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The following Legend of Zelda Heart Locations guide covers the First Quest only presently.

Legend of Zelda Heart Containers

The following positions (X-X) correspond to our overworld map. Please be sure to check it out if you have problems following the map below:

Legend of Zelda Overworld Map

First Quest

(H-4): You can burn down one of the trees more to the right of the screen to find a heart container.
(L-8): Bomb around the left flat wall and a cave will be opened up with the heart container inside.
(M-3): The large rock in the middle of the screen has a hidden cave inside of it if you bomb a certain part of it.
(P-3): You need the raft to get this one. In (P-4) there is a dock. Use the raft at that dock and it will take you to an island with the heart container in the cave.
(P-6): This is the only heart container that is actually out in the open. To get it you simply need the ladder. Once you have the ladder, you can easily walk across to the docks in the water and retrieve your prize!

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