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Hello and welcome to the OoT Boss Guide I will try my best to guide you through each fight with as little damage as possible so you can continue your quest. So let's begin shall we! - Wolf

Queen Gohma: for this fight be sure you have plenty of Deku Seeds, when you first walk in the room you will hear a strange noise filling the chamber hit the top C-button and look up toward the ceiling and you will a large yellow eye. After this Gohma will drop to the floor and will be ready to fight. To beat her you must use the slingshot and hit her eye her large eye, this will stun her and allow you to attack with your sword. After your first attack she will retreat to the roof once again. Pull out your slingshot and have it at the ready. Follow all of Gohma's movements with the sling shot until she stops; make sure you have a clear shot at her eye. When she stops her eye will turn red and as soon as you see that hit her with the slingshot. She will fall to the floor and be stunned once again. Run up to her and attack non-stop! Don't let up for even an instant! If you hit her enough Gohma should be done!

King Dodongo: for this fight you will need Bombs, the Hylian Shield and Deku Sticks (if possible not mandatory). Kind Dodongo may be big but don't be intimidated this is actually a very easy fight. Ok first off he will charge up a flame attack, quickly toss a bomb in his mouth and back away. After it explodes he will be open for an attack use your sword or a Deku Stick if you have one (they do more damage). After you hit him he will get up and begin his roll attack DON'T WORRY if you have the Hylian Shield equipped simply pressing R will stop you from receiving any damage. If you don't have the Hylian Shield the slope leading down to the lava is far enough away from him to not take damage or you can use the corners behind the bomb flowers growing around the room. When he stops to once again commence a fire attack repeat what you did last time. Do this two or three times and this “King” should be no problem.

Barinade: this boss consists are four phases, first off you need to use the boomerang to hit the tentacles attaching Barinade to the roof. The use of Z-Targeting makes it much easier. After you do this Barinade will begin spinning after Link using the jellyfish attached to its body to try and hit him. Use the boomerang to hit Barinade's main body this will stun it (the body will be blue to know it's stunned) when this happens hit the main body 5 times and jump back to avoid damage. Barinade will begin another spin attack this time so fast that your boomerang will be deflected back but if you're lucky you can hit him before the spin attack stop just keep throwing your boomerang. After he is stunned kill all the small jellyfish around it. Use your sword or boomerang whichever is fastest because if you don't kill them all he will begin another spin attack. Although it will be easier to stun him since some of the jelly fish are gone. After all the jellyfish are killed Barinade will begin its final spin. Stun it and attack it until it sinks into the ground. The tentacles on the top of its body will begin shooting electricity at you but it can be dodged before the tentacle fire they first flash, this will give you time to dodge. Just dodge until Barinade comes out and repeat the process hit him with the boomerang and stun him and then attack until Barinade is defeated. Simple and done.

Phantom Ganon: When this fight begins Phantom Ganon will fly into one of the six paintings on the wall, be careful to keep your eyes on all of them because Ganon will show up in two of them, the darker one will turn away from the painting and run back, and the other will pop out of the painting, when he is slightly out of the painting hit him while he his glowing white with an arrow, repeat this three times and his horse will be out of the way. Now he will begin floating around and using magic against you. Z-target him and when he launches the ball at you wait until it is close enough to hit with your sword and send it flying back at him! He will deflect it but keep on deflecting it back until it hits him. When it does hit him he will fall to the ground this is your chance to run up and attack. Use the jump attack often since it does double damage. He will begin flying around again but don't worry just repeat the process until he his defeated. Also on a side note he has another attack where he will mount his spear and fly at you and try to impale you. Just jump out of the way and keep fighting.

Volvagia: Before you walk into the bosses chamber be sure you have the Megaton Hammer on you C-Buttons and prepare for the old “knight against evil dragon” cliché. At the start of the fight Volvagia will dive into one of the many holes in the floor of the dungeon. This is your sign to watch them all closely, the hole which he is about to appear from will begin smoking, now don't go immediately charging forward for you will take some damage when he emerges swinging violently. When he calms down slice his nose and lay him out. When he his laying down smash his nose with the Megaton Hammer, repeat this process until he is defeated. But however later on after he take more damage he will fly up to the roof and begin dropping boulders avoid these at all costs, also when he goes into the hole smoke will start coming out of more than one just keep a close eye out and hit him again and again until he is dead.

Morpha: Keep your Longshot handy for this fight. When you enter the room jump onto one of the platforms in the middle and a Short cutscene will show Morpha coming up behind you. Quickly jump onto the edge around the pool and get ready for the fight. The nucleus will begin swimming around the pool and eventually stop and begin to spin and form Morpha, keep your Z-targeting on the nucleus and wait for him to form Morpha but keep your distance because if he captures you he will throw you across the room causing major damage. Simply hit the nucleus with the Longshot and pull him toward you and hit him with your sword. Repeat until dead. Eventually he will begin forming more Morphas and this may cause problems just stay cool and keep pulling the nucleus out and attacking! 5-6 slices should kill him.

Dead Hand: you meet this boss as a child in the bottom of the well. When the fight starts two rows of hands will appear to make the boss appear allow one of the hands to grab you until he shows up. Mash buttons like crazy to escape the hand holding you back and attack the boss's head when he lowers it. Repeat this process until he is dead. Your reward for defeating this foe is the Lens of Truth, which is a necessity for the next boss battle.

Bongo Bongo: This is one of the most bizarre bosses in the game he consists of a single eye and two hands. The stage of this battle, a giant drum? Use the lens of truth to be able to see the boss's hands, quickly draw out your bow and shoot the hands, now with the hands down for the count look for the eye and give it a shot too. When he falls down go and slice and dice it until he raises up again, remember the jump attack does double damage! Now to kill this ugly creature just keep on shooting his hands and head and attacking his eye. Simple as pie!

Twinrova Sisters: Koume and Kotake the twin witches, Koume who attacks with ice and Kotake who scorches with fire will attack in turn. For this fight use Kotake's beams to hit Koume and the reverse as well Koume's beams to hit Kotake. After you do this a few times to each of the witches they will combine into the actual boss- Twinrova! This boss will shoot both fire and ice beams causing you to have to keep on your toes and keep moving. This fight may have seemed to have gotten harder but the way to defeat her is simple, when she fires a beam simply hold up your shield (Mirror Shield) and absorb it! Collect three beams of the same type to launch them back at her and send her falling down! (But in order for you to collect the three beams they all have to be in a row you can't collect two ice beams, a fire beam, and then another ice) After she is down hop in and begin attacking with everything you have! Just rinse and repeat until the sisters are down for the count!

Ganondorf: This man is the first part of the final boss battle of OoT. For this fight be sure to have green potions (blue potions are better for this battle) and many arrows! Ganondorf only has two modes of attack, a magic ball attack similar to that of Phantom Ganon's and a giant black collection of energy. To harm Ganondorf when he launches one of the magic ball attacks launch it back at him using your sword (similar to Phantom Ganon but this time Navi is unable to allow you to use Z-targeting) and keep up the volley until he slips up and gets hit by it. Now while he is stunned from the attack hit him with a light arrow to cause him to fall to the floor and have to recover. Leap over to him and let loose with vicious attacks (remember the JUMP ATTACK!! It still does double damage this far in the game!) Eventually he will begin using his second attack a larger collection of energy. When he starts collecting energy for the attack hit him with a light arrow and attack him while he is down. Repeat until defeated!

Ganon: Now this is it. You've come a long way from being the boy without a fairy in Kokiri Forest! And speaking of fairy Navi has returned to aid you (that means Z-targeting is back!) Ganon is a large boss with dual-swords this will be your greatest struggle yet!! When the fight actually begins The Master sword is launched outside the ring of battle as well as Zelda. But you can still harm the giant. Back away and use a light arrow to hit him in the face and stun him, now run around behind him and use the Biggoran's Sword or the Megaton to hit his tail (his weakpoint) and if you don't have any light arrows you can use your Longshot but you'll have to move much faster since he does not stay stunned as long. After he takes a large amount of damage Ganon will attacks will become faster and more powerful. But on a more positive note Link will have the Master Sword back! So now the playing field has been leveled and you're truly ready to defeat the King of Darkness! Hit him in the face with more light arrows (or your Longshot) and stun him and attack him. After you damage him enough Ganon will be down and out and Zelda and the other six sages will seal the King of Darkness away for good!

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