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You find yourself in a large, circular room with Deku Babas lining the sides – be careful, these ones actually attack Link. Just L-Target them and keep a safe distance before dishing out an attack. They'll have to be hit twice. Collect Deku Nuts that they drop, as they can be used for throwing. If Link's short on health, hurry over to the clumps of grass off to the side and cut them for hearts and Rupees.

Dungeon Map

You can also see a huge cobweb stretched over a hole in the middle of the room, but Link can't do anything about that yet. Instead, a ladder and a wall of vines can be seen. Climb up whichever tickles your fancy – they go to the same place anyway.

Link will end up on a ledge with more vines going up to another floor of the tree. There are Skullwalltulas crawling around on the vines, though, so they'll hit him off if he tries to climb them. He can get them back later, but for now open the chest located a little to the right to receive a dungeon map.

As the game says, the blue chambers are where Link's already been, and the flashing room is his location. Pretty handy.

Fairy Slingshot

Keep going right and jump across to a ledge to find a strange, rectangular wooden thing in the wall. Yes, it's a door. Don't hate on the graphics. Open it with A – surprise! The rectangle door becomes barred by metal…err…bars, so there's no way of getting past that or to the door opposite, because it's also barred. Instead, you'll find a Deku Scrub right in the centre of the room, spitting Deku Nuts at Link. It'll hide itself if Link runs up to it, and it's no use cutting the tufts of grass on top of it. To defeat this annoying creature, L-Target it and back away to make it pop up. Keep the shield up and wait for a Deku Nut to come flying Link's way – and voila! It rebounds and smacks its owner. That's karma, kids.

Hurry up to it to give it another smack with the sword. Link never gets the chance, because the Deku Scrub begins grovelling and gives him some advice. This advice is simply that when he falls from some height, you as the player can push the analogue stick forwards to make him roll and not get damaged. The Deku Scrub runs away (funny, because the door seems to be barred), and then the door becomes accessible again as the bars slide away. The bars on the opposite door also go away as well, so go ahead and enter it.

This place consists of a ledge with another ledge on the other side of the room. There's a platform Link can jump on in between, but he'll have to be fast because it wobbles and then crumbles. If he's too slow doing this, just let him climb up the vines running up the face of the opposite ledge (who needs platforms anyway?) and clamber on up. Link is congratulated with a chest that contains…a Fairy Slingshot! Hooray! Equip it from the Equipment Subscreen, and to shoot press C. Now he can kill those nasty Skullwalltulas.

If you're in need of a heart, climb the vines to the side to find one in a chest. If not, carry on, good adventurer.

But, wait! There's a problem. The ledge the door he went through is simply too high to climb up, and there are definitely no vines in sight. Equip the Fairy Slingshot if you haven't already and look above the door. You'll see a ladder just hanging there (just chillin', you know). Shoot it down and climb it.

Retrace your steps to the ledge with the vines Link couldn't climb before. L-Target a Skullwalltula with the Slingshot equipped, firing a deadly Deku Seed missile at it. Watch it fall to the ground and disappear in a puff of smoke. Revenge is sweet.

The Compass

Once the vines have been cleared of all three Skullwalltulas, climb them. It doesn't matter which ledge Link climbs to, because as mentioned before this area is circular, the ledges are connected on this level and therefore he'll end up back where he started either way. So go on round to find another door. The door Link just entered becomes barred again, so he's stuck in this room. If you feel uncomfortable playing in a barred room (it could happen) and would like to have it accessible again in advance, pull out a trusty stick and walk close to the flaming torch that stands beside the door. Hasten to the torch on the left side of the ledge to light it – if Link is too slow, both the flame and the stick will disappear. To prevent this from happening, brandish a different to put it back in the inventory.

If Link runs out of sticks, just carry on reading.

Step on the switch beside the flaming torch to the right. This will raise three grassy platforms from the ground in front of Link, enabling him to jump across them to the ledge on the other side. However, this starts up a timer so he'll have to be fast, otherwise the platforms will sink back to the ground.

Now, there are two paths Link can take. If he jumps from the platform directly in front of himto the platform to the left of that one, he'll find yourself in front of a small niche. He can hop into it to open a chest with a heart in it, but beware of the Skulltula that guards the entrance. Losing a heart and then gaining a heart may not be what you have in mind.

But there's another treat in the alcove – a Gold Skulltula, something that Link and the player will find a use for later on in the adventure. It's not compulsory, and as this is not a 100% I will not be listing them all. If you as the player want to find all one hundred scattered all over the game, it's up to you.

Hit it with the Kokiri Sword or Slingshot and take the token. Go back to the ledge Link started at, step on the switch again and this time just take the two platforms in front of him.

There is a lone Deku Baba here, so if Link's short of sticks take a deadly swipe or two at it. More importantly, open the chest on this platform to get a Compass. Double hooray!


Retrace your steps again so that Link's back on the linked ledge. Go over to any break in the cobweb wall stretching across the outer side of the ledge. You'll see a shadow on the ground here – it's a Big Skulltula. The only way Link can kill these things is by waiting for them to come down, swivel around so their soft stomachs are facing him, and then hit it with his sword. Do this two times to kill the creature, and then his way is clear.

You'll find that you can see the cobweb on the floor of the tree is directly beneath Link. Just step off the ledge and watch as he falls into the centre of the web – if this is done incorrectly and Link lands to the side, all he'll do is bounce – and break right through it. Whoa.

Link falls from a great height, but don't worry – he'll only hit water. Swim onto the platform to his right with a torch, switch and chest.

As you play, you'll notice a very irritating chattering sound. This is the sound of a Gold Skulltula – it's crawling about on a grate-thing in front of the platform Link's standing on. Shoot it to oblivion with the fabulous Slingshot and jump off the platform to grab the token. Clamber back onto the platform and step on the switch. The torch lights up. Open the chest beside it to receive a heart. Triple hooray!

If you look behind Link, you'll see vines going back up to the main room of the tree. Shoot the Gold Skulltula that is crawling along the vines, then climb up to take the token. Return to the platform with the torch.

Now, there is a platform with a wall of cobweb to Link's left. If he looks down at the water that separates the two platforms closely, there is a part where the water is shallower because of a ledge. If Link is in need of sticks, kill the Deku Baba on the platform with the cobweb. Either way, hold a stick beside the lit torch so that the stick catches on fire. Hurry over to the underwater ledge and let Link make his way to the other platform. If he doesn't go along the ledge, the water swallows the fire from your torch as he begins swimming.

Light the cobweb and go through the door to see another pesky Deku Scrub spitting Deku Nuts at Link. Link knows the drill; once he's made it meek, listen to what it has to say. It gives the hero a very important order on how to defeat its brothers, so remember it unless you want to have to come back here.

Once the Deku Scrub leaves, equip your Slingshot. Point it at the door Link hasn't been through yet – it has a silver eye over the top of it. Shoot the eye with the Slingshot and go through the door.

This room consists of what looks like a spiked, rolling log and a platform floating on water backwards and forwards between the two ledges. Navi tells Link helpfully that it is possible to dive, so swim over to the middle left of the room. Don't worry about the log – as long as Link doesn't get onto the platform, he won't be hit by it. There's a switch sitting deviously beneath the water. Press and hold A to dive and have Link push it with his hand. 

The water level drops but the log continues rolling at the same height, so now Link can ride the platform to the other side. There's a time limit, but that shouldn't matter too much – you should have plenty of time to get out of the water, onto the platform and to the other side.

Kill the Skulltula that hangs here before turning your attention to a funny-looking box. Navi tells Linkabout how to interact with boxes: to move it, press and hold A while pushing the analogue stick in the chosen direction. Push this box so that it hits the end. Climb atop it and carry on through the door. Almost there!

Link ends up in a room with three torches arranged in a triangle with only one lit. It's pretty clear on what the game wants him to do; get the omnipresent stick out and light it before running in a circle and lighting the other two. Carry on through.

Beware: a Skulltula blocks the way. Get rid of it with the awesome sword and come across a new enemy – the Gohma Larva. There are two of these pests, and they really aren't that difficult to kill. Just let LInk dish out a load of slashes from his sword, and if their eye turns red either move to the side as they jump or just keep hitting them. What Link has to do next is now elementary. Light the torch, you know what you have to do. Torch the cobweb and let Link worm way through the hole behind it. He'll find himself on the top level of the room with the Gold Skulltula on the ‘grate-thing' and the underwater ledge. Don't jump down – instead, observe the cobweb stretched over a hole in the ground in front of him, and another box situated near the edge of the ledge. Push this box so that it drops to the lower level – now Link can go back and forth easily! But more importantly, he can now hop down, light a stick, jump back up and torch the cobweb on the floor of the top level. You'll have to press A to make Link wave the stick about as just standing on the cobweb won't light it. He will fall screaming through the hole into a pool of water. Gather the hearts that float around here if he needs them, then go onto dry land.

You'll find three Deku Scrubs here with a barred door (naturally). Rebound their Deku Nuts in the order the previous Deku Scrub gave Link to hear a secret – strike while Queen Gohma is stunned – and to have the barred door opened. Are you ready? Queen Gohma awaits inside.

Parasitic Armoured Arachnid: Queen Gohma

Link walks into a large, strangely dark room. Rustling and chittering can be heard, but nothing can be seen. Use C or the Slingshot to look up at what seems to be a white ball on the ceiling. That's when the cutscene kicks in and Link is met with a pretty horrible-looking spider-thing called the Parasitic Armoured Arachnid (yuck), Queen Gohma.

The boss battle then starts right away. Queen Gohma drops down from the ceiling, eye rolling. Don't let Link stand too close when her eye turns red, otherwise when she strikes he'll be injured. Instead, stand a bit away and keep her L-Targeted. This makes the whole thing a hundred times easier.

Keep the Slingshot aimed and ready and wait for her eye to open fully and go red – this happens before and after an attack. Either way, shoot quickly and press L again to get rid of L-Targeting; it'll only hamper Link as he runs. L-Target again when he reaches her and begin slashing at her eye with the sword. Pretend it's Navi or something.

Once she rises, keep the L-Targeting on her. Follow her as she leaps back up to the ceiling so that contact isn't broken. She can't harm Link while she's up there, so stand as close as you can. She'll…excrete…three Gohma Larva, so get rid of those first. Her eye glows red just when she's about to do this, so hit it if with the Slingshot if you don't want to deal with those pests. On top of that, if Link manages to get a successful hit in before Queen Gohma lets loose Gohma Larva, when she falls she'll stay down for longer. Let him hit like crazy!

Lock onto Queen Gohma again and wait until her eye goes red. Shoot her so that she falls down, run over and hit her eye with the sword as many times as possible. Repeat this until she is defeated – it won't take long. If Link is short on Deku Seeds, cut the grass around the edge of the room. If he's in need of hearts, wait for Queen Gohma to send out her little ones and kill them – hopefully they'll drop hearts.

Take Link's well-earned Heart Container to get another heart – he has four now! – and leave the tree via the blue portal that appears beside him.

The Great Deku Tree congratulates Link, explains the story of the Triforce and then tells him that he is going to die anyway.


He tells the young hero to go to the Princess of Destiny and entrusts him with the Kokiri Emerald. He tells him in an encouraging sort of way that the wellbeing of the entire world depends on him. The tree blackens and kind of shrivels up, leaving Link to go find the Princess of Destiny. That's deep. 

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