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The following the Wind Waker Bottles Guide covers every bottle in the game. Bottles can be used to hold various items that can help Link out on his journey.

The Wind Waker Bottle Guide

Bottle 1

Location - Dragon Roost Island (F2)
How to get - Medli gives it to you after you throw her to the dungeon entrance. This is the only required bottle you must get.

Bottle 2

Location - Bomb Island (F5)
How to get - Go find the man with a telescope south of Bomb Island. This man is looking at this submarine. Just use your telescope here to find the submarine. Head to the submarine and go inside. Now defeat all the enemise in here to get the second bottle.

Bottle 3

Location - Rock Spire Isle (B3)
How to get - Find Beetle's shop and purchase this bottle for 500 rupees.

Bottle 4

Location - Windfall Island (D2)
How to get - This bottle is obtainable after defeating Helmorac King at the Forsaken Fortress. At night time, go find Mila and she will tell you to go away. Go to the stairs and she will run away. Just follow her, being careful as she turns around to look every so often to see if your are still following. Stay a safe distance from her and hide behind items when she looks around for you. After you get to Zunari's safe, talk to her. Now just choose the first selection for each question she asks and since you caught her trying to steal from the safe she will give you the fourth and final bottle.


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