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This glitch is pretty difficult but if everything gets done right you will have one of these colored gauntlets.  You might have to start a new file.

  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Bronze

These colors are based off of which strength upgrades you already have.

  • Black-no upgrade
  • Green-Gorons Bracelet
  • Blue- Silver Guantlets
  • Bronze-Gold Gauntlets

Things you should have before starting:

  1. the 200 wallet (not 500)
  2. the 40 bullet seed bag (not 50)
  3. the Silver Scale (not gold)
  4. the pocket cuckoo
  5. no deku sticks in inventory
  6. a fish in a jar

Steal the Rod:

Go to the fishing pond at Lake Hylia as a kid or adult and head out to the water so Link starts to swim. Hold Z and R, and, while holding these buttons, swim to shore. Just before Link pops up out of the water, press A. Link will dive, and as he does this, mash the HELL out of B. If done correct, Link will cast, but you will be able to walk. Since the game thinks you're standing still, you can walk out without the guy yelling at you.

Keep the pocket cuckoo on C-right and follow these steps.

  • Walk into the water so that the B button dims
  • Get out, pause and unpause.
  • Empty the fish that's in your bottle
  • Now catch it again in the same bottle
  • (Be fast on the buttons for this part) Backflip and press the C-button with your fish in a bottle in it and then B BEFORE Link touches the ground
  • If this was done right the empty bottle is now on the B-button
  • catch the fish in the B-button bottle
  • re-equip your sword

Depending on what strength upgrade you had before you now have one of the four secret colored gauntlets.

Now your stats are all messed up but this is easy to fix

  • go to the Hylian Shooting game as a child to earn you 50 seed bullet bag
  • Get your 500-rupee wallet
  • earn your golden scale

These gauntlets don't do anything you can't do with gold gauntlets they just look really cool and now you know a super-secret about the game.

WARNING!  Do NOT recieve ANY new gauntlets after you have these secret ones or the new ones will cancel out your awesome ones.

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