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Below you will find various codes for the game:

Gameshark Codes Description
8111a66c7777 All Equiptment
8111a67430ff 8111a676ffff All Quest/Status Items
8011a6480004 8011a64e000c 8011a6540012 Have All Arrow Types
8011a6490005 8011a64f000d 8011a6550013 Have All Spells
8011a6780007 Have Big Key, Compass, & Map
8011a650000e Have Boomerang
8011a651000f Have Lens of Truth
8011a64d000b Have Longshot
8011a6530011 Have Megaton Hammer
8011a64b0008 Have Ocarina of Time
8011a6470003 8011a65f0009 Infinite Arrows
8011a64c0009 8011a6640009 Infinite Bombchu's
8011a6460002 8011a65e0009 Infinite Bombs
8011a6450001 8011a65d0009 Infinite Deku Nuts
8011a6440000 8011a65c0009 Infinite Deku Sticks
8111a6000140 Infinite Energy
d011a6090008 8011a60a0001 8011a60c0001 8011a6030060 Infinite Magic
8011a6520010 8011a66a0009 Infinite Magic Beans
8011a64a0006 8011a6620009 Infinite Slingshots
8011a6990009 Infinite Small Keys
8111a5fe0140 Max Heart
d01c84b50020 811daa9040cb Press L to Levitate

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