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The following is a The Wind Waker Boss Guide. It will take you through the processes of defeating all of the big bad guys in the game!

The Wind Waker Bosses


This Gohma battle is unlike any battle with Gohma you've had before. Although it looks difficult and epic, this fight is quite simple. Gohma will try to harm you with various attacks, but they're slow and easy to avoid. Just get into grappling range of the dragon tail hanging from the ceiling of this dungeon. When you grapple it and swing across the room, rocks will fall and harm Gohma. This is your chance to hit her in the eye with your grappling hook to stun her. While she's vulnerable, slash her eye. Continue this pattern until she is no longer a threat.

Kalle Demos

The Forbidden Woods boss may seem to be quite hard to defeat, but follow a simple pattern, and you'll take down Kalle Demos with ease. The plant will use underground vines to try to attack you, but just use your shield for protection when this happens. When the boss attaches itself to the ceiling, use your boomerang to hit its tentacles. After the beast falls, attack its core with your sword. Repeat this trend until the beast is vanquished.


This is the new-age Bongo Bongo. The fight is simple enough, and oddly familiar. He will use a fire-cannon to his offensive advantage, but a simple roll will help you avoid this. Just shoot the eyes in his hands twice a piece. Stay clear of his hands when they turn into fists, and you should be fine. After you shoot the hands, Gohdan's head will fall to the ground and his mouth will open. Run forth and throw a bomb into the new opening (I recommend targeting for this). A few bombs later, he should be defeated.

Phantom Ganon

Although this is more of a mini-boss fight, I felt it should still be in this Boss Guide. To defeat Phantom Ganon, just target him and use your sword to bat the energy balls back in a baseball like manner. A few solid strikes and he should give up the Skull Hammer!

Helmaroc King

The battle on top of the Forsaken Fortress should be a breeze. He can use gusts of wind to his advantage, and since the walls are covered with spikes, this could be a problem. Just make sure when he tries to blow you away, direct yourself towards one of the areas without spikes. Stand near the bird's talons as you start the battle. When he tries to attack you with his beak, roll out of the way. If you did this effectively, his beak will be stuck in the ground. Here's your chance to hit his helmet with your Skull Hammer. Repeat this strategy until the helmet falls off. After that occurs, use the same tactics, but instead of trying to break the helmet with the hammer, you now have the enemy exposed, and are free to slash away with your sword. After a few strikes, the bird will be destroyed.


This boss is a large poe, who can split himself into many smaller poes. He will use his lantern to shoot fire and wind at you, and since the dungeon's walls are covered with spikes, your best defense is to roll out of the way of these attacks. When you have an opening, stand in the light shining through the ceiling, and use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light at Jalhalla. After a few seconds of UV torment, the large poe will break up into smaller poes. Just attack these small versions with your sword. He will reform, but just continue the process until the boss is no more.


This is quite a complicated fight against a pesky sand worm. The strategy is simple, but the process can be frustrating. The worm will try to consume you as you run about the dungeon. When you see the sand turn black under you, keep rolling until you're clear of the danger. The best method here is to keep along the edges during this battle. When Molgera does actually show himself, he will open his mouth and his tongue will be exposed. Use the hookshot to draw this near to you, and slash it with your sword. After you do this he will send two smaller, pesky worms to attack you. Simply use your hookshot to extract them from the ground and a few quick slashes with the sword should make them retreat. After a few rounds of this, the sand worm will no longer be a problem.


As a traditional ending boss fight in the Zelda series, this is most definitely a multi-stage fight! This is a tough battle so be sure to be stocked on all of your supplies.

Stage 1: In this stage, Zelda will fire Light Arrows at Ganondorf while you keep him busy. Keep Ganondorf between you and Zelda for the best results. When he is hit, he will be stunned. This is your chance to run up and slash him with the Master Sword. After a few hits, it's on to round two.

Stage 2: Ganondorf realizes that the battle would be easier without Zelda's interference, and he attacks her. You must be diligent during this stage. Target him and circle the room. A special sword attack will appear as a starburst on the A button. When this flashes, quickly press the button to execute the move. After a few attacks, Zelda will awaken, and the Final Stage will commence!

Final Stage: This is a one-hit win, but it's quite hard to accomplish. Zelda will be firing the Light Arrows at you during this part. If you get the timing right, you can use the Mirror Shield to deflect this attack into Ganondorf. This is where you must act quickly. Right after the arrow stuns Ganondorf, drop your shield and run towards him. There will be one last prompt for the special sword attack from the A button. If you're quick enough, Ganondorf will be vanquished, and the Great Sea will be safe!

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