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Two Wolfos will appear in front of the Forest Temple. L-Targeting one of them is the easiest option in killing them, as only the targeted one will attack you.

Don't go into the temple just yet. Turn right and climb the vines here, landing on a tree stump. Go to the end and jump to the next tree-ledge to where a chest sits – you'll get a Small Key.

Head through the door and into the temple.

A Big Skulltula hangs from the ceiling, so hookshot it. This will kill it in one go, and it doesn't matter whether its belly is facing you or not! Handy.

Go through the door ahead.


This is the main room. In the middle there are four lit torches. As you enter, four Poe Sisters will steal each flame away. The room falls into darkness.

Basically, you're going to have to bring the flames back. First, head to the door directly opposite.

In this corridor, you will be greeted with a floating skull covered in a blue flame. Weird. These guys are easy to kill though; hit them with your shield to remove the flame, and then swipe at them once to kill them. They don't pose a big threat, though, so you can also ignore them. Enter through the next door.

Uh oh. Two skeleton warriors rise from the ground –Stalfos! Jumping to avoid attacks will be your friend here. L-Target one of them and only get close when there is an opening to attack – if they start to jump, get out of their range!

Make sure to lure one of them to one side of the room; this way, you can deal with them one at a time.

Once they've been annihilated, a chest containing a Small Key will appear. If you have empty bottles, it would be a good idea to fill one with a fairy in one of the jars in this room. Otherwise, go back to the main room.

From here, turn right and go through a small alcove. A blue Time Block means you can't get through, but that's no problem; take out your Ocarina and play the Song of Time. The block will disappear, revealing a door behind it.

In this next room, kill the Big Deku Baba and head right. Skullwalltulas will be crawling around the vines here, blocking any attempts at ascending. But you're Link, so screw that. Hookshot the ones within reaching distance and head through the door at the top.

Hey, another Blue Bubble! They're kind of cute, in their annoyingly creepy way. A chest materialises upon killing it, and you finally have possession of the Dungeon Map. Awesome.

Go through the unvisited door.

Kill the Deku Baba here and get out your hookshot. Look up to find a circular white target, and hookshot to it to land on a ledge. Step on the switch here to drain the water in a nearby well. Jump down and head into it.

This is literally just a corridor. At the end there will be a chest containing a Small Key. Climb out and go back through the previous doors to return to the main room.

Now, leave the alcove and go through the locked door to your right. On the map, it's the pathway to the west/left.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Once again, you're met with a Skulltula. The hookshot will make short work of it. Go through the door opposite and prepare for a puzzle.

Walk forwards and climb two ladders. Turn to find yourself facing a giant green block. What –?! But don't worry, there are even arrows on the ground to tell you what to do! And you have this.

Stand next to the green block and pull it until it can fit through the corridor to your right. Go left and push it through this corridor until it can't move any more. Now, go through the corridor it was blocking and push it until it falls into a hole.

A previously blocked ladder is available for you to climb. Go up it and turn the corner to find…ugh…a red block. Push it until you can't anymore, then climb back down the ladder and head to the green block. Climb it and jump right. You'll find the red block again, so push it until it falls into a hole as well. That was the last one! Climb it and head through the door that awaits.

That's crazy. A twisted corridor! Try not to get dizzy as you head through the door at the other end.

Whoa, look at that room! It's on the same level of weirdness as the corridor! But right now, you have more pressing worries – such as the monster crawling on the ceiling as we speak. It's called the Wallmaster, and it's really pretty creepy. Not only is it a giant crawling hand, but if you stay in one spot for too long it'll fall on you,  causing a lot of damage, and take you back to the start of the temple! That would suck.

To kill the Wallmaster, jump down and don't move. A circular shadow will start growing around you – run away as it grows, then turn back. If you didn't move too early, the giant hand should be on the ground. L-Target it and kill it quickly, otherwise it'll return to the ceiling.

However, you don't have to kill it yet. Jump across the platforms ahead of you and go through the door.


The Poe Sisters

There's really creepy laughter here – yep, one of the Poe Sisters. Head down the stairs and go through the door there. You'll be greeted warmly by another Stalfos, but hey – at least it's only one this time. Be careful not to fall into the hole in the middle of this room, otherwise you'll be back with the two Stalfos.

Once the Stalfos is killed, a platform will descend and block the hole. But wait – what's this?! Two more Stalfos?! That's okay, you're a true veteran now – but just one thing. Don't take your time too much with these guys, because they'll come back to life if you take too long killing them both.

Upon your victory, a chest containing a Fairy Bow will appear. Awesome! The Bow comes with 30 arrows, and you can retrieve them after using it. So that's cool.

Go back through the door you came through, up the stairs, over the platforms in the Wallmaster room and through the twisted corridor to end up at the room with the green and red blocks. Do you remember seeing a silver eye above the door to the twisted corridor? Shoot it with the Bow.

Hey, it's a switch! Go back through the twisted corridor, to find that it isn't twisted anymore. Hmm…

The Wallmaster room is at a different angle now. Jump down – being careful of the Wallmaster – and open the chest here. Whoa, the Boss Key!

Hop down into the hole here.


Aww, more Blue Bubbles! They're really quite annoying, aren't they? Unfortunately you can't ignore them, as their deaths are necessary for the next door to open.

Hey, it's this place again! Kill the Big Deku Baba here, and turn right into an alcove. Whoa, there was a door here?

 This room contains yet another new enemy – the Floormaster. Yep, a distant relative of the Wallmaster. What gives that away? It could be the hair, it could be the shape, maybe even the name…

Anyway, these ones are pretty gross. You really shouldn't take your time with this monster, so kill it quickly. It splits into smaller Floormasters when you hit it, which by the way is ew.

Upon its defeat, a chest containing another Small Key appears. Leave through the door here and head through another one to your right to return to the room with the green and red blocks. Shoot the silver eye again to return the corridor to its twisted state, jump across the platforms in the Wallmaster room, and find yourself back in the room with the Poe's laughter.

Hah! Armed with your Bow, you're unstoppable now. There are three picture frames here, but only one contains the Poe. When you find it, don't get too close – otherwise the Poe will move to another picture frame – but rather shoot at it using the Bow from a safe distance.

Soon, the Poe will flee to the bottom level. The Poe will turn invisible periodically, which is when you can't hit it. Keep it L-Targeted and wait for it to solidify, and then attack her.

Once the Poe Sister has been hit enough times, the red torches will relight. A chest will also appear, so open it for a Small Key. Go through the door where you got the Bow, and through the next.

This is the room of another Poe Sister. Defeat it in the same way as the first to relight the blue torches, and then go back upstairs and through the locked door here.


Huh, another weird room. This one also has a Wallmaster, so be careful. Jump across and head right to enter a new area.

Ha ha, hey! Green Bubbles – like the Blue Bubbles, but green! And twice as annoying!

There's really no need to kill these little guys, so just ignore them and head through the locked door at the end of the corridor.


This room has a silver eye that has evidently frozen over. There is a lit torch in front of it and moving platforms around the torch. Hop onto one of the platforms and, when in the right position, shoot an arrow through the fire and into the eye. If that's too hard, you could use Din's Fire near it.

Go back through the corridor you just left. It's twisted, which isn't that surprising now. A hole has somehow appeared, though, so go down it.


Whoa, what's this place?! Looks pretty crazy. You'll have to be reasonably fast here, although it isn't a very difficult puzzle. First, stay where you are and use your Bow to shoot at the gaps in the ceiling. This will get rid of all the pesky enemies hiding there.

The ceiling will fall down, which is pretty weird. Basically, whenever the ceiling is rising run to a square that contains something, for example the floor switch. The ceiling will have a gap that corresponds to this square, so you won't be crushed. Which is nice.

Once you reach the door at the other end, unlocked by stepping on the switch, go through it to face off the third Poe Sister.


Stand on the shallow platform and shoot the huge picture frame of the green Poe. Five blocks will fall, and you will be given a limited amount of time to move them to form a picture. The easiest thing to do would be to pull the blue block out of the way, as it serves no purpose to the overall picture, and then push three of the blocks towards one. If you run out of time, leave the room and re-enter to get a new set of pieces.

Upon your success, the Poe will appear. Deal with it as you did the last two to relight the green torches. Head through the door that opens.


Nothing to see here, just another hallway with a Skulltula. You'll end up back at the main room.


You're on a balcony, so jump down. Ah, the last Poe Sister! What on earth is she doing, huddled in the middle of the four torches? Head over to her. Couldn't you just give up your flame nicely…?

The Poe splits herself into four. Okay, guess not.

Obviously, only one of the Poes is the real one. You can tell which one this is by watching when they appear: while they all spin upon appearing, the real Poe will give an extra spin. L-Target her and use your Bow to cause damage. After enough times, she will be defeated. A platform descends.

When you're ready, step into it to go down into the next room.


Whoa, what is this place?! Head over to one of the huge levers sticking out of the wall, and push it anti-clockwise (left) until the hallway to the boss room opens. Do you have arrows and enough hearts? Feeling ready? Let's do this, then.


Boss: Phantom Ganon

This guy's boss-style is reminiscent of the purple Poe Sister. There are six pictures in this room along with Phantom Ganon and his illusion. The real boss will come out of a picture frame and shoot the middle of the room with lightning; the illusion will turn and run back through the picture. This all happens at the last moment, so it's a good idea to steer clear of the middle of the room. You're pretty much untouchable from the lightning in the corners, so stay there if you must.

Once you know which Phantom Ganon is the true one, shoot him with your Bow. You'll have to do this three times before he progresses to the next phase.

This time, it's just Phantom Ganon flying around. He'll shoot orbs at you, and in order to cause damage to him you'll have to swing your sword at the right time to send the orb back at him. This will continue until Phantom Ganon is hit by his own orb and falls to the ground, stunned. Run up to him and hit him with your sword until he rises back up – then run back and create some distance.

If Phantom Ganon charges at you, avoid damage by jumping out of the way or hiding behind your shield.


Once you defeat him, collect the Heart Container and enter the blue light. Congratulations! In the Chamber of Sages, Saria will give you the Forest Medallion. Double congratulations!


Now, you'll be beside the dead Deku Tree, and shortly talking to a Deku Tree Spout. That's kind of cute. It tells you about your mother and how you're actually not a Kokiri – you're a Hylian! Gasp.


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