi) and throw it to the northernmost point of the wind. This should line up correctly to hit the switch. You then just need to cross the bridge with all three heroes to make it to the Triforce Gate.

Floating Gardens - Stage 2

In this stage, you'll find a very familiar Zelda staple right away... Cuccos! Have each hero grab one and use them to float to the east, one little sky island at a time. You'll reach a larger island with some tall pillars. Use the moving platform to the left to get on top of pillar, then fly to the right. You can then fly straight north and land on a little tower with a chest that contains a silver rupee. Bring the other two heroes to this island as well.

Once all three heroes are in the center of the island, four Helmasaurs enemies will appear. Use the gripshot hero to defeat them by pulling there masks off and slashing away. Once they are all defeated, the door to the north will open and you can enter the Triforce Gateway.

Floating Gardens - Stage 3

To start off, create a two stack totem with the bow hero on top and head to the right. There is an orb switch to the right that you'll need to hit with an arrow, but with the wind you'll have to aim ahead of time for your shot to hit. If you stand near the third symbol on the ground it should help you line it up. A bridge will be created, so bring all three heroes to the next platform.

Create a two stack totem with the bomb hero on top. Toss a bomb onto the cracked boulders nearby. You can then toss a hero onto this platform. Grab a cucco here and head to the moving platform to the north. Here you can hit an orb switch to create a bridge that allows the other two heroes to come along as well.

Once you are all on this platform, there will be two soldiers to defeat. You can use the gripshot to steal their sheilds to make it easier. There are two floor switches to the left that you'll want to stand on with the non-gripshot heroes. Then take the gripshot hero onto the windy platform and use the gripshot on the key. Take it over to the door to the north and then you can use the Triforce Gateway.

Floating Gardens - Stage 4

This stage is simply a gauntlet of enemies that you'll need to defeat. There are two waves of enemies, each consisting of a few helmasaurs and fire keeleons. Use the gripshot hero to take out the helmasaurs and create a totem to reach the fire keeleons with simple slashes. After both waves are defeated, the door to the north will open. You can open the chests here for some rupees, then head into the Triforce Gateway.

Level 8-2: Deception Castle

Deception Castle - Stage 1

Start this stage off by picking up the three weapons. Once you do, some soldiers will spawn to the north. They are somewhat annoying to fight, since they are atop statues and there is strong wind blowing. Start off by hopping off the ledge with a two stack and targeting the lower soldier first. You can then bring the third hero down for a full totem to take out the other soldier. Remember that you can use your weapons to stun them.

In this section, have a hero gripshot onto the grate to the north. You can then use the gust jar to blow them across the gap. Repeat this same thing for the second gripshot hero. You can them create a two stack with the gripshot heros to reach the moving grate. Latch onto that to reach the third area and then you can step on all three floor switches. This will reveal a path that leads to the Triforce Gateway.

Deception Castle - Stage 2

Enter the little tornado with all three heroes to get to the arena of this stage. You'll be on a spinning platform with some enemies throwing projectiles from all sides. To defeat the one on the right, simply use a gust jar to blow some bombs at him. For the top soldier, create a full totem and blow more bombs with your gust jar. For the left soldier, you'll need to grab some bombs with the gripshot and toss them his way. When they are all defeated, a Triforce Gate will appear.

Deception Castle - Stage 3

This is another stage with tilting platforms that you'll need to balance on each side. However, these platforms aren't quite as sensitive as the ones we've encountered before. That means for the first section you can just run with each hero one at a time to get to the next safe platform. Afterward, toss the gust jar hero to the right and run to the safe platform, but then move out a little bit onto the tilting platform closer to the other heros. Then you can gripshot to the gust jar hero with the two gripshot heros.

With all three heroes on a safe platform, bring the gust jar hero to the right side of the tilting platform and another hero on the left. You need to use the gust jar on the top bomb to kill the two spinning enemies to the right by dropping a bomb on them. If you launch when the spinners are are at the top and bottom of their path respectively, the timing should line up.

Afterward, quickly run onto the right side with the remaining hero and toss the gust jar hero onto the north platform. You can then gripshot a bomb and toss it to the left. Then have the left hero throw it onto the spinners on the left. When they are all defeated, a key will appear. Use the hero on the safe platform to pick up the other two heroes. You can then gripshot the key and open the door from this platform. It leads to the Triforce Gateway.

Deception Castle - Stage 4

This stage is a boss fight with Gigaleon. Walk forward with all three heroes to begin the fight. There are four fans in the corners of the arena. In the first phase, your goal is to use the gust jar to activate these fans, which will shoot up some wind and stun the boss. You can then toss bombs in this tornado to damage him. This is easiest to do if you have the two gripshot heroes positioned on the left and right side near the bombs so that you can quickly switch to them when you get a wind stun. If you do this three times, he will switch to the second phase.

In this second phase, your goal is the same: stun Gigaleon with the wind fans in the corners. But instead of throwing bombs, you'll now need to toss one of the heroes up into the wind. Once on him, you can slash at his eye to deal damage. The easiest way to prepare for this is to keep a two stack totem in the center of the stage. Just be careful not to switch to them if they are covered in fire. After three more hits, Gigaleon will go down.

Once the boss is on the ground, you'll need to finish him off with some more slashes. Once defeated, you can take the wind tunnels to the north and find the Triforce Gateway.

Level 8-3: Dragon Citadel

Dragon Citadel - Stage 1

Head for the elevator straight ahead with all three heroes and hit the nearby orb switch. Pick up the three weapons in this area. Create a full totem stack with the magic hammer hero on top. Hit the spring here and then stand on top of it to be flung up. Hit the switch up here to open the gate.

In this area, you'll want to toss the two stack in front of the yellow blocks and hit the orb switch. Then pick the two stack up and move to safety in front of the purple blocks. You'll now want to create a full totem with the water rod hero on top. Use the water rod on the edge here so that you can climb the water tower and fall onto the moving platform to the right. Repeat this same process on the moving platform to get to the next platform. Then you can walk onto the moving platform below and get out of the wind.

From here, you can use the water rod to climb up the platforms. Toss a two stack off and carefully head down the narrow platform to the south and open up the chest for a purple rupee. Now smash some of the pegs to the right with the magic hammer hero. You can now create a full totem and head right through the wind until you get to a floor switch elevator. Ride this up and you'll find the Triforce Gateway.

Dragon Citadel - Stage 2

Create a full totem and head to the right where you'll see some dissapearing platforms. As soon as the first one appears, get onto it and follow the platforms along the path before they dissapear. When you get to the next solid platform, there will be a soldier there waiting for you to fight. To the left there is a windy area with a switch that will let you block the wind on certain sections. However, the easiest way to get across is to simply make a run for it and be careful not to fall off.

On this platform there are two more soldiers that you'll need to defeat. To the right is another windy area with some switches that can be used to block certain areas from the wind. But once again, the easiest thing to do is just run across the middle into the wind.

On this other platform, step on the three floor switches (blocking the wind for the stationary doppels). This will summon four Ice Wizzrobes for you to fight. Two of them are on ground level and two of them require a two stack totem to reach. The trickiest part about this fight is being careful not to activate the orb switch which might push your doppels off the ledge. Once all three are defeated, you can step into the Triforce Gateway.

Dragon Citadel - Stage 3

This stage is another with colored platforms. Start by creating a full totem with blue on top, green in the middle, and red on the bottom. Walk onto the red platform here, which will take you to a green platform moving vertically. Toss the stack on here, and then toss the blue hero up above when you get there. Then ride the platform back down and pick the red hero up, so that all three of the heroes can get to the platform above.

Step on the floor switch up here to reveal a blue platform to the right. Pick up the cucco with a non-blue hero and then create a full totem with blue on the bottom. Fly over to the blue platform and then toss the other two heroes over the shortest hammer pegs. Defeat the soldiers on this side of the pegs. You can then use the hammer to squish these pegs so all three heroes are over here.

You'll now want to create a full totem with the hero on top holding a cucco. Stand near the wall here and toss the top hero off the ledge, and then quickly switch to them. Guide them over to the nearby ledge. Step on the floor switch here to open the gate. You can then have all three heroes step on the floor switch to activate some tornadoes to the right.

Head down and to the right, smashing the pegs in with the hammer if you haven't already. Once here, create a full totem with a cucco on top. You'll now just want to glide to the north, hitting each tornado along the way and sticking to the left side. Once you reach safety, you can head to the right to find a couple treasure chests with rupees and hearts. Otherwise you can just head north and enter the Triforce Gateway.

Dragon Citadel - Stage 4

This is another enemy gauntlet, and as soon as you enter the stage you'll be in a battle. You'll just need to beat three Aerolfos. These enemies will launch tornado attacks at you and eventually lunge down and attack you. Wait for their three sword swipe attack and then throw a boomerang at them to stun them. You can then get in a sword slash or a spin attack. Rinse and repeat for each of the Aerolfos and a Triforce Gateway will appear. Walk into it to complete the level.

Level 8-4: Sky Temple

The final level of the game is a series of stages that are essentially enemy gauntlets before the final boss. In this level you can also choose whatever weapons you want from any that are available in the game in each stage. It may be a good idea to wear the costume of whatever your favorite weapon is if you have it unlocked to power it up. The Boomeranger costume is particularly useful.

Sky Temple - Stage 1

Pick whichever weapons you'd like but the boomerang, hammer, and fire gloves are good options. Head onto the platform that appears, it will take you to another area where you'll need to fight two spinners and two dekus. Toss a hero onto the center platform and then throw bombs onto the spinners to defeat them. You can then defeat the dekus by stacking up to their height and using any weapon on them or sword slashes. Fill up on health and then take the blue platform to the next area.

Next you'll have to fight some octoroks, tektites, and one keeleon. You'll need to create a full totem to reach the keeleon, use a ranged weapon if you have one on top. The rest of the enemies can be defeated from the ground. Head to the next blue platform when you've finished.

In this arena you'll need to battle ice wizzrobes, terrorpins, and freezards. Attack the the terrorpins (turtle enemies) with the hammer or bombs. The freezards (icicles) can also be taken out with the hammer or bombs or fire gloves. That leaves the ice wizzrobes, which you can just slash with your sword or a ranged weapon. You may need to create a stack to reach them. After all the enemies are defeated, take the blue platform and you'll arrive at a Triforce Gateway.

Sky Temple - Stage 2

Pick whichever weapons you'd like or just stick with the ones you have. The magic hammer, boomerang, and fire gloves will be very useful once again. There are kodongos, fire keese, and soldiers on statues here. You can ride an armos statue yourself to reach the lava if you'd like, but you don't really need to. Just smash everything with a hammer from the ground, the soldiers will even fall off into the lava. Take the blue platform to the next arena when you've defeated them.

This next arena is covered in quicksand, so make sure not to stand in the sandy areas for too long. There are some stalfos and gibdos here, as well as some morths that will continue to respawn. The boomerang or hammer will make quick work of the stalfos by stunning them or pushing them off the edge. You can quickly get rid of the gibdo with the fire gloves, or you can just stun it and slash away. Once all the enemies are defeated, take the next blue platform.

When you arrive at this arena it will go dark. Things can get out of hand here pretty quickly. If you have the fire gloves you can try to light the nearby torches, but it may not be worth the effort. There is a flaming ball-and-chain trooper alongside many ghini here. Get as far away as you can from the ball and chain and focus on killing the ghini. When you get enough killed, you can try to stun the ball-and-chain trooper and then get some slashes in. Once they are all defeated you can take the Triforce Gateway to the next stage.

Sky Temple - Stage 3

You can once again choose to change out your weapons if you'd like. The boomerang, hammer, and gust jar are a good choice for this stage. Head to the first arena where you'll be greeted by five soldiers with various weapons. They all come at you at once in a small arena, so it can be a little tricky. You can use the gust jar to blow them off the platform or the boomerang/hammer to stun them and get slashes in. If they are all chasing you in one direction you can switch to another hero and get some shots in from the back. When they are all defeated, fill up on hearts and move on to the next arena.

In this arena, another set of soldiers is ready to fight. This time it includes a bomb soldier and a ball-and-chain soldier. The best strategy here is to use the bombs and lure the group of soldiers into them to attack a lot of them at once. The hammer also works well since it can get past the soldiers with a shield. Otherwise just use whatever weapons you have to stun and kill all the soldiers. Fill up on hearts and head up the staircase to the final arena.

Here you'll need to fight two aeroflos. These are just like the ones from the last level, so you should be used to fighting them by now. But just wait until they swoop down and do their triple sword slash, then stun them with the boomerang or hammer and slash away. Repeat this until they are both defeated. The door will open ahead and you can take the Triforce Gate, but make sure to fill up on hearts first.

Sky Temple - Stage 4

This is the final stage of the game and is a boss bottle with the final boss of the game, who has several phases. It starts out with a cutscene where Lady Maud steals all your weapons. This means you'll have to defeat her with only your swords. Head north and fill up on health along the way if you need.

In the first phase, create a full totem and toss a two stack over the spinning ring. Wait for The Lady to toss her parasols and then toss a hero onto the platform with her to get some slashes in. She'll knock you off the platform afterward, but just repeat this process a few times. Eventually the spinning ring will go away and she will run around the battlefield targeting a certain hero (indicated by colored lightning bolts). Just switch to another hero and attack her from behind.

In the second phase, you'll have to play a volley game with some dangerous lightning orbs that The Lady shoots your way. However, she sends out differnt colored orbs that can of course only be volleyed by the respective heroes. For single player, the trick to this is to line up all three heroes close to each other. If she sents the right color to the hero you are controlling, hit it back. If not, it will bounce off one of the doppels and change color, giving you another opportunity to smack it. It doesn't always change to the color you need, so this can be a pretty tricky process. But once you volley enough the orbs will stun her and you can get your shots in.

The third phase is where things start to get a little dicey. The Lady will stand on a circus tower and different colored parasols will surround her. You'll have to throw heroes of the correct color on top of them to reach her and get some slashes in. Any hero can stand on a white parasol. There are some lower and some higher ones that require you to toss the top hero or a two stack respectively.

While you are trying to do this, the parasols will routinely collapse and be launched at you. They will then emit circles of electricity that you will need to avoid on the ground. This can be tricky, but just keep at it and be patient until you get a parasol that you can safely toss up onto. After a few cycles, she will move on to her final phase.

The fourth and final phase is actually easier than the third. The Lady will rise even higher on her platform, but she will now send her colored parasols down to ground level so you can just walk on them. Create a full totem and walk on the parasol color that matches your totem botom. It will then bring you to The Lady where you can get a lot of hits in and even finish her in one cycle of this. There will still be parasols and electricity to dodge, so keep being careful around those.

After you get enough hits in the final boss of the game will be defeated! Plenty of rupees will drop and you can head to the final Triforce Gate of the game.


After completing the final level, exit the room to the south and you'll be stopped by Sir Combsly. Because you have all of The Lady's materials, you can now return to Madame Couture's shop to create the final outfit. Once you enter, put in a custom order for The Lady's Ensemble. After it is made and you are wearing it, return to the castle.

Once back at the castle, Sir Combsly will escort you to Princess Styla. You will see both the King and Princess and have the privelage of performing a special ritual to lift the curse on the Princess. Congratulations, you just beat The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes! A ceremony will ensue and the credits will roll...

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