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Note: This walkthrough takes the player through the missions in single player mode. Multiplayer mode is similar enough for this walkthrough to be useful, but the levels may vary from the single player design in some ways.

Level 6-1: Infinity Dunes

Infinity Dunes - Stage 1

Begin by grabbing picking up the weapons straight ahead. You'll have to use the water rod to get back out of the pit here. To the east you'll find a large area with quicksand, so don't stand in one spot for too long or you will sink. Head north anad you can use the water rod to get all three heroes across the river of sand.

Continue north and you'll find a floor switch. Nearby are two more floor switches under piles of sand, which you can remove with the water rod. You'll have to totem and throw a the water rod hero up on the pillar to activate them all. Then you can simply cross the bridge that appears to reach the Triforce Gate.

Infinity Dunes - Stage 2

In this stage, you'll simply need to defeat all the enemies that appear in the small quicksand arena. There will be vultures, like-likes, and leevers. You'll have to use the water rod to stun and reach the vultures. There are also some bomb flowers you can dig up to use on the like-likes if you'd like. Once all enemies are defeated, the Triforce Gate will reveal itself to the north.

Infinity Dunes - Stage 3

Head all the way to the west side of the stage and use the water rod on the little plant in the sand here. This will create a leafy platform that will carry you up the cliff. Take all three heroes up, and then do the same thing on the next little plant here.

Once on top, use a gust jar hero to blow the other two across the river of sand onto the other platform. On this middle platform, use the water rod to reveal a bomb flower. Then use the gust jar to blow it to the left. Then quickly toss it onto the orb below, opening a section of the large door.

Now we need to get all three heroes to the middle platform. Blow the water rod hero back to the left. Then create a water pillar and toss the second gust jar hero onto the middle platform. Then drop the water rod hero to the right and create another leafy platform here, which will carry you back up to the middle platform.

Use a gust jar hero to send the other two over to the gap on the right now. From here, you'll need to very quickly create a water pillar in the sand to the right, use the gust jar to blow a bomb over, and pick up that bomb with the third hero, using the water pillar to throw the bomb at the orb to the right. If you pull it off in time, the main door will open and you can reach the Triforce Gate by sliding down the sand falls. If you take the right-most falls down, you can pick up a silver rupee on the way.

Infinity Dunes - Stage 4

Once all three heroes have entered the center of the stage, a new enemy called Hokkubokku will appear that sort of looks like a Pokey from Mario. The easiest way to kill it is to use the water rod under it and slash away. It's body parts will fly away one at a time, leaving its vulnerable head exposed.

Once the first is defeated, three more will appear at the same time. Take care of them in the same way. Once they are all defeated, the Triforce Gate will open to the north.

Level 6-2: Stone Corridors

Infinity Dunes - Stage 1

Collect the three weapons ahead, then use the gust jar to reveal a black statue. You can pick this up and toss it into its pedastal in the corner. Then stand on the other three floor switches. This will lead you to a large area with quicksand. You're after the black statue under a sand pile in the northwest corner of the area. Haul it over to the east near the sand river, then use the gust jar to get it over the sand river. You can then use a combination of all your weapons to get all three heroes over the sand river as well.

From here, you'll see a pyramid structure with floor switches. Just toss each hero and the statue up each level of the pyramid until there is one on each level to press the floor switch. Doing so will reveal the Triforce Gate to the north.

Infinity Dunes - Stage 2

Create a full totem with the gripshot hero on top. Hook onto the metal grate here, allowing you to get through. You can then hook onto the black statue to get across the gap and press the floor switch. A ramp will appear, but arrows will be shooting down the length of it. You can use the black statue to block the arrows and the gust jar to keep moving it further to the right.

Once all the way to the right, there will be another booby trap in the form of a rolling spike on rails below. You can also use the black statue to block it've movement, inching along until you can make it safely past. You can stock up on some hearts and magic here, and then there is as second spike to the left. You can block it in the same way with the black statue, but it moves a little faster and is harder to avoid. You can use the gust jar to move it quickly and safely.

You'll then need to grab the black statue and toss it up the series of platforms to stand on all the floor switches, very similarly to the end of the last stage. The Triforce Gateway will then appear to the left.

Infinity Dunes - Stage 3

Create a full totem and run across the center of the platform. It tilts based on weight, so if you stay on one side you will fall off. You'll now need to pick up the statue with one hero and create a two stack with the others. You'll need to very methodically balance on each side of the platform by switching back and forth quickly and inching ahead. This can be quite difficult and punishing. But if you start with both sets close to the center and inch your way outward and then stay symmetrical, it can be done.

In the next area, toss the gust jar hero and statue onto the red square. This will allow you to cross this platform via balancing easier as there will be less weight. After carefully crossing the platform line the two heroes up in the center, and then use the boomerang to bring the hero and statue from the red square onto this platform. You'll then need to very quickly (as to maintain balance) toss a statue and gust jar hero onto opposite ends of the next platform, making sure they are as close to the center and not right next to the edge. From there, you can toss the boomerang hero next to the gust jar hero and quickly gripshot to the statue to maintain balance. You can then create totem stacks and carefully balance to get across this platform to safety.

There is one final platform to balance. You'll need to keep two stacks, with the statue stack on the left. Start out in the middle and move towards the top. Then inch your way left and right to maintain balance. When you get close enough to throw the statue in the stand, do so but quickly switch to the two stack and run in to maintain balance. You can then quickly move to the north platform to safety. The Triforce Gate will be waiting for you there.

Infinity Dunes - Stage 4

In this stage you'll fight the boss called Vulture Vizier. Just walk forward with the three heroes to spawn it. You'll need to create a two stack and keep it slightly off center, so that the boomerang hero can get near the ledge of the giant tilting platform. You can then just hit the vulture with your boomerang for the first phase.

The second phase is mostly the same, but the vulture will randomly drop a statue on the platform, sending it out of balance. You'll need to react quickly to maintain balance, and then find a way to blow the statue off with the gust jar with out falling off. You can then repeat the same boomerang attack as stage one, but the vulture will be moving along the side platforms.

In the final phase, the vulture will just land in the center and spin around to attack. It's best to just keep one hero on the platform and slash away at it. Once you defeat it, you can head to the Triforce Gate to the north.

Level 6-3: Gibdo Mausoleum

Gibdo Mausoleum - Stage 1

Walk forward and grab all three items. In this room, there are several sand crabs that have a key you need to catch. To kill them, throw a fireball with the fire gloves to stun them, then use the gust jar to blow the sand away. You can then slash them and take the key. If there are any remaining crabs, they will probably snatch it back before you can get to the door, so it's best to get rid of all of them. With the key in hand, you can head through the door and the Triforce Gateway to the north.

Gibdo Mausoleum - Stage 2

The only thing you need to do in this room is to defeat all the enemies. There will be a few waves of them once you get all the heroes to the center. They can all be defeated with simple sword slashes, although you may need to push the Stalfos into a corner to get some good hits in. And for the floating Fire Keelons you'll want a two stack totem to reach them. Once they are all defeated the door to the Triforce Gateway will open.

Gibdo Mausoleum - Stage 3

In this room, there is an invisible path above the abyss. You'll need to shoot fireballs with the fire gloves to reveal the path ahead. When you hit an invisible platform, it will illuminate for a few seconds. Just put the fire gloves hero on the top of a full totem and carefully make your way through to the end where you'll find the Triforce Gateway.

Gibdo Mausoleum - Stage 4

This room is a very easy mini boss room. You can do the entire thing with just the fire gloves hero. You'll just need to walk to the center and defeat five Gibdos. You can burn off the mummy wrap with fireballs, then they turn into Stalfos that you can defeat normally. Once they are all defeated, you can head into the Triforce Gateway to complete the level.

Level 6-4: Desert Temple

Desert Temple - Stage 1

Start by grabbing all the weapons in this stage. You'll need to whack some pegs down with the magic hammer to reach them all. Step on the floor switch here and continue forward to play a game of whack-a-mole. You'll just have to react quickly and hit the mole as soon as it pops out. Sometimes they will be electrified, so avoid whacking it in that situation.

In the next area there are three moles spread out over more holes. To make it easier, you can also use the boomerang to quickly stun the moles before whacking them. It can be kind of tricky, but once you get them all a door will open and you can head for the Triforce Gateway.

Desert Temple - Stage 2

This is probably the easiest stage in the entire game. All you have to do is defeat a bunch of Stalfos, which you can now defeat in one hit with your hammer. After clearing the room a Triforce Gateway will appear.

Desert Temple - Stage 3

The platforms in this room can be lowered or raised by using a magic hammer. Hitting one side will lower it and raise the other. Head onto the first platform and hit the right side down. This will let you get low enough to hit the orb to the right with a boomerang. Afterward, lower the left side so that you can reach the new platform to the right. Throw two of the heroes over to it and use the boomerang to get the third across.

Head north with all three heroes and defeat the fire keese. Step on the floor switch to activate a moving platform. Create a full totem and take this series of moving platforms, being careful to dodge the fire on the way. On this next hammer platform, there are three orbs you want to hit. You'll need to create a two stack with the boomerang on top. Then you can raise and lower each side of the platform and use the boomerang to hit each switch.

Hop down onto the platform and hit the orb in this final section. You'll need to toss a magic hammer hero on each platform, then hit the left side to lower it so that you can reach it with all the heroes. Just repeat this three times, being careful to time your throws to avoid the flames. When you do this it create a ramp straight to the Triforce Gate.

Desert Temple - Stage 4

Once you move to the center of this stage, you'll be fighting a boss called Stalchampion. For the first phase of this fight, you'll want to position each hero spread out across the edge of the arena. This is because you'll need to the Stalchampion from behind when he's distracted attacking something in front of him. Once you do, you need to slash him again to break up his body. Once that happens you can go to town on his torso with your hammer to deal damage, being careful to avoid the spiky ball. Repeat this a few times for the first phase.

The second phase is very similar to the first, but now the Stalchampion moves much faster. He also will come down with a powerful ring attack after you attack his torso, so move off the stage into the sand to avoid it. Either way, you'll repeat the same process as phase 1 to complete this phase.

In the final phase, the Stalchampion will float around as a ghost head. The spike ball will roll at you very agressively, and the Stalchampion head will dive at you if it gets close. You'll want to lure the head down with one of the hammer heroes, then use the boomerang hero to stun it. You can then deal damage with your sword. One trick you can sometimes use is to go slightly off the arena, as the spiked ball can't follow you out there but you can still hit the head with your boomerang. After enough hits the Stalchampion will be defeated and you can enter the Triforce Gateway to complete the level.

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