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The Trade Sequence in The Wind Waker HD takes you across the Great Sea to three different islands. Once completed, you will be able to collect another Piece of Heart as well as the Magic Armor.

Talk to Zunari the merchant on Windfall Island. When you do, he will tell you that business is quite slow and wants you to talk to different merchants and trade goods to bring more exciting things to Zunari’s shop. Accept it and Zunari will give you a flower which you will use to exchange with a merchant.

The first Goron merchant is located on Mother and Child Islands which are located one square east and one square down of Forsaken Fortress or about two or three squares directly west of Windfall Island. Warp to Tingle Island and sail northwest to the file, find the Goron and give him the flower you got from Zunari and he’ll give you the Sea Flower as well as an merchant’s oath to trade with Zunari.

The second Goron merchant is found on Great Fish Isle. Warp there and find a floating raft which the merchant is on. Give him the Sea Flower which he will give you the Exotic flower and an oath. He’ll begin to ship Exotic Flowers to Zunari’s shop.

The last Goron merchant is found on Bomb Island which is just a bit north of Forest Haven. Warp to Forest Haven and reach Bomb Island and go and find the Goron merchant. Trade the merchant the Exotic Flower for the Sickle Moon plant and he will give you an oath to send more of them to Zunari.

Warp back to Windfall Island and talk to Zunari to figure out how to get the Magic Armor. Once you buy it, you can equip and use it to make yourself invulnerable to damage (you’ll still be flung aside from enemy attacks). The downside is that the armor will drain your magic meter rather quickly.

Next part of the Trade Sequence is to gain the Piece of Heart. Take the Sickle Moon to the merchant on Greatfish Island to get the Fountain Idol. Go to Mother and Child Islands and trade the Fountain Idol for the Big Sail Flag. Go to Greatfish Isle and trade the Big Sail Flag for the Hero’s flag. Trade the Hero’s flag to the merchant on Mother and Child Islands and get the Postman Statue. Take the Postman statue to merchant on Greatfish Island and get the Shop Guru’s statue. Bring it to Zunari who will give you a Piece of Heart for your troubles.

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