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Fairy Fountains

It's time to go to the Fairy Fountain. If a Gold Skulltula is desired, there's one some way up the trail at the beginning of the path to Death Mountain, after leaving Kakariko Village. Bomb the wall to the right and shoot the spider-like creature crawling around in the little alcove here with the Slingshot. To get the token, Link can climb the seemingly flat wall to reach it.

Carry on up the trail until you get to the wooden post with the red material tied to it with a Goron near it. If Link goes straight ahead past the flag-thing, he's going to end up in Goron City. Therefore, we want to go up the hill beside the flag-thing, which is also to Link's left. Once Link reaches the ramp near the top, you can see a sign next to it. It says that the Mountain Summit's up ahead – Link's destination.

Make sure Link has a good supply of bombs. Blow up the boulder blocking his path further up the ramp, then stand at the edge. Equip another bomb and hold onto it for as long as you can, then throw it at the boulder across from you. If done correctly, the bomb will blow up reasonably close to the boulder and will blow it up, hence clearing the path to the opposite ledge. Jump onto it and climb onto the next ramp. There's another boulder here that, when blown up, exposes a hole in the ground. Hop in if you like – it's a cavern dripping with water, filled with Rupees and hearts and…a cow?

Play Epona's Song in front of it to receive free Lon Lon Milk (it's very nutritious), then leave via the column of light you just stepped out of.

Carry on down the path until you see the path growing red. You can see your destination, very far away, but fantastically straightforward. Alas, it is not.

Be prepared – as soon as Link takes a single step out of line, meteors begin raining from the sky with terrific force and speed. Let Link huddle under his Hylian Shield until the sky's fit passes, then roll forwards as fast as you can. As soon as meteors begin falling again, shield Link. Carry on doing this until he reaches the climbable wall at the other end – the meteors will stop raining down once he reaches this place.

Shoot the Skullwalltula crawling about on this wall above Link using the Slingshot. Climb up onto the nearest ledge, then shoot the remaining two Skullwalltulas to clear the way. Climb up the rest of the way (there's a Gossip Stone on the next ledge if interested) to a flat area with thankfully no raining meteors. Instead, Kaepora Gaebora awaits Link here. You don't have to talk to him yet, and even more thankfully he doesn't initiate any conversation.

There's a large entrance to the right and a wall that can be bombed to the left. The Fairy Fountain is behind the wall that can be bombed, and to the right is an area that will be revisited later. There's a crate to the entrance of the latter which holds a Gold Skulltula, but other than that there's no great reason to risk Link's life there yet.

Instead, bomb the wall-that-can-be-bombed and enter the Great Fairy's Fountain.

This cavern is a spacious place with a large pool of water in the middle, a triforce drawn agreeably on the ground in front of it. Stand on it and play Zelda's Lullaby – Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right – to call the Great Fairy of Power. Link learns the Sword Technique the Spin Attack, unleashed by pressing and holding the B button. To not use magic, roll the analogue stick and press B for a nearly-as-cool Spin Attack.

Leave the Great Fairy's Fountain. There's a rock to Link's right where there are a few bugs underneath – catch them in an empty bottle if the player wants Gold Skulltulas – there are sometimes some burrowing in soft soil, so tip a bottle of bugs over the soil to entice the Skulltula out.

Talk to Kaepora Gaebora twice, then stand at his talons to be picked up and flown all the way to Kakariko Village. Clearly the owl doesn't have any idea where the ground is, because Link's put onto the roof of a house. Whether it was an act of revenge for skipping through his long text or what, Link doesn't care; it's possible to get a Piece of Heart now!

Walk carefully over to the right, where there's a wooden overhang right below Link. Hop down and enter the large hole in the wall here to end up in a person's house...behind bars...with a cow.

Milk the cow using Epona's Song for Lon Lon Milk if desired; just don't forget the Piece of Heart. Congratulations!

It would be a good idea to pay Hyrule Castle a visit now. Climb back up the vines Malon had once stood beside, back in days of yore, and jump across the bridge to the other side. Pass the Dead End sign and bomb the boulder here – a hole is revealed! Crawl through it with A to find another Great Fairy's Fountain!

This Great Fairy gifts you with Din's Fire, a fiery object that depletes a crazy amount of magic from Link's newly acquired magic bar. Never mind – who needs magic bars anyway?

Zora's Domain

Since Navi prompts Link to talk to Saria, play Saria's Song – Down, Right, Left – and listen to his childhood friend talk about the Spiritual Stone of Water being under the care of King Zora, none of which makes any sense to anyone.

Because somehow the player is supposed to know where to go, Link must go to where the river in Hyrule Field flows from. Follow the opposite flow of the river, and remember to walk on the far edge so as not to have to swim and have a very slow and tedious journey. In time, Link will reach Zora's River. He can pick up Magic Jars now, which replenish some magic in his awesome magic bar, so keep that in mind.

Kaepora Gaebora appears again, talking about Zora's Domain. He strongly suggests, in a way, that Link should play Zelda's Lullaby to reach his next destination.

Carry on forwards. Bomb the line of four boulders to reveal more paths. There's a guy eating Magic Beans here, who'll sell you one piece for ten Rupees. Hmm, it seems a good deal...

Buy one and plant it in the soft soil next to the guy. A cute little plant pops up, but it's absolutely worthless at the moment.

It would be quite a smart idea to buy as many Magic Beans as possible, seeing as this guy's the only one anywhere to sell such fantastic beans. They go up by ten Rupees every time one is purchased, which isn't a very good deal, but oh well.

There's an Octorok further up the path, but just ignore it – there's not much to get from it. Keep heading up to the end to the right of the map. Head up the long, twisting ramp/ledges until Link reaches a waterfall that simply cannot be crossed, then stand in front of it and play Zelda's Lullaby. The curtain of rushing water parts mysteriously for the gallant hero to pass through, so enter.

Welcome to Zora's Domain! This place is full of a fish-like race called the Zoras. If Link badly needs red potions or anything, there's a shop at the bottom of the map. Otherwise, keep going up the ramp and long stairs to King Zora – a huge, rotund fish-like character. He's fretting over his daughter Princess Ruto, and he's got no time to listen to Link, so don't bother yet. The only somewhat useful thing here is the Gossip Stone hiding in front of the King.

Optional: Piece of Heart

To get a Piece of Heart here, Link will have to be fast. Follow these steps below, though, and everything will be sweet. 

To get started, use the torches at the entrance to King Zora's room to light the torch at the foot of the stairs. These torches won't die out like the next few will, so don't worry about them.

Torch #1: Light the torch down at where the shop is. Get rid of the Deku Stick, then light it again as quickly as possible so that the stick won't run out.

Torch #2: Go straight through the water to where the next torch is located. Light it and carry on without stopping to...

Torch #3 and 4: The last two torches. They're behind a small waterfall nearby, so run over behind it to light them. Remember to try and do Torches #2, 3 and 4 without getting rid of the Deku Stick and re-equipping it. This wastes time, although it also helps not to waste sticks. 

If Link does this fast enough (as in, the four torches don't go out before they're all lit), a chest appears behind the waterfall. It's a Piece of Heart!


Now head left from where King Zora is seated to talk to a Zora and play a minigame called High Dive Practice Spot. It costs twenty Rupees, and the game is very simple. The Zora tosses a bunch of Rupees into the bottom of the lake/giant pool of water down below, and Link's task is to dive down and get them all. They all fall in a perfect circle around each other so it's relatively easy to get. If he succeeds in getting them all, he receives the Silver Scale – now Link can dive much deeper!

Now that Link has the Silver Scale, there's a shortcut that can be taken to his next destination. Using his ultra-cool new talent, let Link dive into the deepest part in the water area, which is roughly in the middle. If he doesn't get the Silver Scale, he'll have to go the long way round – all the way to the south of Hyrule Field, map-wise.

In the area Link emerges, there is an Empty Bottle underwater that Navi flies to (near the top of the map). Dive down to pick it up.

Oh, it doesn't seem to be empty! There's a note inside...

Use it to read what it says.

“Help me. I'm waiting for you inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly. -- Ruto. PS: Don't tell my father!”

That is so weird.  

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