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Note: In the house where there used to be that guard that encouraged you to break the pots, there is now a strange, hooded man who asks for Poe. 

Head back to Kokiri Forest. There are some unwelcome visitors waiting for Link here, but for the most part the monsters can be easily avoided or killed. Go into Mido's house and open his chests for rupees (unless that was what the player had already done at the start of the game, in which case you sneaky little thief).

Now, take a look at the map. Go to the north, the entrance to the Lost Woods.




Blow up the boulder for a gossip stone and a blue rupee 



Link encounters Mido, who says that he had promised Saria he wouldn't let anyone through. Get Link to play Saria's Song - Down, Right, Left - as proof of his friendship with Saria. Mido moves aside uncharacteristically obligingly, so head on through.

More Directions:

Blow up the boulder - blue rupee
Boulder - hole. There are two Business Scrubs here that will sell Link arrows and deku nuts


The Sacred Forest Meadow

Welcome to the Sacred Forest Meadow! This place is full of narrow passages and kinda scary pig-like monsters, so the player's first instinct would probably be to do as Navi says and sneak around. However, I chose a more radical idea of turning at every corner that appeared and letting the pig-monsters ram Link to the end of the corridors. I mean, I can be lazy in-game, and Link shouldn't be killed by that anyway.

To do this successfully, you'll have to make sure that the pig-thing is behind Link, otherwise he'll get pushed in the wrong direction. This is where the alcoves come in handy, even though I'm sure that's not what their real purpose is.

Eventually, Link will reach a massive staircase. There's a gigantic pig-monster banging its club against the ground and sending dangerous ripples towards Link. Just see in which direction the club is about to be swung and...make sure Link isn't there. Stay in the middle so he doesn't have to move around too much and run past.

Alternatively, you can use the hookshot to stun the monster before backing away out of reach, repeating this three times to kill it and get a whopping three red rupees.

After climbing more stairs, Sheik appears out of literally nowhere and thinks it would be pretty sweet if Link learnt the Minuet of Forest - A, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right. This means Link can come straight to this area and not have to go through what was sure to be a frightening experience, being pushed about by pig-monsters.

Hookshot the vines hanging from the top of the temple to get in. The Forest Temple awaits.

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