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Welcome to the land, or sea, of fruitful items! This is a guide for The Wind Waker Items. Basically it will describe the items uses and where to get them. The Wind Waker is a vast game. With the Seas, Lands, Boats, and Dungeons; you can be assured that there is no shortage of fun and useful items to be found!

The Wind Waker Items Guide

Bait Bag

You can purchase the Bait Bag from Beedle's Ship just off the coast of Offset Island (Section G2 of your Seachart). The bag can hold all-purpose bait, which is used to attract animals and Fishmen, and Hyoi pears, which let you take control of seagulls.

Boko Stick

Boko sticks are found everywhere! They're versatile because you can use them to attack enemies and light things on fire.


You can earn bombs by completing Niko's challenge on the Pirate Ship right off the coast of Windfall Island (Section B4 of your Seachart). Bombs are very useful for both attacks and exploration throughout this game.


The Boomerang can be obtained in the Dungeon in the Forbidden woods (Section F6 of your Seachart). You can use this item to stun many enemies at once, and pick up items which are hard to reach.


These are great for holding fairies, potions, water, fireflies, and elixir soup in this game. Below is a guide on how to get each bottle.

Bottle 1

Medli will give you this bottle right before you enter the Dragon Roost Cavern (Section B6 on your Seachart).

Bottle 2

After you have cleared the Dragon Roost Cavern, you can venture to section E6 on your Seachart. Here you will find a submarine. Board the floating fortress, and kill all of the enemies inside. You will receive a bottle for your efforts.

Bottle 3

Go to Windfall Island at night (Section B4 on your Seachart), and talk to the girl by the shop. She will ignore you, but pay attention. She will start walking all over the island. Follow her without being noticed. She will end up at the Bazaar, trying to open a safe. Confront her, and answer all of her questions with the first response. Your diligence will be rewarded with a shiny new bottle.

Bottle 4

Beedle has a Specialty Item Ship in section C2 of your Seachart. You can buy the last bottle here for 500 rupees.

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Cabana Deed

Give 20 Joy Pendants to the School Teacher on Windfall Island (Section B4 on your Seachart), and she will give you the Deed. This allows you to enter the Cabana on the Private Oasis (Section E5 on your Seachart).

Complimentary ID

Beedle will give you this when you purchase 30 items from his ships. This really has no value after that.

Deku Leaf

The Great Deku Tree will give you the Deku Leaf right before you venture into the Forbidden Woods (Section F6 on your Seachart). You can use the leaf to glide along wind currents, and blow gusts of air at enemies and other puzzles.

Delivery Bag

The postman, Quill, will award you the Delivery Bag on your first visit to Dragon Roost Island (Section B6 on your Seachart). This can be used to carry flowers, flags, idols, letters, the Cabana Deed, the Complimentary ID, and the Fill-Up Coupon.

Deluxe Picto Box

After you have the Picto Box, you can earn the Deluxe Picto Box by completing the set of missions from Lenzo in the Picto Box shop on Windfall Island (Section B4 on your Seachart). The Deluxe Picto Box allows you to take full-color pictures.

Fill-Up Coupon

Beedle will give you this after you've purchased 60 items from his ships. This coupon can be used to replenish all of the items in your inventory.

Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook is found inside the Dragon Roost Cavern (Section B6 on your Seachart). This is great for grabbing items, stunning enemies, and swinging across gaps.

Hero's Bow

You will receive the Hero's Bow inside the Tower of the God's (Section D5 on your Seachart). This allows you to target enemies, and vanquish them with ease from afar. There are magical arrows as well:

Fire and Ice Arrows

After you learn the Ballad of Gales, warp to Mother and Child Island (Section B2 on your Seachart). Speak to the fairy inside.

Light Arrows

The most powerful arrows will be granted to you towards the end of the game, and they help you in the final battles.

Hero's Charm

This charm is essentially a mask that helps you see how much health your enemies have. You can earn this buy giving the teacher on Windfall Island (Section B4 on your Seachart) 40 Joy Pendants.

Hero's Clothes

These are the traditional clothes that the young boys on outset island get when they come of age. You will get these just before you leave Outset Island (Section G2) at the start of the game.

Hero's Shield

Another item you will receive before you leave Outset Island (Section G2). You will receive it from your grandmother. It's great for blocking most enemy attacks.

Hero's Sword

Just talk to Orca at the beginning of the game to receive your sword on Outset Island (Section G2). This is your multipurpose slaying machine.


You will get the Hookshot in the Wind Temple on Gale Isle (Section A4). Functions like the grappling hook, but is much more direct in its function.

Iron Boots

These boots are found on Ice Ring Isle (Section F5). These allow you to walk through gusts of wind, activate switches, and break through floors.

Legendary Pictograph

After you get the Deluxe Picto Box, you can buy the Legendary Pictograph from Lenzo's Shop on Windfall Island (Section B4). This allows you to take pictures for figurines.

Magic Armor

You can earn this Magic Armor through Zunari's trading sequence on Windfall Island (Section B4). This protects you from harm, but drains your magic rather quickly.

Master Sword

To get the Master Sword, you must clear the Tower of the Gods and Hyrule Castle below (Section D5). This is the Sword of the Hero.

Mirror Shield

You'll earn the Mirror Shield as you complete the Earth Temple on Headstone Island (Section G3). This not only protects you from enemy attacks, but also reflects light.

Picto Box

To get the Picto Box, crawl in the passage behind the jail cell on Windfall Island (Section B4). This allows you to take pictures.

Pirate's Charm

Tetra will give you this just before you enter the Forsaken Fortress (Section A1). This allows you to communicate with the pirates.

Power Bracelets

You can find these on Fire Mountain (Section C6) after the second trip to the Forsaken Fortress (Section A1). These Bracelets allow you pick up heavy objects.


You will have to buy the sail for 80 rupees on Windfall Island (Section B4) from Zunari. This allows you to propel the King of the Red Lions across the sea.

Skull Hammer

You will earn the Skull Hammer after defeating Phantom Ganon at the Forsaken Fortress (Section A1). You can use the hammer to stun and squash enemies and activate switches.

Spoils Bag

Niko will give you this bag before you enter the Forsaken Fortress (Section A1). This bag allows you to hold Joy Pendants, Boko Baba Seeds, Kinght's crests, Golden Feathers, Skull Necklaces, and assorted Chu Jelly.


Your little sister will give you this at the very beginning of the game on Outset Island (Section G2). Use this to zoom in and observe things.

Tingle Tuner

To get this tuner, you must rescue Tingle from the Windfall Island Jail (Section B4). This helps you, if you have a Game Boy Advance, to diversify your attacks and find Tingle Statues.

Treasure Charts

These are found all over the Great Sea. They lead you to places where there are certain treasures. Some are specified: Triforce Charts will aid you in finding shards of Triforce, and Special Charts will point out places of interest on the Great Sea.

Wind Waker

Before you land on Dragon Roost Island (Section B6), The King of the Red Loins will give you the Wind Waker. This is used to make magical musical spells that will aid you in your quest.

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