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To purchase Magic Beans you must meet the merchant gobbling them down along Zora’s River. You can only plant and buy beans as Young Link. When you plant a Magic Bean and water it, a hovering shrub will appear helping you reach items you couldn’t have otherwise. You can also return as an adult to earn your prize, for the plant will be full grown. You can also find Golden Skullutas hiding in the dirt if you pour some bugs over the hole. And some of them can even get you a fairy by playing the song of storms!

In the Kakariko Village graveyard there is a bean patch with a Skulluta. Get your token and plant a Magic Bean. Prize: Piece of Heart.

In Kokiri Forest, near the Kokiri Shop there is an area of soft soil where a Skulluta resides. Scare it out of its hole and plant your Magic Beans. Prize: Rupees

Next to the laboratory in Lake Hylia collect the Golden Skulluta and then drop your bugs into the dirt. Prize: Piece of Heart.

Warp to the Spirit Temple using the Requiem of Spirit. A Skulluta is hiding in the soil. Scare it out and plant the Magic Beans. Prize: Piece of Heart.

Find a Cucco in Gerudo Valley and drop to the ledge at the very bottom of the river below. Next to the cow is a patch of soil that houses a Skulluta. Prize: Piece of Heart.

In the Lost Woods, near the entrance to Zora’s River and Sacred Forest Meadow there is an area where you can find a patch of soil. Drop bugs for a Skulluta and then plants your Magic Beans. Prize: Another Golden Skulluta Token.

A Golden Skulluta is in the patch of soil by the entrance to Dongados Cavern. Plant a Magic Bean and return there seven years later to receive a prize. Prize: Piece of Heart.

Warp to Death Mountain Crater using the Bolero of Fire. Plant a Magic Bean in a nearby patch and leave quickly, to avoid being burnt by the heat Prize: Piece of Heart.

When entering the Lost Woods take two lefts. Right when you see the bridge look down to find a patch of soil. Collect the Golden Skulluta and then plant your Magic Bean. Prize: This will be a nice shortcut from the Lost Woods to the Bridge that leads to Hyrule.

Next to the Magic Bean Merchant is a soft patch of soil where you can plant your first Magic Bean. Prize: A very quick shortcut through Zora’s River to Zora’s Domain and a Piece of Heart.

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